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Sunday’s event sure flew by. And by that I mean it was fast!! The Final event race qucklyhad most drivers spaced away from eachother which limited passing and blocking, but enabled drivers to lay down some crazy fast laps. This months winner, Brandon Walsh ran a best lap of 25.351 to gain the top qualifying spot then proceded to average 25.7 second laps all the way to victory in the final. All in all it was a great Sunday to race and once again our participants delivered.

Great Race, Ed Kim and Luca Bortone battled it out all race with a 0.135 Gap separating 1st from 2nd.
Good Racing, Matti Chemolli Surpassed Chris Akers on the first lap to take over 1st and took off winning the race with almost a 7 second gap over Kevin Keliipio Who passed Chris Akers on the final lap of the race to take second place.

September 1st marked the third race in the chase for the Ontario Challenge GP championship. Eight racers showed up for battle but only one would shine once the sun went down. Qualifying was very straightforward, with no issues at all. David Gutierrez was able to put his kart on pole position with a fast lap of 51.955.
The final race had some of the back qualifiers eager to make up positions early and once the green flag came out, Sean Fite did just that. He started well back in the pack but was able to out brake most competitors after the long straightaways to overtake to the next position. Evan Sumpter who qualified third stayed calm and collected the first few laps and let the race come to him. David Gutierrez led for a couple laps but the two competitors behind wanted that top spot. Evan was able to make his way to fourth place on the 4th lap and then set his sights on first and took that spot the very next lap and was able to hold on to the victory. Hard charger, Sean Fite, was able to make his way all the way to second position and David Gutierrez came home on the podium in third.
Look forward to seeing more racers the next Ontario Challenge GP on October 6th!

It was a great race to watch as Craig Robertson was leading most of the race, but dropped down to last on the last lap when he spun out on the last streatch of the race. Giving Benjamin Morse a clear path to victory followed by Keith Clouston and not far behing Henry Morse who lost the pole position on the first lap dropping back to last but fighting his way back to 3rd.

Despite the small turnout, it was an exciting night. Especially for young Vincent Makay, who dominated the evening. In Qualifying he destroyed the existing lap record by .3 second, and carried that momentum into the final. He led from the start, never looked back, and took a commanding vicotry. Ariel Rubio was solid in 2nd all the way through, while Robert Kane and last month’s winner Hasller Ortega battled for 3rd, with Kane managing to break free of the battle in the closing laps and take the position. It was a great night of racing in Phoenix.

It was young Ryan Mader who took the pole position. Ryan started off with a commanding lead through the first three laps. On the fourth lap Charles Abott caught up and passed Ryan on lap six taking the checkered flag. The race for 3rd place was neck and neck between James Friar and Douglas friar but eventually dad passed his son on lap four and held on to take 3rd place.

Today’s challenge started with a new pace, with a few new and returning competitors. We started with a reverse track with James Laeno holding onto the lead, Shotaro Saito in second and Jonathan Sarceda close by with Roddy Balanga right behind him. In the ends James Laeno took the lead with the fastest qualifier and in second place we had one of our new competitor Nick Pantages taking in second along with Shotaro Saito in third.
It was an intense race during the second qualifier with Roddy Balanga trying to hold onto first place within the first three laps with James Laeno pulling in second with 10 laps to go. Soon after James Laeno took the lead back from Roddy Balanga and Shotaro Saito came and swoop first place from them both. As the race went on, the competitors are battling it out for the racing positions with Roddy Balanga ended in first, Shotaro Saito in second and James Laeno in third.
Now we begin our Final race with Roddy Balanga right in front. As the racing went on, all of our competitors tried their best in trying to pass one another to get the best position spot but as the race went on the veterans were the lead Roddy went all in & held his spot and won. As he took first place in this month’s Grand Prix challenge, Shotaro came in second, and James Laeno in third. over all a very exciting & competitive race.

Ignacio Martinez jumped out to an early lead and never relinquished the lead position. The real battle was for fourth place, Anthony T. Nyugen barely held his spot going into the checkered flag.
Chris Smith jumped into lead early in the race, his consistant 27 second laps times allowed him to run away with the race.

