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K1 Speed in Irvine California, held their second round of the Challenge GP Race series last Sunday. A packed house full of drivers all looking for that top spot in qualifying made for some great racing. Taylor Hays would be the top seed for the night posing a 40.883 second single Super-Track lap time, breaking the old record in doing so, to put him on the overall pole position. Qualifying remained relatively uneventful, and the main events would be where most of the racing action ensued.

irv a K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP

irv b K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP

D main competitors had a lot of new faces in house, all gunning for the top three spots on the podium. First time K1 GP competitor, Ioan Trayanov had an impressive showing taking the 2nd podium position, fighting off a tight nit pack of drivers, but was unable to catch Todd Lewis who took the first place spot with ease. Paul Akers would wind up in third to round out the top three from the D main.

irv c K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP

irv d K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP

The C main seemed to have the most racing action of the evening. On lap three, drivers were starting to thin out a bit, but unfortunately for Sergie Maffei, he was pushed into one of the walls by another driver which damaged the kart. The kart was swapped out for another and the group was restarted with a green flag rolling start which put everyone bumper to bumper with each other once again. It was difficult for anyone to find a place to pass, with drivers racing nose to tail with each other. Mike Kerkes would take the number 1 spot on the podium, followed by Shane Geivet in second and John Perry would wind up in third. The entire field would all finish within 1 second of each other making for the closest racing of the night.

Since qualifying was full of so many racers, a lot of the Challenge GP regulars wound up in the B main making it look like the main race of the night. The race remained pretty straight forward. A first time competitor, Christopher Heinrich would take the top spot on the podium away from well known racer Toby Rodriguez who finished in second place at the drop of the checkered flag. Michael Tekstra had an impressive showing taking the final spot on the podium away from a great competitor Bill Kreig. Bill is one to watch, as his time is coming for him to make a podium appearance.

A Main race action saw Taylor Hays take it from green flag to the checkered, to be the top driver of the night, basically running away from the group and not giving an inch to anyone who challenged him for the position. John Tanaka, who is another Challenge GP regular, would finish out the night in second place and Deward Bergenholtz would close out the night finishing in third. The rest of the group would finish in the same order that they qualified in, making for a very conservative race for the group.

This was a great night for all that participated, and this was one of the more larger groups to come in and race in the Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed Irvine. Our indoor electric racing karts combined with out Super-Track configuration makes for the best and most competitive indoor kart racing in Orange County.

Don’t miss out on round three on September 5th, which will be the half way point for this 6 race series at our location.

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The Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed in Torrance, California got kicked off last week on July 25 with a number of talented drivers on hand to take on the technical concrete race track. With a large number of participants in house and the points even for everyone, anyone was game for who would come out on top.

tor gp1 Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed in Torrance

Qualifying remained straight forward with little incident, and Michael Arnold would prove to be at the top of his game, posting the overall best lap time with a 26.820 lap placing him on pole for the A Main. He was followed by Alton Arnold qualifying in second place with a 27.032 second lap. KC Cook would qualify with a 27.038 second lap creating a close nit field for the top 3.

tor gp2 Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed in Torrance

B main racing action would kick off the main events for the night, with Jon Fitzsimmons on pole leading the group around for the green flag rolling start. He was followed by Derek Esquibel who stayed right on his heels along with Christopher B. who had qualified in third. The rest of the pack would freight train around with each other till 4 laps into the race when Jon would spin out and drop back a few places finishing out the evening in 5th. Derek Esquibel would remain in second place for the duration of the race, but was unable to catch Adam Akers, who originally qualified in 8th position but had worked his way up to first. Christopher B. worked to remain in third but dropped back a spot, giving up the position to 4th place qualifier Adam Langsdale who would round out the top 3 on the podium.

The A Main would finish out the evening with Michael Arnold on pole bringing the pack of racers around for the green flag and would be upset 2 laps in, when the tight nit group got a little too tight coming into a technical section, and Michael ran out of room. He would drop back to the tail end of the field as he had to wait for the group to pass him before he could get moving again. Alton Arnold also got wrapped up in the spin out and dropped back as well, but was able to work his way back up to 5th overall for the night. KC Cook who initially qualified in 3rd was able to avoid the incident and make his way to second but was unable to catch the veteran GP driver John Tanaka who initially qualified in 4th but had worked his way up to first place to take the win for the main event. Paul Ciralli would work his way up as well, as he started in 6th position and moved up to third overall for the evening to finish out the top 3 for the night.

tor gp Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed in Torrance

The Torrance Challenge GP race series kicked off the 6 race series with a great night of competition for everyone that participated. This is a great location in the heart of Los Angeles, that gives a unique style of racing on our concrete racing surface and the use of electric indoor racing karts. Don’t miss out on the next Challenge GP race coming in August 29th which is open to all participants 58″ and taller.

