K1 Speed Seattle-Redmond Challenge GP Indoor Karting Results

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Sean Naslund once again dominated the Challenge GP event at our K1 Speed Seattle-Redmond indoor karting center, demonstrating quite clearly why he is the defending champion! Despite missing Round 2 of our indoor kart racing series and finishing in 3rd place in Round 1, Sean is back in contention for the series lead with Javier Cantu-Lucero and Randy Olivarez after claiming victory in the last two races. Though they put forth their best efforts, Randy and Javier were unable to make a pass on Sean, who was able to start the race from the front row after setting the fast lap during qualifying to claim the pole position. Javier and Randy followed closely behind Sean for the entire race, and finished in order to take the final two spots on the podium, but that’s probably of little comfort to them now that the realization of Sean’s return sets in! With two rounds remaining in the season and the points race tightening up, the series is starting to get exciting!

challengegp podium redmond 2009 10 04 group 400x300 K1 Speed Seattle Redmond Challenge GP Indoor Karting Results

K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Field - October 2009

If you are interested in participating in K1 Speed’s Challenge GP indoor karting series, the next event in Seattle is scheduled for Sunday, November 1st. At this weekend’s event, newcomers Michael Raiche, Scott Young and Vashutosh Agrawal did very well and were able to hold their own against seasoned veterans, proving that you don’t have to be a regular K1 competitor to have fun in the Challenge GP series. Whether you’re completely new to the sport of karting or are an avid motorsport enthusiast, the Challenge GP kart racing league is a great way to hone braking and throttle inputs, master racing lines, and experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing in a safe and affordable environment.

challengegp podium redmond 2009 10 04 400x300 K1 Speed Seattle Redmond Challenge GP Indoor Karting Results

The podium finishers for K1 Speed Seattle's Challenge GP indoor karting series in Redmond, Washington.

1st – Sean Naslund
2nd – Javier Cantu-Lucero
3rd – Randy Olivarez
4th – Michael Raiche
5th – Scott Young
6th – Vashutosh Agrawal

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