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K1 Speed in Ontario hosted its 5th Challenge GP race this past Sunday. A packed house of racers took on the famed super-track configuration which is currently being run in reverse for this 6 race series making for a some great racing action and new driving challenges with each event.

Qualifying had all the regular event attendees keeping each other on their toes with John Tanaka taking the top spot for the A Main with a 50.110 second lap. Khalifa Alasiri wasn’t too far behind with a 50.225 second lap with relative new-comer to the Challenge GP events Garrett Regan qualifying in third with a 50.252 second lap. The rest of the A main qualifiers would keep pace within .5 tenths of each other making this another one of the quickest fields of racers the Inland Empire has seen.

Tanaka would bring the group of drivers around on the rolling start of the A Main and was unopposed for the entire race taking the top spot on the podium. Khalifa Alasiri remained in second and he would be followed by Garrett Regan to take the remaining podium spot.

The B Main saw a bit more racing action with Matt Shane qualifying on pole with a lap time of 51.989 seconds, following close in second was Chris Weaver with a qualifying time of 52.262 seconds. Luis Delgado took the third qualifying position with a single lap time of 52.276 seconds.

Matt came around for the start of the race with Chris sitting right on his back bumper with the rest of the field following just behind them on the rolling start. With the field battling back and fourth and exchanging positions Matt would end up making a mid-race error and got sideways coming out of a tight section of corners allowing Chris and Luis to get by before he could get the kart pointed back in the right direction. Luis would eventually pass Chris with just 1 lap to go and go on to take the win. Chris would remain in second and Matt was able to hold of the rest of the field to hang onto third.

There is just one race to go in this first half of this 6 race series and the points battle is going to come down to the last race. K1 Speed is the only indoor kart racing facility in the Inland Empire to offer this type of competition. Come out to our next race June 13th and come give the best in indoor kart racing a try.

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K1 Speed in Seattle held its 5th Challenge GP race this past Tuesday May 11th. With a fast set of qualifying rounds the drivers were going to put on quite a show in the main. Luke Hopton took the pole posting a qualifying time of 17.821 seconds, holding off Javier Cantu-Lucero with a 17.878 second lap to start him off in the second. Rounding out the top 3 would be Saundra Price qualifying with a 19.035 second lap. The rolling start got all the drivers freight-training around the track where Luke would hold off everyone until the final lap where he was passed by Javier coming out of the final turn. Javier was just inches in front of Luke and the track officials had to go back and look at our timing system and closely view the photo finish to verify Javier would be the one at the top spot on the podium. After a short review it was determined Luke finished second and Saundra would remain in third to round out the top 3 trophy spots for the night.
RedmondMay2010GP K1 Seattle's 5th GP
With just one race left for the first half of this years Challenge GP series the points chase is getting close. Come out June 8th and participate in the best indoor kart racing series in Redmond with K1 Speeds indoor electric racing karts. Registration starts at 730PM and racing starts at 8PM. Come and try out our reverse track layout all for just $45.00 per driver.
RedmondMay2010GP2 K1 Seattle's 5th GP
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It was a great night of racing action as K1 Speed in San Diego held its fourth Challenge GP Race in the 6 race series. With many returning faces in house to battle it out at the renowned Carlsbad track, along with a large number of new people to take on the K1 Speed Challenge, the nights racing would be intense. The qualifying rounds saw many of the well-known drivers on top, as Khalifa Alasiri would shatter the reverse track configuration single lap record posting a 25.468 lap time, beating out Jordan Robinson who would start in second place for the A Main with a lap time of 25.814 seconds. Long time K1 Carlsbad racer Matt Merrill came out for the first time in months, qualifying in third with a lap time of 26.022 seconds, and he was closely followed by Kirk Messe with a lap time of 26.146 seconds. The rest of the field remained tight as they were all qualified within .75 seconds of each other making for one of the tightest qualified groups we’ve had yet.

