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IMG 4056 K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results
With, Talin Easley, a strong member of Ontarios Junior League out, due to a dirtbiking injury, the outcome of Octobers junior league presented a more arbitrary possibility. After qualifying, Revin Easley came out at the pole, with Cy and Zayne at second and third followed by Tucker turner qualifying merely two tenths of a second behind. Tightly packed, Revin takes off at the drop of the green flag reaching four kart lengths ahead by the end of the first lap. Meanwhile Cy, Zayne, and Tucker maintain a close knit pack while battling for position in the first half of the race. Despite many passing opportunities and unfulfilled attempts Cy and Zayne held position very strongly throughout the race. As the finish line drew closer each racer pushed even harder to widen the distance between following positions creating an impassable field as the race came to an end. Congratulations to Revin, Cy, and Zayne, Ontarios 1st 2nd and 3rd place holders for the October junior league event!

Jul 10th – Mini GP
Aug 7th – Mini GP
Sep 4th – Mini GP
Oct 2nd – Mini GP
Nov 6th – Grand Prix Final

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