Youth league:
After qualifying in first position Chris Tabares was leading the youth race by 8 car lengths going into lap 13 where he was beginning to catch lap traffic. Coming out of turn 4 in lap 13 Cahlei Schlidts final had caught his tail, by the time they were through turn 5, Cahlei had made her move and taken over the lead from Chris. The podium finish was Cahlei Schlidts in 1st, Chris Tabares in 2nd, and Marcus Finks in 3rd.

Junior League:
What a great turnout for the Junior League here in PHX. We had 13 participants with a few first time league participants as well. Cale Kazmierczak took the pole after qualifying with Alison Hansen in 2nd and Alexander Lynch in 3rd position. It didn’t take long for the craziness to begin. We had a Texas start along with one driver spinning out another basically taking all 3 individuals right out of the running for the podium. This made it a 3 person race. Cale and Alison were out to big leads and held there positions right through the finish line to end up in 1st and 2nd position. Kylan Faubion, younger brother of our Adult GP winner Alec finished up.

junior league pic 5 K1 Speed Phoenix Youth/Junior League Results
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Return racers Revin, Cy, and Talin begin Ontario’s August final in the 1,2, and 3 positions. Starting out the final with a very clean grean flag each racer holds position very well. No racers were able to make a pass till the 6th lap Talin makes a move. Right on Cy’s tail, Talin makes a pass as Cy swings just a little to wide around the final turn before the checkered line. Running the fastest lap times in the final race, Talin spends the final laps closing in on first position Revin Easley. Without any passing in the back of the field for the remainder of the race, Talin continues hot pursuit of his older brother. Luckly for Revin, he passed the checkerd line finishing the race just four thenths of a second ahead of Talin Easley.

Final results: Revin 1st, Talin 2nd, Cy 3rd, Zayne 4th, and Lola 5th.

jr3 K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results
Junior Page tabs K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results


Junior Qualifier

1. Tracer Hayden – best lap 32.893 avg lap – 33.99
2. Christian Timple – best lap 33.909 avg lap – 35.011
3. Ryan Smith – 34.702 avg lap – 35.72
4. Johnathan Yunker – 36.569 avg lap – 37.33

Teen Qualifier

1. Trevor Buongiorno – best lap 27.979 avg lap – 28.43
2. Alizae Arbona – best lap 28.593 avg lap – 29.176
3. Jordan Amling – best lap 30.342 avg lap – 31.041

Junior Final

1. Johnathan Yunker – best lap – 32.346 avg lap – 32.856
2. Tracer Hayden – best lap – 33.08 avg lap – 33.533
3. Christian Timple – best lap – 33.941 avg lap – 34.583
4. Ryan Smith – best lap – 34.414 avg lap – 35.247

Junior qualifier was pretty straight forward and Tracer was clearly faster on this track. The junior final was much more interesting with Tracer having the pole. Johnathan started off 4th and overtook everyone on the first lap. By his 10th lap he had lapped 4th place Ryan Smith. He made some adjustments from the qualifier, but it was clear he had a faster kart and ended up winning the race by a quarter lap.

Teen Qualifier was pretty exciting with all participants trying to get the best lap time. Trevor was clearly the superior racer on this heat. The Final was very exciting, especially the first few laps. They started off all of them neck and neck. Trevor was able to seperate from the other 2 by lap 3 and stayed ahead the entire race. Alizae was close behind the entire time but could not get the final push to pass for first.

Very exciting racing!

Junior Page racing K1 Speed Anaheim Junior League Results
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STC Jr. League 300x225 K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results
Peyton lead everyone around on lap 1. Right at Start/Finish in turn 1 Micheal was bumped by the pack and was sent 4 spots back. By the third lap Ayden made his way up to the front with Hayden following close behind. Peyton and Jovy ran bumper to bumper for most of the race with Peyton holding on to third. Ayden lead to the finish with Hayden finishing 2nd 2 kart lengths behind.

jr3 K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results
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Starting out the second season in 2012 at the K1Speeds Ontario Junior event, we would like to thank Revin Easley, Talin Easley, CY Turner, Tucker Turner, Zayne Turner, Lola Fitzgerald, and Sydney Becker for their participation as we begin a fresh season. Right at the green flag these racers showed their excitement for the sport as the qualifying race produced some very competitive times. Five of the seven racers qualified within a second and a half from each other. Setting the time to beat, Revin qualified first at an impressive 28.924. Following right behind, at a 29.624 CY Turner qualified second. At third, Talin with a 30.064. Tucker grabbed the fourth qualifying spot at 30.505, just one hundredth of a second ahead of Zayne pulling fifth with a 30.516. Lola attained the sixth spot running a 34.15, and Sydney qualified seventh with a 38.405