The race started out with the entire field in a close single file rolling start, as Khalifa would lead the racers into turn one. For the first 2 laps the entire group freight-trained around the track but Khalifa would eventually pull away from the pack, and remain in front for the entire race. There was a great battle between Jordan, Matt, and Kirk all fighting for a better position as the laps counted down. Matt and Kirk got a slight jump on Jordan at the start, but that didn’t stop Jordan as he got into a groove and started working his way back up behind Kirk. All three drivers were running a pace that had a very slight margin between them, at times just being about 3 to 4 tenths apart from each other. Matt would end up holding off Kirk, and Jordan, taking the second spot on the podium with Kirk finishing out in third. Jordan was sitting right off Kirks back bumper at the checked flag and might have caught him if he had another lap. The rest of the field exchanged positions back and forth with long time customer Emilio Garcia racing in the Carlsbad Challenge GP for the first time, along with some other new faces keeping good pace with the other seasoned group of drivers.
CarlsbadGPApril2010A K1 Speed San Diego holds 4th GP
The B main hosted a number of new faces as well, with many of them giving the K1 Speed a try for the first time. Qualifying was close, as Waylen Quarles would be on the pole with a lap time of 26.690 seconds. He was followed by William Hasting who posted a lap time of 26.868 seconds, and Micah Thompson would round out the top three with a time of 27.089 seconds. Before the pack would come around for the green flag, there was a small incident in the back of the pack, as a couple of drivers got sideways during the pace lap on cold tires, and would have to work to catch the field as they came around for the start. Waylen brought the pack around and everyone would come down the front straight-away and make turn one look like the 405 freeway in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon. The drivers would eventually get themselves situated better and began spacing out a bit. Three laps into the main, Waylen found himself in a battle with William for the top spot on the podium for the entire race, with William waiting to make his move. On lap 9 Micah got sideways out of the famed tear-drop turn, and would get passed by Jared Durbin and Justin Tolman who were having their own battle for 4th and 5th. Micah was able to collect the kart and get it pointed in the right direction before the rest of the field caught up with him, but was unable to better the position he was in. Waylen would hold off William for the win, as William had fallen off the pace a bit, but was still able to take home second place. Jared Durbin remained in third even though Justin did not make it easy for him and made sure Jared had to work for the position. Note-able driver was Krystal Wright, who is the first female to participate in the Challenge GP race series this year. Krystal has spent the better part of the last week learning the track configuration, and came in to give the Challenge GP race a try. With this being only her 4th appearance at K1, she ran a great race and was able to keep pace with most of the other drivers after getting use to the reverse configuration.
CarlsbadGPApril2010B K1 Speed San Diego holds 4th GP
The K1 Speed Challenge GP Series has only 2 races left at the Carlsbad location. With more new faces showing up the points chase is getting close between the top 5 drivers. If your interested in coming out and racing the best indoor racing karts in San Diego our next event will be May 23rd. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as we are updating our pages weekly with event information at all locations.
CarlsbadGPApril2010 K1 Speed San Diego holds 4th GP


K1 Speed in Redmond held its 4th Challenge GP race of the 6 race series Tuesday night, full of die hard K1 racers from the Seattle, Washington region. Qualifying remained tight, even though he current points leader Javier Cantu-Lucerp dominated, posting a 17.878 second lap to grab the pole position. He was followed by Jake Preston who qualified in second with a 18.158 second lap time, and Luke Hopton would keep things close by qualifying in third with a lap time of 18.366.

The 16 lap main event would remain close with the drivers all qualifying withing half a second of each other. When the green flag dropped for the tightly packed rolling, start Javier would slowly creep away from the pack that was working to chase him down. Javier was able to run away from everyone, off posting very consistent high 17 second lap times, and almost putting the entire field of drivers down one lap. The battle for second and third between Jake and Luke would go on through-out the entire race. Jake started out in second with Luke right on his bumper the entire race, with just 2 laps to go Luke found a small opening in turn three and took advantage passing Jake on the inside to finish out in second, with Luke finishing in third.
RedmondApril2010GP K1 Speed Redmond holds 4th Challenge GP
With another dominating performance from Javier in this 6 race series will anyone be able to catch him? The overall points battle is winding down with just 2 races to go and the racing action is going strong. Come check out Redmond’s best electric indoor kart racing action, as the next Challenge GP event is being held May 11th. With this series being an open event, everyone is encouraged to come out and join in on the fun!
RedmondApril2010GP2 K1 Speed Redmond holds 4th Challenge GP


K1 Speed Ontario – one of the largest indoor kart tracks in the Inland Empire and all of Southern California – held its first Challenge GP kart league race of 2010 this past weekend, and once again, there was a great turnout of both veteran competitors and new drivers! Pole position at our indoor raceway went to Khalifa Alasiri, who set the fast lap during qualifying with an impressive time of 52.12 seconds around our Super Track. Despite starting the race from P1 on the grid, Khalifa had his work cut out for him, as regular John Tanaka was starting right behind him and was intent on taking the win!

