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8445630260 387e19f9cb z Hall of Fame 2012   K1RS Top 50
Congratulations to Rick Kane, Orlando Rodrigues, Emilio Garcia III, Dan O’Farrell and Donald Munroe for being in the Top 5 out of two million racers! We’ll keep you updated on the Top 50 K1RS party date, time and location.

Rick Kane
1st place trophy
3-day Skip Barber Racing School
K1 Speed $100 gift card

Orlando Rodrigues
2nd place trophy
3-day Skip Barber Racing School
K1 Speed $75 gift card

Emilio Garcia III
3rd place trophy
3-day Skip Barber Racing School
K1 Speed $50 gift card

Dan O’Farrell
4th place
3-day Skip Barber Racing School

Donald Munroe
5th place
3-day Skip Barber Racing School

8444588851 ab0f8d21e4 z Hall of Fame 2012   K1RS Top 50
*Emilio Garcia III not pictured

K1RS members racing club, compete for the Championship! With K1 Speed’s Nationwide expansion plans the K1RS members racing club is even more competitive, race to compete. Every new racer starts at 1200 points, you get 2 points for racing in a race and 2 more points for each racer that you beat in that race. In addition you get 2 bonus points for having the single best lap time and 2 bonus points for having the best average lap. K1RS Score will be the basis for a lot of new surprises that are forthcoming from K1 Speed!

Top Racing Scores:
Racing Score is a ranking system for drivers that is independent of track or race. Everyone starts out the same… it goes up and down after that depending on who you beat and how often you race. Want yours to go up? Race and win!

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8416975079 2141d536dd z Dan Rather at K1 Speed!
American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes correspondent, Dan Rather, visited K1 Speed Austin Saturday morning. He is now managing editor and anchor of the television news magazine Dan Rather Reports on the cable channel AXS TV.

Dan Rather is pictured here with his family and K1 staff member. Read more about Dan’s story here.

K1 Speed Austin
2500 McHale Ct,
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512) 271-5475

austin map Dan Rather at K1 Speed!

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8396867876 ded3dbc983 b K1 Speed   2013 Houston Auto Show
Visit K1 Speed at this years Houston Auto Show, January 23-29, 2013, at Reliant Center. K1 Speed booth is located at space #189 across from CAMP JEEP. Haven’t been to one of our centers yet?! Get the full K1 Speed experience at our booth then visit us off the Northwest freeway and W. Sam Houston Tollway. Conveniently located minutes away from downtown Houston.

Show Dates
January 23 – 27, 2013
Wednesday – Sunday

Show Hours
Wed thru Friday Noon – 9:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 9:30 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Reliant Center
One Reliant Park
Houston, TX 77054
(832) 667-1400


The largest city in Texas, Houston is home to NASA, the Astros, the Rockets, and fittingly, America’s largest indoor karting company – K1 Speed. Our nationwide entertainment venues offer world-class indoor go kart racing, and our Houston karting center is no different. To satiate the needs of motorsport fans of all kinds, from racing veterans to hobbyists and novices, our centers feature 20hp electric karts. Racing with friends and family in these high-performance machines is an adrenaline pumping experience, and make a visit to K1 Speed unforgettable!

Befitting the great state of Texas, our indoor kart tracks are among the largest in the country. K1 Speed Houston features more than 50,000 sq.ft. of space, and is the first all-electric karting center in the city. Needless to say, K1 Speed Houston provides an experience that is truly unique. Individuals can experience authentic, wheel-to-wheel racing and speeds of nearly 45mph! When not racing, you can browse through our large collection of racing memorabilia, watch real time data from the on-track action or sporting events on our plasma screen televisions, and view our amazing art work celebrating the world of motorsport.

K1 Speed Houston
14900 Northwest Fwy,
Houston, TX 77040
Phone: (281) 674 8012

houston map K1 Speed   2013 Houston Auto Show

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334075 518423794844596 1718229306 o First US built BAC Mono at Cars & Coffee Irvine
Sector111 unveiled the first US-built BAC Mono at Saturday’s Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California. The car was built from a knock-down kit, and Sectior111 says the company’s allocation of 2012 Mono units has completely sold out. It’s currently taking orders for 2013 models. The single-seat, street-legal racer tips the scales at a mere 1,190 pounds, and gets around your favorite track thanks to thrust from a 280-horsepower 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine worked up by the minds at Cosworth.

“The BAC Mono is a purist sports car that looks stunning in person,” stated Shinoo Mapleton, President of Sector111. “Cars&Coffee is a casual event attended by real car fanatics so I am excited to host the first USA unveiling with this crowd of enthusiasts.”

A little over a year ago, BAC announced it was partnering with Sector111 to bring its heathen machine to our shores, albeit in very low numbers. The company shipped just 12 knockdown kits to the states. Check out the BAC Mono video review from the UK below.

- photo credit: CNCPICS

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skin wrapper h1 Red Bull Kart Fight US 2012 Finals   Dallas, TX
The ten fastest kart drivers in the country assembled at the Dallas Karting Complex last year for the Red Bull Kart Fight U.S. National Final. Thousands of amateur kart drivers submitted times at local qualifying complexes, K1 Speed SoCal and Texas locations, with the top drivers earning a trip to Texas to go head-to-head to determine who would represent the USA at the Red Bull Kart Fight World Final in Bologna, Italy, on December 8th and 9th.

K1 Speed was well represented in the kart fight including; Kc Cook, Charles Eichlin, and Anthony Nguyen. After the final, Red Bull treated the guys to a great experience at the Circuit of the Americas for F1 weekend. They got to see some of their favorite Formula One drivers up close at the new Austin track. Congrats to Kc, Charles and Anthony on making it to the Finals. We look forward to 2013 on hosting another Red Bull Kart Fight.

“Even though I wanted to win, of course, it doesn’t really matter, I just love racing,” said 5th place finalist Kc Cook, 21. “I’m just happy I got to come to Texas, compete at the nice Dallas Karting Complex, and I get to go to my first Formula 1 race tomorrow. Huge thanks to Red Bull!”

P 20121118 00048 News Red Bull Kart Fight US 2012 Finals   Dallas, TX

Final Standings:
1 – Jesse Woodyard
2 – Sebastian Guerra-Mondragon
3 – Jonathon Horgas
4 – Derek Scott Jr
5 – Kc Cook