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OntarioGP2 K1 Speed Ontario   March 2009 Reverse Super Track Challenge GP Results!

On Sunday night, March 29th, racers flocked to K1 Speed Ontario for the monthly running of the Super Track Challenge GP. This was the third round of the 2009 Challenge GP season, marking the half-way point, and the competitors couldn’t wait to get on the track. As always, many of our regular K1 Speed competitors showed up to defend their positions, but we were pleased to see that almost one-third of the field were newcomers.

The first position race went very cleanly, with tight battles taking place throughout the entire field. The winner of that event went to a Super Track first-timer, Andrew Peterson, followed closely by Chris Baker and Michael Moody. The final position race and the main event was a showing of pure domination by the one and only John Tanaka. Not only did John start on the pole position, but he absolutely destroyed the Ontario Super Track lap record of 55.04 seconds, with a blistering lap of 54.46! Tanaka looked like he was on cruise control the entire race, and he ended up finishing the race with a 6.65 second margin over second place Taylor Hays. Third place went to Khalifa Alasiri, fourth place was taken by Paul Ciralli and Alton Arnold III ended up rounding out the Top 5. Needless to say, the racing action was intense, and we can’t way to see how the season pans out! Amazingly, after 3 of 6 races, John Tanaka and Taylor Hays are tied for the top position, and Alton Arnold III is only five points behind – stay tuned to see how it turns out!

The next Ontario Super Track Challenge GP event is April 26 at 7:00pm – come give it a try and race against the best of the best!

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ChallengeGPSea K1 Speed Seattle / Redmond   March 2009 Challenge GP Results!

On March 29th, K1 Speed Seattle held its third race of the 2009 Challenge GP series, and the racing action was intense! There were a few new faces in the line-up on Sunday, including Angela Shur, the first female racer to compete in a Challenge GP event at our Seattle / Redmond indoor karting center, and some familiar faces showed up as well to defend their positions. Sean Naslund, the current points leader of the Seattle series, exclaimed, “This was the best racing we’ve had so far!” Needless to say, everyone came away from the event with a smile on their face, which is what we love to see at K1 Speed!

The race started with Sopurkh Khalsa in the pole position, followed by Randy Olivarez and Sean Naslund. At the drop of the green flag the battle begun, and there were position changes in the first lap! Sean Naslund took advantage of the inside line at the start and managed to overtake Randy in the first turn. The fight for second was fiercely competitive, with Sean playing defense against an aggressive and very fast Randy Olivarez! The second and third-place contenders slowly started to gain ground on Sopurkh in the midst of their battle, and it wasn’t long before the three were racing around the track nose to tail, only inches between them.

Going into the Turn 3 hairpin in lap 5, the mounting excitement reached a crescendo! Sean was maintaining a very close second-place position to Sopurkh as the pack approached turns 1 and 2. Through the large sweeper, Sean was able to keep his momentum up and take the line from Sopurkh along the back stretch. Diving into the hairpin at Turn 3, Sean held the line and nudged his way past Sopurkh to take over first place.

Sean was able to lead for the remainder of the race, utilizing brilliant defensive driving against the second and third-place drivers. As the pack leaders started running into the back field, Sean’s defensive strategy became a bit more complicated, but in the end, he was able to hold off the advancing competition. Sean Naslund ended up maintaining his winning streak for the 2009 K1 Speed Seattle / Redmond Challenge GP series, taking first place in the final event ahead of Sopurkh in 2nd and Randy in 3rd! With his 3rd place finish, Randy Olivarez ended up moving up into the second spot for cumulative points! At this point, the series is still up for grabs, and we look forward to the next Challenge GP race in Seattle, which takes place on April 26th – if you think you have what it takes, we invite you to come in and race!

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ChallGP Carlsbad K1 Speed Carlsbad   March 2009 Challenge GP Results!

Our competitors converged on our Carlsbad location on March 1st for the 3rd round of the 2009 Challenge GP season. Among those competing were seasoned veterans and old friends. Curt Chapin, the man who held the honor of ProScore Leader for over three years, came to the event to compete in a Challenge GP race for the first time in over a year. It was a pleasure seeing Curt out on the track again, and it was evident that his absence hasn’t affected his ability!

John Tanaka, whose name needs no introduction around the K1 Speed offices, set the pole position during the qualifying heats and started the final race from the front row. At the drop of the green flag, John took off and never looked back, maintaining his position all the way to the checkered flag. Jared Buccola started from the second spot and it appeared that he would comfortably hold that position throughout the race, until the 10th lap, when he took a corner too wide and let Curt Chapin slip by. In the process, Jared unfortunately spun out and ended up losing four positions in the process. He would end up finishing the race in 6th. Curt Chapin, perhaps the most successful K1 Speed competitor ever, ended up finishing the race in 2nd in a dramatic comeback. We look forward to seeing Curt race at future events. Taylor Hays rounded out the Top 3, finishing 6.5 seconds back from John Tanaka, who he is currently competing with for the top ProScore.

John Tanaka is making quite a name for himself this season, and is certainly on track to be in championship contention at the conclusion of the six race series. With the season half over, the racing is heating up with new and veteran competitors showing up to challenge for the top spot. Needless to say, we’ll keep you updated on the latest news and results. The next Challenge GP event in Carlsbad is on April 5th, and we’ll have the results for you! If you think you have what it takes to make it to the podium, we invite you to attend the next event.

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Chal GP Irvine K1 Speed Irvine   March 2009 Reverse Super Track Challenge GP Results!

On Sunday, March 8th, K1 Speed Irvine had its third Challenge GP event of the 2009 season. Running the reverse Super Track, the event attracted many of our regular competitors as well as some new faces. Coming out of the qualifying races, the top positions were held by long-time K1 Speed competitor John Tanaka, Khalifa Alasiri, and Taylor Hays.