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K1 Speed in San Diego kicked off its second half of the Challenge GP race series for 2010 this past Sunday. With an all new track layout, and all the points reset to 0 for every driver this was going to be good. Plenty of new faces were in the mix of many returning Challenge GP racers made for a great qualifying session. With qualifying karts picked via a lottery system giving everyone as equal of an opportunity as possible – Matt Merrill showed his track day racing experiences with his full size car, would be difficult to match posting a 28.185 second lap time to take the overall pole position. Johnny Miller would qualify second overall posting 28.194 second lap time. Justin Tolman would wind up qualifying 3rd posting a 28.237 second lap time. The rest of the drivers all qualified within a full second of Matt, which pushed drivers to the edge trying to find a way to shave off tenths of a second from their qualifying times trying to make the A Main.

cb gp K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP
cb gp2 K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP
cb gp3 K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP

The B Main drivers would kick off the main event action for the night with Stephen Robertson sitting on pole. He was followed by Olivia Ma, and sitting in third was Stephen’s son Jordan who is very good at protecting his line. Also in the mix was Kirk Messe, and Ivan Maric along with a number of others all trying to make a run at Stephen for the top spot. On the green flag rolling start, Stephen kept the group at bay and started to take a slight lead over the rest of the pack. Unfortunately Olivia was unable to keep pace and some how dropped back to the rear of the group 2 laps into the race. At the half-way point, Stephen was working to keep the hard charging Ivan Maric and Kirk Messe from getting past him with Jordan right in the middle. Heading into the last chicane before the final turn there just wasn’t enough room, and Jordan collected the wall and the rest of the group pulled away. The group would get slowed down, and Jordan was allowed to catch back up to rear of the pack and the race was re-started. Unfortunately 2 laps after the restart, Kirk was victim to the same chicane and got sideways, and he had to wait till everyone drove past him before he could turn around. Jordan somehow worked his way back up front within 3 laps. With just one lap to go, Stephen bobbled a bit in turn 2 and Jordan took the opening and ran with it coming out with the win. Stephen was able to hold onto second place and Justin Finegan had worked his way up into third.

A Main race action would close out the night with Matt Merrill bringing the group around for the rolling start, and it was a freight train of karts heading into turn one. The pack would get away clean for a couple of turns but in the back of the field Jon Simms would end up going into the new key-hole corner and getting spun out. Mean while Matt would run away from the field and was basically out for a Sunday drive as his smooth driving helped him gain a comfortable lead over the rest of the field. Johnny Miller would also maintain a distance over the rest of the group to remain in second, but was unable to catch up with Matt who was over a half second in front of him. The real battle was going on for third, fourth, fifth and sixth as Alex Rodrigues, Justin Tolman, Orlando Rodrigues, and Thomas Litton would go back and forth with each other trying to find a way to best one another. Taylor Wynne was in the mix as well as he and Jon Simms had caught back up to the group and worked to try to find a way around the other drivers. Alex was able to hold everyone off and take the third podium spot but it didn’t come easy as the other drivers were all working to find ways to catch and pass him. Fortunately for Alex the checked flag came out, and the other drivers ran out of time.

This was a great event and the drivers that attended really created some great racing performances on the track. The new track layout offers new challenges for drivers as they are still looking to find the fast way around the week old track design.

Don’t miss out on our next Challenge GP event in Carlsbad on August 22nd. This event is open to anyone and all are welcome to come out and give this new fast technical course a try.

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K1 Speed fans – its time to put your racing skills to the test this Sunday! K1 Speed in Carlsbad and Torrance are holding their first rounds of the Challenge GP Race series events. Drivers from all over San Diego and Los Angeles are going to be in attendance at either location put their skills to the test.

K1 Speed Carlsbad has an all new track layout that now combines multiple high speed sections, a very tight hairpin corner that is going to create an all new driving experience for competitors.

Our Torrance location has our unique concrete racing surface with a recently changed track layout that creates a technical driving course that will keep the racing action tight.

Which one will you choose? Both locations will offer the best in indoor kart racing with our electric racing karts, all the points are reset to 0 so everyone comes into this race even – it will be something you don’t want to miss as the pace will be set for the over all points leaders early on in the series.

