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Challenge GP Header K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 6 2K13   Season 1
Round 6 of the Supertrack Challenge GP was Sunday night, with 14 racers showing up to display their skills that they learned throughout the season. There were two racers battling it out for the championship, Robert Hernandez and Bryce Raygor, with only 6 points separating the two. As qualifying started, both Robert and Bryce made it clear to the field that they were there to win and both posted times at the top of the board. Robert was able to edge Bryce for the pole, with a 47.243. This gave a little more breathing room for Robert since the pole gave him an extra two points towards the championship points.

As the final was rolling out, Bryce was super focused to make Robert earn that top spot and was ready to make a move for the lead as soon as one presented itself. As Robert took the green flag, Bryce was right on his back bumper and during the first couple laps, actually made Robert make a few mistakes and skid a couple corners because of the tight pressure he was putting on. Once Robert settled into the race, he began to click off some very fast laps to get a little bit of gap between Bryce. There was also great racing behind these two, about 8 seconds back, there were a train of karts from third to about seventh place, battling for every position they could.
As the checkered came out, Robert was able to take the victory and secure his point lead for the championship for the Ontario Supertrack Challenge GP. Robert ended up with 170 points, with Bryce finishing with 160, and Christopher Morales rounding out the podium for the championship with 142 points. Christopher Morales was also able to finish in the third spot during the race, with John Carroll in fourth, and Noah Stein in fifth.

It was a great season in Ontario, with some close battles all season long and a very competitive field. We look forward to seeing more of you try out the best indoor racing in the Inland Empire next season, with a whole new track layout! See you in July!

CGP 2013 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 6 2K13   Season 1
CGP 2013 Ontario K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 6 2K13   Season 1

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Pictured here: Emanuele Pirro, an Italian former Formula One driver and five time Le Mans 24 hour winner. Ken Dobson, currently competing in the American Le Mans Series in running in the PR1 Motorsports LMPC #52 car. Ramana Lagemann, an American rally car driver, who started his professional career driving for Subaru of America in 2002. He is an SCCA ProRally and Rally American winner.

Drivers and friends had a great time racing the two tracks at K1 Speed Ontario.

 American Le Mans Series Drivers at K1 Speed!

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Challenge GP Header K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 4 2K13   Season 1
We had another great turnout in Ontario for the Challenge GP for April, with 14 racers ready to compete for the win. There were the usual regulars that were atop the leader board after qualifying, with Bryce Raygor taking pole position with a 46.624 second lap. The next competitor was almost a full second behind him with a 47.516 by Robert Hernandez and Noah Stein qualifying third with a 47.547.

The A Main was packed with racers ready to make a move on the competitor right in front of them. Bryce took them to the green flag with Robert not allowing Bryce to break away like he normally does. Robert stayed on his bumper, just hoping Bryce would make a mistake. This also allowed fourth place starting Michael Eshleman to take the third position and also have time to catch up to the lead pack. Michael made some daring moves into a couple corners but couldn’t make the pass cleanly, so he wisely backed off and continued to try. Bryce was able to hold on to the victory but not by much, with Robert in a close second, only. 467 behind and Michael in third, only .819 behind. Christopher Morales finished in fourth and Tyler Walker rounded out the top 5.

With four races in the books for the season, there are only 2 races left before we crown the champion for the Ontario Challenge GP. We look forward to seeing more of you try out the best adult racing league in the Inland Empire next month on May 5th!

CGP 2013 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 4 2K13   Season 1
CGP 2013 Ontario K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 4 2K13   Season 1

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Junior League 2 K1 Speed Ontario Jr. League GP 2 Results
Ontario’s March Junior league proved to be very exciting this month. With top qualifier Seth McDonald at 1st position, Luc Mayer and Tucker Turner at 2nd and 3rd our race begins at the drop of the green flag. Tightly packed for the first four laps all of the racers hold strong to their positions and maneuver the track very well. Midway through the race Tucker makes a pass on Luc then Seth and tucker pull ahead nearly 15 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack. Yet just as intense of a race remains between Luc, Dylan, and Dominic as they fight for position making temporary passes through the turns and fall back in position by the next lap. On the final leg of the race, the back three hold their positions very well creating distance between their followers through the checkered flag. Meanwhile at the front of the pack Seth and Tucker are head to head. With a few unsuccessful attempts at passing Seth, Tucker’s perseverance pays off by 12th lap! Passing Seth on the final turn of the track, Tucker was able to maintain first place for the last few laps as he passes the checkered flag.

All of our participants displayed incredible driving ability and sportsmanship and combined to make a very competitive March installment. Much thanks to our drivers for their participation, and a greatly anticipated April Junior GP awaits!

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final

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Challenge GP Header K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 3 2K13   Season 1
We had another good turnout for the Supertrack Challenge GP Sunday night, with 15 participants. It was a packed field, with a lot of newcomers to the Challenge GP, ready to make a name for themselves. The qualifying rounds went very smooth, with Bryce Raygor coming out on top with a blistering fast lap of 47.250 on the reverse Supertrack.

The A Main was set, as 15 racers were ready to duke it out on the track to get the trophy at the end of the night. Bryce would take the green flag and instantly was able to gap Nicholas by a few kart lengths so he couldn’t make any early moves. The battle for second through fifth was becoming exciting, as they were all nose to tail, waiting for each other to make a mistake and capitalize. Both Christopher Morales and Robert Hernandez found a spot early on the third lap and were able to both get by Nicholas Sima. Meanwhile, Bryce had continued to lay down fast laps and was able to pull away by over 6 seconds to take the victory. Christopher Morales came in second, Robert Hernandez in third, Patrick Rebmann in fourth, and Noah Stein rounded out the top five.

We look forward to seeing more and more newcomers to the Challenge GP in Ontario. The next scheduled GP will be on April 7th at 7pm. Please make sure to show up 15 minutes early for registration.

CGP 2013 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 3 2K13   Season 1
CGP 2013 Ontario K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 3 2K13   Season 1

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