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9190985037 026dcd7b24 c K1 Speed Outreach Programs for STEM Education
STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is crucially important in today’s education. What better way than to get kids motivated by learning how these aspects relate to the world of racing!

Download the PDF to see how physics relates to the sport of racing. There are activities and questions for students to work through and can be done individually or in groups for good team building skills.

Educational coordinators can contact our program specialist to inquire about the program. A minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 80 participants is required.

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BTS2tn 250x125 Episode 2 BEHIND THE SCENES of VGHS Season 2
Law being weird. Go karting. A new character. Check out the awesome behind the scenes for VGHS Season 2 Episode 2!

Watch the making of the battle kart scene with K1 Speed’s very own Uli Perez and Trevor Andrews. Thanks to everyone who made this possible including K1 Race Gear hooking it up with some amazing custom VGHS race suits.

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Ep2TN 580x290 VGHS Season 2   Episode 2!
Episode 2 of Video Game High School is here!

Watch the epic kart battle with K1 Speed go-karts!

Comment on the video and let us know what you think of the episode.

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9416636937 d2ca62e2bb b VGHS Season 2   Episode 2!

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 mg 7764 137507774034   484x363 LA VOZ KIDS FINALISTS AT K1 SPEED!
Prince Royce, Paola and Sean pictured here racing before the Grand Finale of ‘The Voice Kids’ at K1 Speed Fort Lauderdale.

Click here to watch the video of Prince Royce spending the day with La Voz Finalists
9412008724 3d371b7d94 o LA VOZ KIDS FINALISTS AT K1 SPEED!

Winner of The Voice Kids is – Paola Guanche!!!
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Sundays at 8pm/7c, only on Telemundo.

The new format of the show includes three rounds of competition: the first begins with the blind audition, then follows with the round of battles and finally ends with the round of live shows.

A Blind Auditions
During BLIND AUDITIONS, coaches’ decision will be based solely on the vocal performance of the participants and not their appearance. The coaches hear the participants sing but not act as they will be sitting with their backs to the participants in rotating chairs. If any of the coaches are impressed with the vocal performance of any of the participants, he or she will press a button to select that participant for your team. At that time the coach’s chair will be around so I can see the participant has chosen. If more than one coach presses the button of the same participant, then the participant will touch you choose who you want to work. If none of the coaches pick a particular participant, that participant will be eliminated from the competition.

The Battles
Once teams are formed, battles begin. The coaches are dedicated to train their teams providing advice and together with famous artists who officiate as consultants, sharing secrets on how to succeed as a participant reached. During the round of battles, the coaches will select three members of his own team so that together, they face singing the same song in front of a live audience.

Live Shows
In the last round of competition, each week the best entries from each of the teams compete against each other. The television audience and the coaches decide who continue in the competition. After the competition, a participant will be declared “The Voice Kids” to receive a recording contract and a cash prize to support their education.

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9396162240 5a137eba7b c K1 Speed San Antonio Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!
We are proud to announce the official ribbon cutting ceremony of K1 Speed San Antonio. With locations in Houston and Austin, K1 Speed has introduced the sport of indoor go-kart racing to people throughout Texas. With our San Antonio karting center, we’ve now brought the sport to Southwest Texas as well. If you’ve never been to a K1 Speed center before, forget everything that you think you know about go-kart racing. At K1 Speed, we offer a truly unique – and thrilling – experience. Gone are the anemic, heavy, unreliable, gas-spewing karts of your youth. In their place are state-of-the-art, high-performance, zero-emission electric karts that offer unparalleled performance – performance that is in the reach of nearly anyone yet potent enough that extracting all of it requires skill, dedication, and practice.


Ribbon cutting with San Antonio Chamber of Commerce


Friday, July 26th at 5pm


K1 Speed San Antonio
6955 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 60101
(210) 802-0802

Message 1 K1 Speed San Antonio Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!
san antonio map K1 Speed San Antonio Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

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