The first position race was a smooth, clean battle that finally saw veteran K1 Speed racer Kirk Meese taking the number one position on the podium. A new competitor brought a touch of drama and surprise to the event too, making this Challenge GP particularly memorable. Adi Chung, a new face to the Challenge GP, took the 2nd position in the first race, beating out Stephen Robertson who had to settle for 3rd. Needless to say, the first position race was very exciting and turned out to be the perfect segue into our main event.

Leading from the pole position in the main event, John Tanaka quickly put distance between himself and the competition as racers farther back on the grid battled it out for position. As John Tanaka maintained the 1st position, the back field racers were fighting it out. Paul Ciralli started in 9th position and moved up as high as 5th before being overtaken. He eventually finished the race in the 7th spot after putting up a valiant and exciting effort! In the end, the top three qualifiers maintained their positions throughout the race, with John Tanaka taking the 1st place position, Khalifa Alasiri finishing in the 2nd spot, and Taylor Hays rounding out the top 3. Former Challenge GP champion Toby Rodriguez ended up finishing in 4th.

With 3 of 6 races completed, the first season of 2009 is half way over, and the competition is heating up and the scores are tightening! We will keep you updated on the competitors’ progress as the season continues – you don’t want to miss it!

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Super Track 2 22 09 Super Track Challenge GP at K1 Speed Ontario

On Sunday February 22nd K1 Speed Ontario held the second G.P. reverse race of the 2009 season. While the NASCAR drivers at the Auto Club Speedway were just getting warmed up for the Auto Club 500, the Position race for the GP Challenge at K1 was already underway.

It was a clean race and there wasn’t much movement in the top 5 as some of K1 Speeds most competitive drivers faced off. First place was won by Taylor Hays who won the race by over 6 seconds and smoked the competition . For 2nd place Alton Arnold III ,3rd John Tanaka , and 4th John Carrol it was a much closer race. They were all bumper to bumper most of the race and finished within a half second of each other.

Honorable mention goes out to Paul Ciralli for moving up the most positions in the race. He started the race in 10th place and finished the race 6th. Congratulations to Taylor Hays for taking home a 1st place finnish!!

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GP Irvine GP Results at K1 Speed Irvine
K1 Speed held its second G.P. reverse race of the season last night in Irvine. Many of K1′s top drivers showed up as well as new faces to participate in some competitive racing. It was some great racing seen last night as spectators were in “Awh” watching our top drivers racing bumper to bumper! No one gave an inch at all and all drivers held their spots until the end of the race. This was some of the best racing seen in a long time. Congratulations to John Tanaka for taking first place. John is trying to be the first driver to win championships in Irvine, Ontario and Carlsbad G.Ps. in one season!

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GP Carlsbad GP Results at K1 Speed Carlsbad

Congratulations to Jared Buccola, Ahmed Alasiri and John Tanaka for placing respectively in the second Challenge GP at K1 Speed Carlsbad for the 2009 season on February 1. From the drop of the green flag in the fast group race, Buccola quickly distanced himself from the competition on the challenging reverse course. A race among some of the most experienced racers also kept everyone within reach of podium positions.

Congratulations also go out to Julio Rodela, Bill Groves and David Messimer for placing respectively in the second group of the day’s Challenge GP. It was a tight race from the start. Messimer quickly edged out Groves on the inside line. Rodela found the inside line toward the end of the race and was able to gain the lead.
Stay tuned for next month’s GP results on March 1.

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OntarioGP GP Results for K1 Speed Ontario

January 25th marked the first Grand Prix race for K1 Speed Ontario’s 2009 season. Last season’s winner John Tanaka reigned supreme once again and took first place and he’s also leading the troops with the highest ProScore points. John Tanaka is the 1st person to accumulate 200 ProScore points this year. He finished the race .98 seconds ahead of place Taylor Hays. Taylor Hays barely pulled off a 2nd place finish, only .30 seconds ahead of Alton Arnold III, who took home 3rd place.

There were 25 total GP racers, who were split into two groups for their final position races. The A main group consisted of the 13 fastest racers and the B main group consisted of the remaining 12 racers. Ali Almaadeed, Albert Ybarra and Ray Avitia placed respectively in the B main race. K1 Speed Ontario boasts the longest indoor race kart track in all of United States, so swing by soon for a visit to see what all of the hype is about. Congratulations to all of the participants and we’re looking forward to a great 2009 GP racing season.

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On Sunday, January 1, 2009, K1 Speed Seattle hosted their first Grand Prix challenge of the 2009 season. This event is held one day out of the month where top racers can test their skills on challenging reverse courses, only offered on Challenge GP days. Competitors especially like the small technical road course because of its drifting capabilities; it definitely helps to create a real racing feel. Racers took part in a 12-lap practice session, 14-lap lap qualifying race and 16-lap final position race.

Congratulations to Sean Naslund, Wrathchet and Randy Olivarez for placing respectively. K1 Speed Seattle will continue to host their Challenge GP on the last Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. For its first season of the year, the GP will be on a reverse track. Thank you to everyone who participated and stay tuned for more Challenge GP results.

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Racers under the age of 18 and over the age of 14 can now participate in the Super Track once they qualify. In order to qualify for the opportunity to race with the best they need to show us they can hang with the best. Any Racer between the ages of 14 and 17 who has an XP Live Score at or above 1000 points can participate in Super Track Events. We have created this new rule due to the high demand from Teen Drivers and Parents who have shown they have the skills to compete. Super Track is a fun, unique and highly competitive event; it will take a certain amount of track experience and maturity to race against the Top K1 Speed Drivers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us You can also click here for all upcoming Race Event dates.

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