1st Revin Easley 28.924 +2 fast qual
2nd Cy Turner 29.624
3rd Talin Easley 30.064
4th Tucker Turner 30.505
5th Zayne Turner 30.516
6th Lola Fitzgerald 34.15
7th Sydney Becker 38.405

With the qualifying positions locked in and the racers eager to begin the final race, our July Jr League final is off at the drop of the green flag. Tightly packed, each racer sticks to their race line defending their positions with each turn. Jumping at the first opportunity, Talin passes CY in the 3rd lap as he takes the back turning sequence a little too aggressively leaving space inside. Though the rest of the race presented no position changes, there was a lot of battling in the middle of the pack! For the remainder of the race, Tucker pursued Cy with exceptional determination. Bumper to bumper, Tucker did everything he could to pass Cy, yet Cy kept incredible focus on the track ahead as well as Tucker just inches behind. Finishing on cruse control, Revin Easley took First place for Ontario’s July Grand Prix. Second place Talin, Third CY, Fourth Tucker, fifth Zayne, Sixth Lola, and Seventh Sydney. Thanks to all of our enthusiastic participation and safe driving, the second half of the K1 Ontario 2012 Junior League started out excitingly also with a lot of competition anticipated in the events to come.

Final Pts.
1st Revin Easley +14+2FastQual =16
2nd Talin Easley +12
3rd Cy Turner +10
4th Tucker Turner +8
5th Zayne Turner +6
6th Lola Fitzgerald +4
7th Sydney becker +2

Junior Page racing K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results
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The Junior Division had several first time league competitors who were greatful for the opportunity to have some competative racing opportunities. Christian qualified in the number 1 slot and actually finished 1 lap up on every single one of his competitors. Christian dominated the entire race. Evan, however was moved up on by two lower qualifiers and finished just off of the podium. Ryan moved up to claim the number 2 spot late in the race. Joep was the big mover, climbing up from a last place start to claim the 3rd podium position. Proof that it doesn’t matter where you start, slow and steady racing can yield very nice results. Christian set the best junior lap time of the week during the race, and Evan, Jeop, Ryan, Pim and Ciaran all finished in the top 12 times for the week.

The Teen Division final was very clean and very efficient. Everyone ran a great race and no one left any openings for positions changes. Everyone finished exactly where they started. Trevor and Eric set the number 1 and number 3 best of the week adult lap times during the competition. Very nice work.

jr3 K1 Speed Anaheim Junior/Youth League Results
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K1 PHX Jr 300x225 K1 Speed Phoenix Junior/Youth League Results
Jr.- Alexander stayed out front the entire race gaining a substanstial lead. Allison Hansen spun out in turn 1 collecting Kylan Faubion in the crash on lap 2 of the race. She raced her way up 2 positions to make the podium with a 3rd place finish. Alex Nguyen made his first league appearance after racing here 30 time to finish 4th. Emily Hansen held off Kylan who made an attempt to pass her on every turn. Everyone spent the majority of the race learning the new track layout and where to pass

Alexander Lynch was the fastest qualifier with a 28.065 which is the new Jr. Kart track record.

Youth- This race finished in the same starting order. Chris Tabares began picking up a gap over Cahlei after the hit lap traffic on lap 8. Collin and Nick was there first league and are signing up for lessons to prepare for the August 7th event.

Chris Tabares was the fastest qualifier with a 24.460. In the final he got a 24.350 which was the new track record for the center until a race that took place a little later this evening.

jr3 K1 Speed Phoenix Junior/Youth League Results
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DSC01143 K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results for May

K1 Speed in Santa Clara is the place to race with the growing popularity of the Junior/Youth Challenge GP race league for young racers of the bay area. The top young indoor kart racers were at it again this past week creating a very full field of drivers in the Junior class (drivers 4′-4’10″). Famous Rhodes has been dominating the class over the last few months having landed another pole position this past week for the nights A-Main.