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Carlsbad Torrance


K1 Speed Carlsbad wrapped up its Challenge GP Race Series this past weekend with the final round of racing for this six race series at the North San Diego location. Qualifying was a back and forth battle that began with Matt Merrill originally taking the over all pole position with a 25.657 second lap. The rest of the field was kept pretty tight-nit but it didn’t last long for Matt, as GP regular Khalifa Alasiri took the pole position after the second round of qualifying with a 25.465 second lap taking away Matt’s moment of glory. New-comer to the series Thomas Litton took the second over-all qualifying spot with a 25.638 second lap. Merrill’s first round qualifying performance placed him in the third qualifying spot with his 25.657 second lap time.
carlsbad6 Carlsbad wraps up its Challenge GP Race Series
The B Main racers would be the first on the tracK for the trophies, and this was a bit of a bumpy race. Pole sitter Jared Buccola brought the group down the front straight-away in freight-train fashion. Unfortunately he got a little sideways collecting the wall before turn 2 along with a few other drivers allowing most of the field to move up before the first lap was done. Jared had to work quite a bit throughout the race to get back up to the podium positions but it wasn’t his night. Meanwhile the battle up front was back and forth as second qualifier William Hastings had a battle going with Carlsbad resident Jon Simms and new comer Phil Laird. William ended up getting bumped and spun around, allowing Simms to take over the lead and he would remain there for the rest of the race. Half way through the race the drivers all seem to catch up with each other, and all kept about an inch from each-other for a good 6 laps. Eventually the pack began to thin out, with a lot of rubbing back and forth between the drivers. Stephen Robertson worked his way up from qualifying 5th and avoiding a lot of the close calls to finish in second place. William was able to hold onto third after dropping back a bit to round out the top three in the B main.

A Main race action was interesting. It started with the drivers wanting to reverse the starting order, which put pole sitter Khalifa Alasiri starting in the back of the field and it put Krystal Wright up front to lead the group around for the start. Unfortunately for Khalifa he was un-able to do any better than 7th place to finish out his night. Krystal was able to hold onto the lead for a couple of laps, but it didn’t last long as she had Paul Ciralli working his way up through the pack followed by Jordan Robertson, Matt Merrill and Chris Vaughn. Paul and Jordan eventually got around Krystal, she tried to hang on but spun out and dropped back to 8th before she could get the kart collected and going again. Paul and Jordan began to come up on lap traffic with about 3 laps to go and Paul was able to use that to his advantage to keep the lead over Jordan. Unfortunately for Jordan he didn’t see Johnny Miller and Thomas Litton were having their own battle and caught Jordan by surprise, passing him coming out of the final corners and dropping Jordan down to fourth. The group would finish just like that, with Paul Ciralli taking the over all win, followed by Johny Miller and Thomas Litton to round out the top three.

Our over-all points champion would be Khalifa Alasiri followed by Jordan Robertson in second and Kirk Meese would take the third spot for the six race series.
carlsbad6g Carlsbad wraps up its Challenge GP Race Series
This was a great event and it couldn’t have been done without the level of participation we have at K1 Speed in Carlsbad. Keep an eye out for the next race series starting in July of 2010, and with an all new track layout in the works, you can be sure drivers will have their work cut out for them, as everyone goes back to being even in points for that first race.

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K1 Speed Ontario wrapped up its 6 race Challenge GP series this past weekend with some of the best driving seen yet. All the top drivers in the Inland Empire Area came out to participate. Khalifa Alasiri was able to qualify in the number one spot with a single lap time of 50.540 seconds. He was followed by Matt Shane, who was keeping pace but was only able to post a 50.830 second lap time. Joon Maeng took the third qualifying position with a 50.859 second lap time just a hair off from Matt. San Bernardino local Garrett Reagan showed up late in the game but was able to qualify 5th overall in the late qualifying session.

Khalifa brought the group around for the rolling start, and when the green flag dropped he never looked back, pulling away from the pack in his usual fashion. Most of the race action happened in the final laps, as Joon was making an attempt to keep pace with Khalifa but was unable to catch him and they would finish with Khalifa taking the win, and Joon holding down the second position. John Tanaka was working his way through the pack and started battling it out with Matt for the final podium spot, and ran out of room entering a corner. John caught the apex, and got hung up as Matt pulled away. Three turns later, Matt entered a corner too quickly, and he spun the kart, allowing Tanaka to catch and pass him to take over third. Matt would drop down to 6th before he was able to collect the kart and get going in the right direction again and by that time the checkered flag had dropped.

Khalifa Alasiri would end up taking the overall points win with 220 points followed by John Tanaka with 208 points and Garrett Regan would take third with 204 points.
ont6a Ontario GP finishes
This was a great start to the 2010 racing program for K1 Speed in Ontario, be sure to check back for the schedule of the second half of the season on our website – which should be in July.

