K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Kart Racing Results – December 2009

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With the Top 3 positions and the championship already determined in the 2009 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP season, the final round this past weekend was for pride and bragging rights! Series champion and track record holder Randy Olivarez set the fast lap and earned the pole position at our indoor raceway, but runner up Javier Cantu-Lucero earned the second spot on the grid and was looking for the win. Newcomer Austin Treloar impressed everyone with his qualifying time, which was just a tenth of a second off of Javier’s qualifying time, and managed to start from the third spot on the grid in his first ever Challenge GP race! Considering that there was a full grid with 11 drivers, we were pleased to see him so far up the grid and expect to see more out of Austin next season!

challengegp podium redmond 2009 series champs 400x300 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   December 2009

Jul-Dec 2009 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Champions - 1st Randy Olivarez | 2nd Javier Cantu-Lucero | 3rd Sean Naslund (not present)

Once the green flag dropped, Javier tucked right in behind Randy and was ready to make a move as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Going into the first hairpin corner, there was some contact in the front of the field which forced Randy wide, allowing Javier to take the inside line alongside. Though it wasn’t the cleanest pass, Javier was able to make it stick and took the lead away from Randy. On lap 14, Javier made a mistake but Randy was unable to capitalize; trailing Javier as close as he was, Randy ended up simply bumping into the back of his kart and lost the momentum he needed to make the pass. The race winner ended up being Javier, followed closely by series champion Randy Olivarez. The battle for third place was close, but in the end newcomer Austin Treloar ended up claiming the final spot on the podium ahead of his fellow novice Challenge GP competitor Brad Herley. It was a great race worthy of the final round of the decade!

challengegp podium redmond 2009 12 06 400x300 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   December 2009

December Challenge GP Podium - 1st: Javier Cantu-Lucero | 2nd Randy Olivarez | 3rd Austin Treloar

It was a great year at K1 Speed Seattle for our Challenge GP kart racing league and this was perhaps our most exciting season yet; the defending champion Sean Naslund put up a great fight at the beginning of the season but Javier Cantu-Lucero and Randy Olivarez both stepped up and were extremely competitive all season long. We really look forward to next year and expect to see great things from our regular competitors as well as newcomers like Austin and Brad! Stay tuned for an updated calendar of events in 2010 soon!

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