Boris Said at Grangé Motor Circuit

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K1 Speed Partner and NASCAR racer Boris Said with Actress Tara Radcliffe Black Dodge Challenger Boris Said at Grangé Motor Circuit

Boris Said, Partner in the K1 Speed Indoor Karting Centers and of NASCAR fame is giving driving instructions to actress Tara Radcliffe. She is about to step into the Dodge Challenger in the background and do a couple of hot laps around the Grange’ Motor Circuit road course for a upcoming television show about drifting. Even with his generosity with his racing insight and knowledge, If you are lucky enough to get some tips from him before getting behind the wheel consider yourself blessed. Besides the numerous victories and records that Boris has set. He has mentored the best. He was brought in to tutor Dale Earnhardt Senior “the Intimidator” as well as his son Dale Jr. on road course racing.

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