California Indoor Racing Kart League (CIRKL) Visits K1 Speed Torrance

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California Indoor Racing Kart League (CIRKL) Visits K1 Speed Torrance
Last week, the CIRKL – a racing league that many of our regular customers compete in – attended our newest indoor karting center in Torrance for the first time, and the racing was impressive to say the least. Though our Torrance location is still less than a month old, we were impressed when we witnessed the existing track record of 30.26 seconds broken 3 times! Taylor Hays was the first racer to creep under the old record, setting a lap time of 30.18 seconds. Not long afterwards however, John Tanaka was able to undercut that by a not-insignificant margin, by posting a lap time of 30.05 seconds. This incredible time would be bested before the night was over though, and the current lap record on our first Torrance track configuration is held by Toby Rodriguez, with an incredible 30.01 seconds – just shy of the 29 second range! Who will be the first racer to break the 30 second barrier? Visit K1 Speed Torrance and see if you’re up to the challenge!

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