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adaf125e6e1c11e2a8e322000a9f13d9 7 Dungey and Roczen win Supercross Round 5!
Thursday – Red Bull KTM team visited K1 Speed Anaheim for some karting! We had a great turn out to see the Supercross riders race against each other on the track. Since Ken Roczen won in Oakland it was only fitting to see him in the #1 kart. Ryan Dungey followed with #5 and Marvin Musquin in #25. The first race ended up with Musquin taking 1st followed by Roczen then Dungey. Now that the riders have warmed up they headed to the mezzanine for a quick break.

Qualifier – It was good to see some of our regulars out on the track together that don’t race each other too often. Kc Cook, Brandon Walsh, Diego Morales and Mike Marino won the Fast Lap Contest and now have the chance to race some of the best Supercross riders in the world. It was a good fight between Kc and Brandon but Kc took the heat with 27.357 followed by Brandon 27.593 and Diego 27.691. Dungey ended in 4th with Musquin, Roczen and Marino respectively.

Final – We saw Kc and Brandon battle it out for first but Kc held on til the end. There were a couple spins out and bumping but that’s racing. These are some of the most competitive guys we’ve seen on the track at once. Everyone had a great time on the track!

Here are the results from the Red Bull KTM Supercross riders vs Fast Lap winners FINAL RACE.

1. Kc Cook – 27.385
2. Brandon Walsh – 27.474
3. Ryan Dungey – 27.856
4. Diego Morales – 27.993
5. Marvin Musquin – 27.877
6. Mike Marino – 28.171
7. Bryce Miller – 28.553
8. Ken Roczen – 28.82

8444371613 e6f1a2dab4 z Dungey and Roczen win Supercross Round 5!

After the FINAL RACE Dungey, Roczen and Musquin headed up stairs for a meet & greet and autograph signing.

8444341483 e0ffe1c6df z Dungey and Roczen win Supercross Round 5!

Saturday – Ryan Dungey won the Anaheim III Supercross 20 lap Main Event. Second place goes to Davi Millsaps. Ryan Villopoto finishes eighth. Millsaps maintains the series points lead. In the 250 West SX class, Kenny Roczen has won the main event and extends his points lead heading into San Diego this weekend. Congrats to Dungey and Roczen in San Diego! Keep this KTM streak alive.

xdungey winning 020213.jpg.pagespeed.ic.nkXHxhauH8 Dungey and Roczen win Supercross Round 5!
x1 roczen 10030.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6IbodIjSpC Dungey and Roczen win Supercross Round 5!


8416975079 2141d536dd z Dan Rather at K1 Speed!
American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes correspondent, Dan Rather, visited K1 Speed Austin Saturday morning. He is now managing editor and anchor of the television news magazine Dan Rather Reports on the cable channel AXS TV.

Dan Rather is pictured here with his family and K1 staff member. Read more about Dan’s story here.

K1 Speed Austin
2500 McHale Ct,
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512) 271-5475

austin map Dan Rather at K1 Speed!


 MG 5856a Travis Pastrana sets his sights on Nascar
Travis Pastrana, friend of K1 Speed, hadn’t been on a motorcycle for more than a year, since he crashed while attempting the insanely difficult freestyle motocross trick known as the TP7 during the 2011 X Games, crushing his foot so badly that he couldn’t get out of bed for an entire month.

That’s the reason the master suite of his Maryland home has two side-by-side king-sized beds. One is the regular bed that he shares with his wife, the pro skater Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, when the two are on the East Coast, and the other is the one he slept in during that torturous recuperation, when he couldn’t move and thus needed his own sprawl of mattress and linens. “Now that one’s just the dog house,” Pastrana joked, while fastening a sparkly gold vest that, along with a black top hat, completed a look meant to capture his role on the upcoming Nitro Circus Live tour of Europe: Ringmaster.

The incredible and often idiotic stunt competitions that he and his friends — most of them professional motocross and BMX riders but also skaters, skiers, wakeboarders, and fearless childhood pals — used to stage out back in his foam pit had grown into a popular series of Nitro Circus videos, and then into an even-more-popular MTV show, and then into a 3D movie, and finally into a major touring show that had almost sold out all of its 40 dates, grossing $40 million.

Pastrana is and will always be the beating heart of the Circus, the most famous of its stars and the guy whose foam pit (and gigantic balls) gave rise to the whole enterprise, but since the X Games crash he had taken a step back from the tour. One reason was his injury. But more than that it was because of what the injury reinforced: that he had to focus on his new day job — as a NASCAR driver racing for a team owned by legend Michael Waltrip. So while Pastrana was going to travel to Europe with the crew (which includes his wife, a world-class daredevil in her own right) for its first-ever tour of that continent, he would be doing no stunts himself.

In the waning days of September, Pastrana was enjoying a rare day at the 20-acre Maryland spread with his wife (most of their time is spent either on the road or at their California home), and it was going to be a short visit. Before taking off for Stockholm, where Nitro Live made its European debut, Pastrana flew to Vegas for his final auto races of the year — he was going to do a rally race and a truck-series race in the same day — and then back to Maryland for yet another surgery. This one would hopefully fix his problematic shoulder, which had been dislocated so many times that it popped out often and at inopportune times — in the middle of a race, for instance. This surgery would require him to spend a month in a sling and was, in theory, a permanent fix, he said, “at least until I knock it out again.” …read more here

Look for the Red Bulletin magazine’s next issue at your local K1 Speed!

0213 coverUSAsmall Travis Pastrana sets his sights on Nascar


Travis Outlaw1 Sacramento Kings Forward visits K1 Speed!
At 6’9″, Travis Outlaw hopped into our electric go kart and showed us how a NBA player races. He posted a fast lap of 32:590 last night which puts him at #33 spot on Top 100 Racers of the Week.

Thanks Travis for coming out and racing at K1 Speed Sacramento. #KINGSALLDAY

sacramento map Sacramento Kings Forward visits K1 Speed!


Supercross season is finally here! Headed to A1 Supercross this Saturday?!? Join us for Ryan Dungey’s after party at OC Sports Grill with Skullcandy and Red Bull starting at 9pm.

 The Official Red Bull and Skullcandy Supercross party!

Anaheim 1
Supercross After Party
Presented by Skullcandy and Red Bull

Saturday, January 5th
9pm till close

OC Sports Grill
450 North State College Blvd.
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 935-0300

Featuring DJ Ted Kennedy

twitter The Official Red Bull and Skullcandy Supercross party! Twitter handles to follow:

16686 483606671685592 1883376093 n The Official Red Bull and Skullcandy Supercross party!

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