With the main set the drivers would set up for the standing start and drag race down into turn one when the green flag was thrown. Famous would take advantage of his pole position start and get out in front of the rest of the field quickly and put some distance between himself and the rest of the field. The rest of the field would try to play catch up and towards the end second and third place qualifiers Peyton Sias and Jovy Levin had regained some ground to tighten up the top three for the last lap. Famous would hold them off and take the win, with Peyton Sias taking second and Jovy would hang onto third to cap off the top three on the podium.

With the final race set for June it will be a race to the end for the overall points championship. Come join us June 5th for the final round of racing action for the first half of the 2012 Junior/Youth Challenge GP Race League, as the final race will be set up in full Grand-Prix race format with a practice round, a qualifying round and corresponding main event rounds.See you in June!

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IMG 3592 K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results for May

The Inland Empire hosts the best in indoor kart racing for the future racers out there with the K1 Speed Junior/Youth Challenge GP Race league rolling into the well known center this past Tuesday night with a number of drivers all capable of grabbing a spot on the podium. Drivers actually began arriving a bit early to warm up and prep for qualifying and it showed as the on track battle for pole position was tight. Kasey Gills would end up taking the top qualifier spot with a fast lap of 30.98 seconds and setting an extremely fast pace for the rest of the field to follow.

With the field set for the main drivers were lined up for the standing start to take the green flag and it would be a familiar looking drag race into turn one as the field stayed tight with each other through the corner. Adam Klumpp would find a hole and squeeze past pole setter Kasey Gills just after the corner to take over the lead. The field would shuffle back and forth a bit as the drivers found ways around each other and swap positions back and forth. Kasey would take the lead back from Adam on lap 4 only to give it back to Adam a couple of laps later in the hair pin section of the track. Casey would drop back a bit off the pace, allowing Richard Ramirez, and Devin Rees who where in battles on their own, get by and take over the second and third positions while Casey went to fourth. The checkered flag would come out and Adam Klumpp would take the win with Richard Ramirez taking second and Devin Rees would hang onto third with Casey close behind in fourth.

With the final race coming in June it will be a race to the end as the drivers are all in a close hunt for the overall points championship. Come out to the final on June 5th and come see what the best in indoor kart racing has for the young racer in your family with K1 Speed in Ontario, California – right in the heart of San Bernardino, California.

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DSC01030 K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results for April

The place to race in Nor-Cal is K1 Speed in Santa Clara, California as the Junior/Youth Challenge GP race league headed into the fourth race of the season this past Tuesday, with a packed house of young drivers all very capable of taking a spot on the podium. Qualifying remained straight forward with two groups of drivers making up the Junior class of drivers (kids 4′-4’10″). A single race format gave competitors just 12 laps to post their quickest single lap time in order to grab the pole position for the nights main events. Jovy Levin would be the one to beat, posting the quickest overall lap time and setting the pace for the fields.

B-Main race action would start off the night and right from the drop of the green flag drivers would drag race into turn one. Everyone came out of the corner clean, making for a tight field and very competitive driving. Joey Iest would make the biggest move having come from his fourth place qualifying position up the the front to take over the lead 4 laps into the main, he would put some distance between him self on and the rest of the field at that point and never look back. The checkered flag would come out with Joey Iest taking the win, Mateusz Pabis dropped back to second after being passed by Joey for a respectable finish, and Devin Sivira would round out the top three on the podium.

Closing out the night would be the A-Main drivers and it would be another drag race into turn one, led by pole setter Jovy Levin. Levin would take advantage of an open track early on and find himself putting distance on the rest of the field as each lap counted down to give himself a comfortable lead. Second place qualifier Famous Rhodes II would be were all the action was, as he would lead a tight group of 5 other drivers that would freight train around the race track for a good duration of the race, with the rest of the field in tow trying to make up as much track position as possible to catch the leaders. The field would stay pretty consistent for the entire race, Jovy Levin would be shown the checkered flag first to take the win, followed by Famous Rhodes II taking second and Peyton Sias would make the right moves to land himself a third place finish.

Just two more races to go in the Junior/Youth Challenge GP Race series for the Santa Clara location, and a number of the top drivers in the overall points chase are looking to see who will come out on top. It will be a race to the finish to determine the overall winner. Join us on May 1st for the fifth race of the season and come out to the best indoor kart racing facility in Northern California with K1 Speed in Santa Clara!

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