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A Main 8.12.12 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Results
There were a lot of new faces that came out for the Challenge GP this month in Ontario and were looking to make a name for their selves. KC Cook was solid during qualifying and landed himself on pole position with a 47.795 second lap. Since there were only 16 racers, they all decided they wanted combine the 2 finals and run just one main. KC Cook got a great start coming to the green but within a couple laps, Chris Singleton was able to close in on his back bumper. They were both turning around the same lap times so it was very difficult for Chris to get any advantage to pass KC. KC was able to secure the top spot for the final laps and take the victory in the second race of the Ontario Challenge GP. Chris Singleton was second, followed by Evan Sumpter in third, Bob Hyman in forth, and Marcin Balazy in fifth.

chall gp 2012 ont K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Results

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