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Another Challenge GP season has come to an end. Thanks to all the racers that participated. Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2014!

Look out for NEW centers added to the 2014 Challenge GP season!

Anaheim Challenge GP Results
Some of the best racers hands down got to meet on 1 track and it really is amazing to watch. The pack split into 2 groups and the real fight was the battle for 4th between Craig Robertson and Keith Takemoto.
Some new comers to the GP in this round, we were happy to have Clay, Vance, Christopher, Jourdon, and Fred join us for the Season 2 Finale. They were great competitors towards racing and we hope to see them again. Check your results

Season 2 of the 2013 Challenge Grand Prix Series in Carlsbad has finally come to an end. Some of SoCal’s best racers made it out and proved to the world that top level racing goes down at K1 Speed. Final results for event 6 are as follows: Paige Kaufman – 3rd Place, Tyler Hicks – 2nd Place and local track record holder Brandon Walsh in 1st Place. This event also concluded season 2 of the 2013 Challenge Grand Prix Series. The overall season 2 points winners are: Tyler Hicks – 3rd Place, Paige Kaufman – 2nd Place and Brandon Walsh taking the overall Season win in 1st Place.
Great Race! Luca took off to an early lead and showed everyone why he is league Champ, Qualifying almost a whole second faster then anyone else. Emon Fazlollahi took Second and Nathan Peele right behind him in Third.
Awesome Racing! Mattia Chemolli took a huge lead early in the race and no one could catch him. Leaving John Siegel and Noah MacDonald Battling for Second and Third.

Sunday night was the final round to the Ontario Supertrack Challenge GP. We had a lot of newcomers to the GP this month, which was great to have more competition on the track. The points were tied going into this final race with Evan Sumpter and Robert Hernandez both tied with 94. They were both ready for battle as the night started out. Qualifying went fairly smooth, with Robert Hernandez able to grab the top spot with a qualifying lap of 52.808 and an extra 2 points towards the championship. Evan was able to get the 7th fastest lap during the qualifying sessions and was ready for the challenge as the final race approached.
It was a nail bitter going into the final, with a lot of pressure on Evan to put up a challenge for Robert. As the rolling start came down the front straight, Evan had his sights on moving up the field as quickly as possible to try and catch Robert. Evan was able to grab a few spots the first couple laps and then set his sights on third place David Gutierrez. He was able to pass him within a lap but then having to catch the front two karts would be quite a task. Evan began to run down second place Sean Fite, while Robert continued to lay down great laps to keep a relaxing cushion between him and second place. As Evan got closer to second place, Sean was able to put down some fast laps and pull the gap a little bit over Evan. It was a hard fought battle for all the competitors last night, with Robert Hernandez able to come home with the Victory and the Championship. Second place in the race went to Sean Fite and Evan came home in third.
This was a great championship battle this season and all the competitors did a great job racing everyone with respect all year. First place in the championship went to Robert Hernandez with 120 points, Evan in second with 114 points, and David Gutierrez was third with 82 points. We look forward to seeing a lot more new faces next season in January, as we will be running the super track in reverse for the entire season.

It was a good way to end this year’s season with an exciting race for the final position. It was a family affair from the very beginning with Benjamin Morse out racing his son Henry Morse throughout the night. With four laps left Henry Morse was able to take over the lead from his father Benjamin Morse, and he never looked back. Henry Morse took home this year’s Challenge GP 1st place winner with along side him Benjamin Morse, winning the 2nd place Challenge GP trophy and Sean Tretiak, winning the 3rd place Challenge GP trophy.

Young Vincent Mackay ended the season pretty much the same way he ran the entire season… at the front. Starting from pole he pulled out a pretty good lead in the opening laps, but then was caught up by Robert Kane and newcomer Keith Sears. Sears was able to catch up to the two leaders as Kane tried to find a way around Mackay, but no one was able to find a passing opportunity, and the three crossed the line nose to tail, followed closely by 4th place Ariel Rubio.

Charles Abbott had another dominating performance taking both the A Main victory as well as the fastest qualifying time of the night. On his heels was the young and talented racer Ryan Mader who edged out an aging vet in Douglas Friar. A great night of racing to wrap up our season finale!

In today’s GP Challenge we decided to change things up for the conclusion of the season. Up for a new challenge, the guys decided to run the track in the opposite direction. In the first qualifier they took the first few laps to familiarize themselves with this direction of the track. About 5 laps into the race they settled into a nice pace. Scott and Vitaly started the GP off strong as the first 2 racers to get times in the 23 range and soon after Roddy ran a 23 time as well. The first race ended with Vitaly in first, Scott in second, and Roddy in third.
Jonathan started the second qualifier off strong with Scott, James, and Vitaly close behind. The last 3 laps of the race were the most exciting and where all the position changes happened in this race. With only 3 laps left Roddy passed Vitaly for fourth place and with only 2 laps left Scott passed James for second place. Jonathan held onto first until the last lap, and Vitaly reclaimed his fourth place position in the last lap. The race ended with Scott taking first place, Jonathan second, and James third.
The line up for the top 3 in the final race was Scott in the lead followed by Vitaly and Jonathan, but as usual the final race is anybody’s race and things did change up pretty quickly in this one. James, Roddy, and Felix were quick to jump on an opportunity to pass Jonathan but Scott did not waiver. With 5 laps left Roddy and Felix passed Vitaly taking the third and fourth spots. In the last four laps Jonathan passed Vitaly for fifth place. The final and last race of this season ended with Scott in first, James second, and Roddy third.