Round three of the Challenge GP Saw Michael Perkins steal the show by leading the entire race from green to checkers. It didn’t come easily though as Adrian Corona was having a breakthrough night as well and was looking extremely fast from the get go. Perhaps the biggest surprises tonight was the fact that last seasons champ Garrett Foss was M.I.A, with other obligations, and the other was from RJ Napitupulu, one to normally start on pole or in the top 3, would qualify 4th tonight. Carter Harris, racing his 2nd GP would start third and looked comfortable running the pace in qualifying. As the Main started, the top 4 immediately began to sprint away from 5th and 6 place drivers Paul Zhao, who finished 4th at the last round, and Jie Jake. Up front Michael Perkins was in charge and hitting his marks, as he began to pull away just slightly. Corona however wouldn’t have any of this and began to reel him back in and in fact, pulled himself a small gap over Carter Harris and RJ Napitupulu who were having a battle of their own. Harris responded to RJ’s pressure and soon, the two of them were once again latched on to the front runners and formed a 4 kart snake that lasted much of the race. What followed was some of the cleanest, hardest racing you could ever ask for as the top 4 separated by just inches battled it out lap after lap with neither of them having any obvious advantage over the other at any point. At the end however it was Michael Perkins taking his first win in his 2nd start, and Adrian Corona would snag his first podium with a 2nd place finish, something he’s been working for. Carter Harris would snag 3rd for the night, also in his 2nd start. RJ Napitupulu would finish 4th, but gain valuable points. Paul Zhao 5th, and Jie Jake 6th. Perkins now has a 6 point lead in the standings with his two big points nights in a row, and RJ moves to 2nd overall. Garrett Foss just barely maintains 3rd overall even after being forced to miss tonight’s race, and Carter Harris is just 2 points back in 4th. While Labor Day weekend saw a slightly smaller turnout then normal being the holiday, it sure did shake things up in the points and it should be pretty intense from here on out.

September we had seven racers that all were true veteran racers here at K1 Houston. Steve started out setting the mark as the fastest qualifier with a 23.07, Steve last month fastest and winner looks to be on the way to another podium finish..In the final Steve was siting pretty in poll position out front leading into the s turn until a bump from behind sent Steve into the barrier giving up his lead to the fourth position….With last month champion fighting from the middle of the pack it became anyone’s race.. Fred Wang Aaron Jones and lary Bell where jockying for position during this point. This was a close tight compact race bumper to bumper on straight ways and turns. As the race ensued the last tie up would leave racers in their final positions..coming around to the last turn #4 a pile up of karts looked like a traffic jam on the freeway change the complexity of the race…Fed wang moved into 2nd Aaron would hold the 3rd spot and the last racer, Alan Wong, from the poll position start and trailed most of the race would side step the jam of karts to slide by into 1st place.

Consistency gets the job done as Tom flanders proves again this month taking second place and the lead overall In the Challenge GP. Not far behind that lead is Dennis Winningstad in a steady third place overall. New comers Tarek Fahmy, Albert Liu, and Mike Broermann gave our GP veterans a run for their money. Mike taking the win this evening sits in a tie four fourth place overall with veteran Chris Aranas. The biggest story of the night was the fight for 3rd place and oh man was it exciting. Dennis,Tarek, Albert and Chris swapped positions for 3rd place countless times throughout the final race keeping spectators and employees on their toes. Overall this made for an excelnt evening in Challenge GP and we can’t wait to see what next month has in store for us.

Mario Castellanos took home 1st place with Arun Joseph, Darrell Peterson and Eric Hart bringing up the rear.

Jeff Pease, RJ Spindel, and Ryan Ramirez battled it out. All three gentlemen achieved under 23 second lap times. Ryan pulled out ahead beating out Jeff Pease by .662 seconds.
This whole heat was tight with an average lap speed 24.5 seconds. Austin Sierra pulled out ahead with best average of 24.134 and best lap of 23.567. It was a battle the whole way between Austin, Randy Rodriguez, Derrick Alfaro, and Chad Crutcher all fighting for the podium. They all finished within seconds of each other.
Weston Brown ran away with the heat. He lead by over 7.5 seconds. He was so close to breaking 24 seconds. The real race was between Donald Kelly and Bryce Ambelang for second and third. They crossed the finish line by less than a second of each other.
Cody Benavidez dominated this race lapping almost everyone in the heat. Fernando Alvarez also lapped the additional 7 racers. This is the first time this has been seen in a SAT Finals Race.


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