In the A Main race, Khalifa quickly found that winning the race would be no easy feat. With constant pressure being applied from behind, Khalifa found it difficult to run a smooth, clean, consistent race, and John Tanaka was taking advantage of his mistakes. Like a predator with prey in his sights, John was matching Khalifa’s every move and inching away at his lead. After several laps of tapping into the back of Khalifa’s kart, John was finally able to make a pass and make it stick. Though not the cleanest pass we’ve witnessed, sometimes a racer has to be a bit aggressive out on track if they want to take the lead! With just a couple of laps remaining, John quickly put distance between his kart and Khalifa’s, and ended up claiming victory almost 1.5 seconds in front of Alasiri, who claimed 2nd place in the A Main. Garrett Regan finished in 3rd place to claim the final spot on the A Main podium. It was an intense race and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch in the future!

challengegp podium ontario 2010 01 17 a 300x400 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Go Kart League Results   January 2010

Challenge GP A Main Podium: 1st John Tanaka | 2nd Khalifa Alasiri | 3rd Garrett Regan

The B Main race had its own share of highlights, and we were pleased to see several new faces in the starting lineup. The race was won by Chris Weaver, who was able to run away from the competition and finish in front of 2nd place finisher Matt Shane by nearly 3 seconds. With such a dominant drive, we expect to see Chris compete in our A Main events in the future, and we hope to see him hit the track again in February for Round 2 of our Challenge GP kart league. The final spot on the podium of our B Main race was Holly Stamps, who ended up owning her little piece of racetrack. Several seconds behind Matt Shane and some 4 seconds in front of 4th place, Holly was able to concentrate on the task of driving, enjoy a clean racetrack and set fast and consistent laps!

challengegp podium ontario 2010 01 17 b 300x400 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Go Kart League Results   January 2010

Challenge GP B Main Podium: 1st Chris Weaver | 2nd Matt Shane | 3rd Holly Stamps

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the 1st round of our 2010 Challenge GP season in Ontario, and we hope to see them again! If you would like to compete head-to-head against some of the best indoor karters not only in California, but in the entire country, please stop by our Inland Empire indoor go kart track on Valentine’s Day, February 14th!

Video: K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Race – January 2010


seattle challengegp track 2010 01 12 400x300 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Kart Series Results   January 2010

Racers tackle the indoor go kart track at K1 Speed Seattle in our Challenge GP kart league!

We had 10 drivers show up to compete in our first race of the 2010 season at K1 Speed Seattle, and we were pleased to see that several of the competitors were new to the Challenge GP series. The veteran racers were eager to welcome the new faces and were being very gracious before the race and after the qualifying sessions had come to a close; several of the new drivers found themselves receiving advice on the optimal lines and braking points. Even the experienced competitors found the race to be a challenge though, as the session was run in the opposite direction. With a reverse track layout, everyone was on a level playing field for the most part, leading to an exciting qualifying session!

Runner-up in last season’s Challenge GP series, Javier Cantu-Lucero qualified on pole position at our indoor raceway after setting the fast lap in the two qualifying sessions. Just behind him was Austin Treloar, followed by Erik Bee. The three started at the front of the grid and were eager to defend their positions as the race got underway. As the green flag was dropped for the main event, everyone was able to get off of the line cleanly. We were pleased to see that nobody fell behind (it could also be said that nobody gained a position though!) and there were no incidents as the karts funneled into Turn 1.

The front of the pack were running consistent lap times and were forming a procession as they lapped the track, but there was plenty of excitement farther back on the grid. On lap 3, Carlos Simental pushed his cold tires a bit too hard and went wide, allowing Theodore Georgas to take advantage and move up one position. Perry Skountrianos made a spectacular move on Michael Raiche on lap 10, throwing the nose of his kart into the inside of Michael’s before he could close the door. The move put Perry in 6th place, but 2 laps later, Michael pressured Perry into making a big mistake around the hairpin turn and Michael was able to regain his original position. Perry’s spin cost him two positions but by the end of the race he had gained back one position which left him where he started in 7th. Though they weren’t fighting for a podium spot, the mid-pack challengers were involved in some of the best racing we’ve seen!

At the front of the pack, Javier was being hounded by Austin Treloar who was putting up a valiant fight! Javier was able to keep his cool though and drove home to victory, despite Austin putting forth his best efforts to knock Javier off of his spot! Austin ended up claiming the second spot on the podium ahead of Erik Bee who finished in 3rd place. It was a great race and a fantastic way to start of the 2010 Challenge GP season in Seattle. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we were pleased with the turnout.

challengegp podium redmond 2010 01 12 300x400 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Kart Series Results   January 2010

January 2010 Challenge GP Podium: 1st Javier Cantu-Lucero | 2nd Austin Treloar | 3rd Erik Bee

If you would like to compete in our Challenge GP kart league and race our high performance electric karts around one of the best indoor go kart tracks in Washington State and the Seattle area, join us on February 9th for Round 2! We hope to see you there!

irvine challengegp 2010 01 10 a 400x300 K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   January 2010

A racer slides our electric kart through a corner in our Challenge GP kart league at K1 Speed Irvine!