Is it me or do these GP’s keep getting faster and faster? The final GP of the season was fast, fast, and FASTER! The Main Event had several racer’s lap average in the 24 second range. Everyone was 25 seconds or less! David Imler blew away the top 3 racers in the season points race and won his only GP of the season on this, the final night of the 2013 season. Timmy Palmer finished second by holding Ted Smith and Reese Williams at his back bumper the entire race. Reese Williams’ 4th place finish was enough to win him the season points total. Sean Gossett finished 7th in the final GP and that was enough to just hold on to 2nd in the overall points race. He was followed by Timmy Palmer to round out the top 3 overall. Another great season! We look forward to an even better season starting the 1st Sunday of January. We hope to see you all there.

For the Final round, Michael Perkins had a two point lead over season one champ Garrett Foss heading into the nights racing, and Chris Holt needed a solid finish to try and grab third in points overall. The night also brought a new challenge to the drivers, as Seattle had some updates to the track which although it was the same layout overall, was now very, very different in feel and line choice. As we wrapped up qualifying, Foss indeed showed everyone he was the man to beat as he put down a 16.034 lap time to take the pole for the main event. Perkins, who had yet to race on the updated track was struggling a bit to find his groove and would qualify 5th. As the final race started Foss pulled out a small lead in the opening laps and was looking good. Behind him, the Jordans – Jon and Monroe – were in a nose to tail battle over 2nd place with Chris Holt, who was determined to stay up front. Also on the move was Gamaliel Gamez who started 6th, and was pressuring Michael Perkins for 5th place. The two battled for several laps and eventually Gamez would slide by with a run out of the chicane. On lap 9 the race leader Garrett Foss made a rare mistake and self spun in turn one causing him to slip back to 3rd place and this set up an intense battle for the remainder of the race. The top 4 were now nose to tail and up front was Monroe Jordan, last months winner. On lap 12 Foss made an incredible move by outbraking Holt into the last turn on the inside and moving himself up to 2nd, now within striking distance of Jordan. With just two laps to go, Foss would surprisingly pull the same move off again on Monroe, in the same corner, and move back to first place and regain control of the race. Garrett would bring home the win, and with that first overall in points for season two – his 2nd straight Challenge GP championship. Michael Perkins would finish an uncharacteristic 6th place, dropping him to 2nd overall for the season. Chris Holt, who needed a good finish on the night, would get just that and finish 3rd and also secure 3rd overall for the championship. Overall this season had some of the best racing we’ve seen to date, and we cant wait for the next one.

The Final Challenge GP standings are: P1 Alan Wong, P2 Mike Chang, and P3 Steve Plenti. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the racers that came out this season. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Happy Holidays.
Skill, dedication, and willingness to win were the deciding factors of our final race for the July-December 2013 Challenge GP. Our pole sitter was Micah Erickson with the fastest time of 24.190 sec and taking the win for our final event of the season. Not far behind was Layman Reid with a solid second place finish; which solidified his overall point’s lead in Challenge GP and giving him the Challenge GP First Place Cup. In third place landing on the podium for the first time this season was Chris Aranas. Chris has had may ups and downs this season but finishing on a strong note in third. We can only wait and see what is in store for Chris next season. With a fourth place finish this race Dennis Winningstad stole the final place on the podium in the overall points for Challenge GP this season. After missing the podium the last three races of the season, Tom Flanders drove as hard as he could in the final race landing a cool fifth place and maintaining his second place position in the overall points. Overall the season was great with a fantastic ending. We hope to see everyone back next season to challenge each other for the Challenge GP Cup and we would like to remind you to “Live Fast. Race Fast.”

It was a night of the regulars here at K1 Speed Sacramento for the Challenge GP Season 2 Final. These racers are the cream of the crop, and very evenly matched. One hundredth of a second split the difference between pole position for the final and the back of the pack. Shawn Brisco took pole position for the final and never let the lead slip away. By the the tail end of the race he held 2nd place finisher, Darrell Peterson, by 7 seconds. A solid night of racing here at K1 Speed Sacramento.

After a close start the race remained tight. Jeff Pease started out in front and continued to pull away, lap after lap. He eventually set the new track record at 22.443 seconds.
A very fun and competitive race to watch. Richard, Edward, and Michael all remained out front bumper to bumper duking it out for there chance at wearing the title of first. Richard was able slowly away to pull away inch by inch on the last few laps as Edward and Michael battled for second on the podium.


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