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It was a great weekend of racing as K1 Speed in Irvine, California wrapped up its 6 race series on June 6th. The reverse ran, super-track configuration has given the best in Orange County great competition for all to enjoy. Qualifying remained pretty straight forward, with all the drivers staying apart from each other for the duration of the races to try to best one another and grab the overall pole position. Taylor Hays was able to stay on top and take the overall pole position in the A Main. Toby Rodriguez would take the second starting position and Michael Arnold would qualify in third.

The A Main had most of the pack battling back and forth for positions with the exception of Taylor Hays who remained in first place for the duration of the race to take the win practically unopposed. Toby Rodriguez also remained in second but was unable to catch Taylor with his driving efforts. Michael Arnold tried as best as he could to keep Kirk Messe from passing him but was unsuccessful, and Kirk would finish out in 3rd to round out the top 3 podium finishers.

B Main racing action remained tight on the start as pole sitter David Kelmenson would bring the group around on the single-file rolling start for the green flag. Brad Roberts had qualified in second position and Troy Roberts qualified in third. The pack of drivers would keep the pace with each other with no-one allowing anyone to get around them. The top 3 qualifiers would finish the same way they qualified with David Kelmenson taking the top spot on the podium, followed by Brad Drew, and Troy Roberts would round out the top three.

Toby Rodriguez would be the overall points champion for K1 Speed in Irvine as well, finishing out the 6 race series with 278 total points. He was followed by Khalifa Alasiri with 218 points and David Kelmenson would take the 3rd position in points over all with 210 points.

This was a great race series and a great start to the 2010 race season. The next 6 race series will begin in July at the start of the month. make sure you keep watch for the new race dates on
irvinegp6 Irvine wraps up race series
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It was a great night of racing as K1 Speed in Torrance California held its 5th Challenge GP of its 6 race series. Qualifying went pretty straight forward, even with the new track layout that now features more technical and challenging corners keeping the drivers abilities in check. Michael Arnold took the pole for the A main with a 27.23 second single lap time, which was also the quickest lap time for the new track layout. Alton Arnold would qualify in second with a single lap time of 27.513 seconds, followed by Paul Ciralli with a lap time of 27.550 seconds.
TorranceMay2010GPa 5th Challenge GP at Torrance
The green flag rolling start brought the drivers down around the front straight away and into turn one with Michael was working hard to keep everyone off of him. The rest of the pack had a lot of passing going on. Ciralli worked his way up to second place after getting around Alton who dropped back to 4th after getting passed by Gardena local Emilio Garcia who was coming off a bad finish after the Carlsbad GP the week before. The front three would remain unchallenged all the way to the end with Michael taking the top spot on the podium, followed by Paul Ciralli in second and Emilio Garcia finishing out the top three.

The B main would see pole sitter Casey Willhardt with a single best lap time of 27.724 seconds, followed closely by Derek Esquibel with a 27.782 second lap. Troy Roberts started in third with a 27.820 second lap keeping the top 3 qualifier’s within inches of each other. Casey brought around the group for the green flag rolling start but wouldn’t last long as he would drop back to the 4th position. Derek worked his way up to the front and held off a hard charging Troy Roberts. Steven Jasinski made his way up to third and that’s how the B main would finish out with Derek taking the win, followed by Troy in second, and Steven taking the final podium spot.
TorranceMay2010GPb 5th Challenge GP at Torrance
There’s just one race to go in this 6 race series, the points battle is heating up with different faces on the podium almost each month. Come out to our next Challenge GP June 27th and come race with other K1 enthusiasts with the best in indoor kart racing in Los Angeles.
TorranceMay2010GP 5th Challenge GP at Torrance
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Congratulations to Michael Arnold for posting the quickest single best lap time at K1 Speed in Torrance, California. Our Los Angeles location recently changed up its track configuration to create a more technical driving track, offering new challenges for racers to conquer. Michael’s lap time of 27.181 seconds, have given racers something to shoot for on their next visit.
MichaelArnold Congratulations to Michael Arnold
Come in and give the best in indoor electric kart racing a try in the greater Los Angeles area with K1 Speed in Torrance, California.

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It was a great race weekend at K1 Speed in Carlsbad, as they held their 5th Challenge GP race in the 6 race series on May 23rd. The attendance was outstanding and the racing action was some of the best yet with 3 sets of qualifying rounds, giving drivers multiple chances to take the overall pole position. As qualifying began drivers in each qualifying group picked a number from a hat, that would place them in there respective qualifying starting position. The random drawing mixed things up a bit and worked quite well when it came to kart selection. After the first rounds of qualifying Kirk Messe was on top with a 26.122 second lap followed closely by Paul Ciralli with a 26.222 second lap.