The first race of the new 2010 Challenge GP season took place at K1 Speed Irvine this past weekend, and the new format seemed to be well-received by the participants! Perhaps the biggest change to our kart league, besides the fact that the race was run in the reverse direction on our Super Track, was the new rolling start. In the past, the racers have lined up on our grid for a Formula One style standing start, but we decided to add one more new element to keep the series interesting and challenging for our regular participants. The rolling start allows the pole sitter to set the pace and potentially jump away from the pack at the drop of the green flag; however, it also gives those in the back of the pack an opportunity to try and build momentum to make a carefully timed pass just as the green flag is waved! Needless to say, we expect to see some dramatic starts as the season goes on.

irvine challengegp 2010 01 10 c 400x300 K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   January 2010

A competitor heads backwards on the starting grid in our reverse layout!

The A Main race saw regular drivers Toby Rodriguez, David Messimer and David Kelmenson (who competes in our Torrance series on a frequent basis) claim the top spots on the podium. As the flag was waved and the race got underway, Toby put in some amazing laps and ran consistently fast. This performance on track allowed him to build a comfortable lead and take home the 1st place finish in our first race of the new year. Though David Messimer and David Kelmenson did everything that they could to challenge for the lead, on this day Toby was simply unbeatable! We expect to see Toby fighting for the top spot all season long, and we hope to see David Kelmenson put in a full season effort at our Irvine indoor karting track, as we think he has a chance for the championship as well.

challengegp podium irvine 2010 01 10 a 400x300 K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   January 2010

Challenge GP A Main Podium: 1st Toby Rodriguez | 2nd David Messimer | 3rd David Kelmenson

In the B Main race, recent Red Bull contest winner Khalifa Alasiri was able to take home the win. No stranger to our A Main races, Khalifa was able to set a good pace during the final, and his experience allowed him to finish ahead of the field. Finishing in 2nd place was Jason Foreman, who was able to defend his position against a hard-charging Brad Drew, who claimed the final spot on the podium. Overall, it was a great B Main race with some superb drives. With his win though, we expect that Khalifa will be eager to fight amongst our A Main competitors next month!

challengegp podium irvine 2010 01 10 b 400x300 K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   January 2010

Challenge GP B Main Podium: 1st Khalifa Alasiri | 2nd Jason Foreman | 3rd Brad Drew

We would like to thank everyone for joining us for the first round of our new 2010 Challenge GP go kart league! We truly appreciate the support of our fans, and we look forward to hosting them once again next month for Round 2! If you would like to compete against the best indoor karters in Southern California or the Pacific Northwest, feel free to join our Challenge GP kart racing series! We hold races at several of our indoor go kart tracks throughout Southern California and Seattle, Washington, and it is a great way to experience the thrill of racing in a safe and affordable environment!

irvine challengegp 2010 01 10 d 400x300 K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   January 2010

Tackling our Super Track in the opposite direction requires participants to learn a whole new layout!


The last round of our 2009 Challenge GP season took place at K1 Speed Torrance this past weekend. Not only did the December 27th race mark the final Challenge GP race of 2009, but it also marked the conclusion of our inaugural Challenge GP season at our newest location, K1 Speed Torrance in South Bay Los Angeles, California! It was a great race and the spectators witnessed some fantastic performances on the track. Now that the season is over though, everyone is anxious for the start of the 2010 season, which will see participants tackle our Torrance indoor go kart track in the opposite direction! The new reverse track layout should make next season interesting and put all of our competitors on a level playing field!

challengegp podium torrance 2009 12 27 b 400x300 K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Kart League Results   December 2009

Challenge GP B-Main Winners: 1st Michael Arnold | 2nd Richard Langsdale | 3rd Gary Culbertson

In the B Main race, Michael Arnold led the way and was able to take home the victory. Behind him, Richard Langsdale finished in 2nd place ahead of Gary Culbertson, who took the final podium position for 3rd place. Though Michael may have wished for slightly better results, his strong finish in the B Main solidified his standings in the overall point standing, allowing him to earn a 3rd place finish in the very first K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP season!

challengegp podium torrance 2009 12 27 a 400x300 K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Kart League Results   December 2009

Challenge GP A-Main Winners: 1st David Kelmenson | 2nd Paul Ciralli | 3rd David Messimer

