K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Results – September 2009

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This weekend marked the half-way point for our Jul-Dec 2009 Challenge GP season at K1 Speed Carlsbad, and we had several very fast competitors come out to battle for the win. Among the racers who showed up were Curt Chapin, who is a former Challenge GP champion and ProScore record holder, regular competitors Paul Ciralli and Kirk Meese, and father and son team Stephen and Jordan Robertson. The qualifying session was very close, with several drivers in contention to start the race from the front row of the grid, but in the end, Paul Ciralli was able to set the fast lap and take the pole position at our indoor karting center. Jordan Robertson, who is under 18 but has qualified to compete in Challenge GP events, was able to best his father’s time and qualify on the front row in 2nd place, and Curt Chapin was able to beat the rest of the field despite a recent hiatus from the track to qualify in 3rd.

Paul went into the race with the points lead and was eager to defend his position, but Jordan and Curt were on his tail as soon as the green flag dropped and the racers headed into the first corner. Such was the pace of Paul, Jordan and Curt that Kirk Meese, who is an experienced and very fast competitor himself, was unable to match the top 3 drivers and started to drop back with the rest of the field. Paul, Jordan and Curt were setting very fast lap times and were able to maintain their pace lap after lap as they headed around the track in a 3 car train (several times it appeared as if all three karts were attached to each other as they made their way around the track)! Though Paul and Curt were impressive on track, Jordan Robertson did particularly well this weekend and was a man determined to win! Jordan was on the tail of Paul Ciralli for the entire race and ended up setting the session’s fast lap in the process with a blistering time of 26.28 seconds, but he was never able to make a pass. Any potential move on Paul might have allowed Curt to slip by, so Jordan played it safe and maintained his position. After 16 hard laps of racing, the top 3 drivers finished in the order that they started with less than 1 second between them! Kirk Meese led the rest of the field past the finish line some 10 seconds later.

challengegp podium carlsbad 2009 09 20 400x300 K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Results   September 2009

Curt Chapin does his best impersonation of the Stig while Paul and Jordan celebrate their podium finishes!

With 3 rounds completed in our Carlsbad Challenge GP go kart league, the season is definitely heating up: Paul has started to solidify his lead against the competition – though there are still 3 rounds remaining so another driver, such as Jarrod Buccola, may still be able to take home the championship – and Jordan Robertson made a name for himself in a big way this weekend, and will be one to look out for in the future! We are eager to see how the rest of the season progresses; barring any mishaps, Paul is in a strong position to take home the top prize but the competition is starting to put on the pressure! Join us at K1 Speed Carlsbad on Sunday, October 18th if you are interested in competing in our Challenge GP go kart league and think you have what it takes to race against the very best!

challengegp podium carlsbad 2009 09 20 group 400x300 K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Results   September 2009

1st: Paul Ciralli 2nd: Jordan Robertson 3rd: Curt Chapin

1st: Paul Ciralli
2nd: Jordan Robertson
3rd: Curt Chapin
4th: Kirk Meese
5th: Erwin Solis
6th: Stephan Robertson
7th: Jon Simms
8th: Jim Mihal

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