Jessica Patterson visits K1 Speed Carlsbad

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K1 Speed in North San Diego County was visited by the #1 US Women’s Motocross Champion Jessica Patterson. She was joined by returning K1 Speed Customers and AMA Super-bike riders Melissa Paris, and Josh Hayes who were just in the week prior.

Jessica Patterson Womens  MX Rider K1 Speed  Jessica Patterson visits K1 Speed Carlsbad

After recovering from her injuries this year at X Games, Jessica took the over all points championship by just 22 points over fellow competitor Ashley Fiolek, bringing the points championship battle down to the final race giving Jessica her 6th career title in the WMX. The shear impact of Jessica’s dominating performance during the 2010 WMX season is best summed up with some simple numbers. She took home the overall victory at 6 of 8 events, won 9 of the 16 motos and finished 2 in the other 7 motos

Jessica Patterson MX Racer Stand 1 st K1 Speed Race podium Jessica Patterson visits K1 Speed Carlsbad

During her visit she immediately put her racing abilities to use with our electric racing karts, setting fast lap times over her friends, running in the low 29 second range consistently to take the top overall spot in the full field of racers. She really enjoyed her visit with us, and it helped that she was beating her friends while racing on our fast paced layout.

Whats next for the number one WMX rider, she tells us more training to get ready for 2011 as she is looking to go after another WMX title with the DNA Shred Stix Star Racing team.

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