The A Main race was exciting and a great way to close out the 2009 season! Paul Ciralli started the race in 4th place but was able to move up to 2nd after an on-track incident in the first hairpin corner on lap 2. From that moment on, David Kelmenson led Paul and David Messimer around the track in a 1-2-3 procession. Despite Paul’s best efforts, he could not make a clean pass on David and opted instead to defend his position and take home the 2nd place trophy. Everyone is definitely going to be watching David Kelmenson next season though; he has shown time and time again that he is capable of running at the front of the pack, and we expect he’ll be battling for overall honors next year.

challengegp podium torrance 2009 12 27 final 400x300 K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Kart League Results   December 2009

2009 K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Winners: 1st John Tanaka | 2nd Paul Ciralli | 3rd Michael Arnold

Former Challenge GP champion John Tanaka ended up winning the K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP kart league championship, ahead of Paul Ciralli and Michael Arnold. Once again, John has proven to be a formidable opponent out on track and with this latest championship, he has shown that he has the skills to win anywhere! We can’t wait for the 2010 season to begin! If you would like to race against some of the very best indoor karters in Southern California, join us at our Torrance indoor kart racing center in January!


The final race of the Challenge GP season at K1 Speed Carlsbad took place this past weekend and when the last competitor crossed the finish line, a new champion was crowned! The event was fantastic; the racing was close, everyone was in good spirits and there were some surprises on the podium. Long-time racer Kirk Meese pulled out the win over young up-and-coming racer Jordan Robertson, who finished in 2nd place and David Messimer who fought off Paul Ciralli for the final spot on the podium. Regulars John Simms and Jordan’s father Stephan also put up good fights but were unable to earn a trophy this time around.

challengegp podium carlsbad 2009 12 20 01 400x300 K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   December 2009

December Challenge GP Podium -- 1st Kirk Meese | 2nd Jordan Robertson | 3rd David Messimer

Despite Paul’s 4th place finish, he was still able to claim the season championship! After finishing 2nd to John Tanaka last season in our Carlsbad Challenge GP kart racing series, Paul was consistent and competitive all season long, and his efforts paid off with a championship finish. The Top 3 finishers for the season were Paul Ciralli in 1st place, Jordan Robertson in 2nd (who impressed everyone this season with his continuous improvement and competitiveness) and Kirk Meese finishing in 3rd place overall. Our winners received gift bags and prizes from Meguiar’s Car Care and K&N Filters, whom we would like to thank for their support. It was a pleasure hosting our Jul-Dec 2009 Challenge GP season and we greatly look forward to the 2010 series!

challengegp podium carlsbad 2009 12 20 400x300 K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Kart Racing Results   December 2009

Jul-Dec 2009 Challenge GP Final Results -- 1st Paul Ciralli | 2nd Jordan Robertson | 3rd Kirk Meese


k1 speed sample irvine 400x300 Changes For Our 2010 Challenge GP Season!

Racing enthusiasts take part in the Challenge GP go kart league at K1 Speed!

With the 2009 season of our Challenge GP kart league coming to a close, we are already preparing for 2010, and we are pleased to announce that we are implementing some exciting changes! One of the most dramatic changes (and one which the participants seem to appreciate) is that our tracks will be run in the opposite direction! After six months of running “forwards” at K1 Speed Carlsbad, K1 Speed Irvine, K1 Speed Ontario, K1 Speed Torrance and K1 Speed Seattle, we will even the playing field for new competitors by running our indoor go kart tracks “backwards” this Challenge GP season between January and June, 2010.

Our indoor go kart tracks take on different rhythms and personalities when run in the opposite direction, and for all intents and purposes become brand new tracks! For novice competitors, operating our tracks in reverse allows them to compete on a level keel with veteran racers; for individuals who have raced at their local K1 Speed indoor karting center a dozen times or more, changing the track direction gives them the opportunity to experience their favorite location in a whole new light! Needless to say, it’s great fun and we always love to watch as racers dissect a new layout and unlock the track’s secrets! We also feel that this is a great reason to take part in our Challenge GP kart racing series, as our reverse layouts are not available for our regular Arrive and Drive racing options (except in Anaheim).

In addition to the track direction, we are also making some slight changes to the point system. Each racer will now receive 2 points for his or her position in a race (for example, if someone finishes 1st in a race with 10 competitors, he or she will receive 20 points) and we are excited to announce that we will be rewarding the individual who sets the fast lap and earns the pole position at our indoor raceway an additional 2 points that will be added to his or her total! We suspect that this new change may lead to some heartbreak out on track, but it should result in some fantastic drives as well!

The dates for the 2010 season of our Challenge GP go kart league will be announced soon and we hope to see you competing on track next season!

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