K1 Speed Phoenix Challenge GP Results

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The top qualifier in K1 Speed Phoenix Challenge GP event was Alec Faubion with a 24.715, followed up by Sean Grimes and Hector Montero. All 3 of these racers were first time GP racers here in PHX. In the final event Alec jumped out to a big lead after taking the pole. In lap 2 Cole Loftsgard jumped from 4th position, into 3rd and Hector took over the 2 spot. In turn 1 of lap 7, Cole took the inside on Hector and moved into 2nd position but was having trouble in some lap traffic closing the gap on Alec the leader. With 3 laps to go, Alec started feeling some of the affects of the lap traffic and Cole closed the gap to less than a car length. Heading into turn 3 with less than 2 laps to go, Gary Every blew a tire which caused Alec to catch him in turn 4 and force him outside. Cole chose the inside of Gary and chose wisely. Cole jumped into first position heading into the final turn with 1 lap to go. Cole ended up holding Alec off and it finished Cole Loftsgard, Alec Faubion, and Hector Montero in that order.

chall gp 2012 phx K1 Speed Phoenix Challenge GP Results

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