That didn’t last long as the drivers qualifying groups were mixed up a bit in the second round so that everyone was racing with someone different. After the round 2 qualifying results were in, Khalifa Alasiri was on top with the overall single best lap of 25.732 seconds putting him on the pole for the A main, Paul Ciralli would keep his fast past going as he did in round 1 and take the second starting position in the A main with a 25.793 second lap. Kirk Messe kept pace in his qualifying group which would start him in 3rd with a 25.898 second lap to place him in 3rd. Jordan Robertson would be in the 4th qualifying position with a 25.921 second lap followed closely by John Gray who was a first timer to the Challenge GP series with a 25.955 second lap landing him in the 5th for the A main. With the top 5 A main qualifiers so close together the main event of the night was going to be a good one.

The C main would start off the final rounds of the night with Steven Robertson qualified on pole with a 26.568 second lap. Sitting in second was Ivan Maric with a 26.620 second lap and American Super-Bike and Daytona Sport Bike competitor Shawn Higbee qualified in 3rd with a 26.691 second lap. The rest of the field all qualified within half a second of each-other making the main events tight-nit groups no matter where you qualified. Steven brought the group around for the start and would remain there for half of the race keeping the rest of the pack at bay as they battled with each-other for other positions. Steven was not going to give up 1st place easily and really made Ivan and Shawn work to keep pace. Steven unfortunately started to fall off a bit with just 4 laps to go and allowed Ivan and Shawn to catch up to his back bumper. Shawn had already gotten around Ivan and was sitting i second when he caught Steven and Ivan wasn’t too far behind. Ivan would just edge past Steven with 2 laps to go and they would finish out with Shawn in first, Ivan in second, and Steven finishing in third just 2 kart lengths behind Ivan.

The B main was a mix of new comers to the race series along with some veteran drivers to make for an interesting main event. Tod Obenauer was on pole for the B main with a qualifying time of 26.223 seconds followed by Jarel Watson with a 26.277 second lap. Justin Tolman sat in the third spot with a 26.388 second lap with Kurt Obenauer in 4th with a 26.358 second qualifying lap. This was going to be another tight race as Tod brought the group around on the green flag rolling start it wasn’t long before the drivers were all gunning for Tod. He held onto the lead for 6 solid laps with 5 other karts reeling him in about every other turn, when Tod came out of turn 7 the kart got sideways on him and he was narrowly missed by Justin Tolman, Jarel on the other hand wasn’t so lucky and ended up dropping back a few spots after he spun around trying to avoid Tod. Tod would get his kart collected and moving again but it wasn’t before he was passed by Johnny Miller and Emilio Garcia. The battle was on for second as all 3 drivers would play follow the leader with each other for 3 laps trying to out corner one another. Tod would eventually get around Emilio but was unable to catch up with Justin and Johnny. Justin Tolman would hold off the charging Johnny Miller to take the 1st position, and Johnny would stay in second. Tod rounded out the top 3 for the B main.

The main event of the night was the A main drivers and in typical fashion it would be Khalifa Alasiri bringing the pack around for the green flag start. The group headed into turn one together in a single file line and would freight train around for 4 laps before they started to separate out a bit. Khalifia ran away from the pack, followed by Paul Ciralli. Paul was unable to keep up with Khalifa’s pace but was able to pull away from the rest of the field holding comfortably in 2nd. The battle for 3rd was were all the action was, as Kirk Messe held a 1/2 kart lead over Jordan Robertson with John Gray sitting right off Jordan’s bumper. John unfortunately got passed by 6th place driver Joe Soler after getting sideways before getting into the tear drop corner, but at the same time Kirk Messe had let the rear end of his kart come out a bit too much coming out of the same corner, and Jordan jumped on the opportunity to get around Kirk. Joe would follow Jordan’s lead, and Kirk dropped back to 5th. John finally got his kart back and moving again but that was after he was passed by Matt Merrill and John Simm’s. Khalifa would stay up front and take the top spot on the podium followed by Paul Ciralli who was a a good 2 seconds behind Khalifa’s overall lead. Jordan held off the Joe and Kirk to remain in third, and almost got passed by Joe right at the finish line. If Joe had 1 more lap he might have had a chance to get around Jordan.

This was an awesome night as K1 Speed once again put on the best in indoor kart racing in San Diego. With such a great attendance the final round of this first 6 race series of 2010 coming next month on June 20th is not one to miss. Come out and experience our indoor racing karts and see what our Challenge GP series is all about!

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