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Great event for the month with a great display of driving ability. The single file rolling start to the final race was nothing short of a nail biter with nearly the entire pack bumper to bumper for 2 laps. Eventually the pack thinned out and eneable track record holder, Brandon Walsh to sneek a clean pass on Bill Groves in turn two to take the lead and win the race.

Great Final Race! Kevin Keliipio and Luca Bortone too a commanding lead right from the start. Kevin had Luca on his heels the entire race, but Kevin held his line and Luca couldn’t get by. Mattia Chemolli, Nathan Peela and Emon Fazlollahi battled it out third place where Mattia slid by Nathen on the last turn of the final lap to make it to the podium.
Really Awesome racing! Gregg Marchessault and Michael Boanta Over took first and second place after turn one and one one could catch then. Adriano Ferreira had a great race fighting his way to third place after starting in the last position.
Good Racing! Corey Pond jumped quickly into second place after lap 1, but just couldn’t get by Gerald Hartson.

The fourth round of the Ontario Supertrack Challenge GP was Sunday night, with 10 racers ready to battle it out. Qualifying went smooth with some great times being put down, but Robert Hernandez was able to barely grab pole position with a fast lap of 52.217.
The Main race started out with Robert in front but as soon as the green dropped, Evan Sumpter began to put pressure on Robert, just waiting for him to make a mistake. On the second lap, Robert pushed out in one of the right hand corners and Evan was able to jump quickly to the hole and put himself in position to have the line going into the next corner. Once Evan passed for the lead, Robert was ready to give up right away. He began to put pressure on Evan, giving him a little bump down the straightaway, just so he knew he was there. Evan was determined to take this victory and put down some blistering fast laps and was able to pull away by a few kart lengths. Evan came to the checkered in first place, for his second consecutive win, Robert in second, and Christopher Morales rounding out the podium.
The championship battle is heating up with 2 racers remaining, with Evan Sumpter leading the points by 4 over Robert Hernandez. We hope to see more newcomers to the next Ontario Supertrack Challenge GP on Sunday, November 3rd.

Great race from the qualifying rounds to the final round. Exciting race to watch on the final round as Benjamin Morse raced for first place edging out seven other competitors.

It was another dominating night by young Vincent Makay. He started from pole, led every lap and cruised to an easy victory. It appeared that newcomer James Foister was going to give him a run for his money, having held fastest lap in qualifying until Makay pulled it out in the closing laps. At the start of the Main, Foister was right on his tail, but made a ill timed pass attempt which left him spinning into last. Robert Kane had a solid race in second, closing in on Makay in the final laps easily outpacing him, but ran out of race and had to settle for second. Foister, Rubio and Ortega had a hard, close battle for third when Ortega, running fourth, made an overly aggressive move on the inside of Rubio which left him stuck in the wall, allowing Foister to take the fourth position. It was another exciting night of racing in the dessert.

Charles Abbott wasted no time taking the lead away from Mauricio Velez on the first lap and led by several kart lengths the entire race. However, 2nd place was much more dramatic as Ryan Mader came from the 6th position to finish 2nd place for the second GP Challenge in a row. Alejandro Farias to 3rd place. Way to go Guys!

Tonight’s Challenge Grand Prix started out with returning veteran Scott Borgia holding onto first place for the first half of the race. During that time, Roddy Balanga along with James Laeno fight it out for second and third place, just edging out Luis Niz and Jonathan Sarceda. With 5 laps left James L. takes first from Scott B. With the last laps of the race approaching new comer Luis N. takes first place, then with one lap left Roddy B. and James L. take first and second place respectively leaving Luis with third. Youngsters Jeremy, and Alex, finished in the 9th and 6th position.
The qualifying race started out with Jonathan, Scott, and Luis holding the top three postitions for the first 4 laps. Vitaly K. made a move pushing out scott taking third place. With half the race completed, Jonathan, James, and Vitaly hold onto the top three spots with Luis in a close fourth. Luis, with just 3 laps left took third from Scott, but Scott wasn’t going out without a fight. With just 2 laps left James took position along with Scott, leaving the top three finishers: Jonathan, Scott, and James.
Our last race of the night started with returning champion Jonathan in the lead but a determined Scott cut in on a turn the first lap taking first. This intense race had Scott, Jonathan, and James in positions 1, 2, and 3 for more than half the race. Luis finally makes a move with just 3 laps left. Scott was determined to keep his first place position and did, leaving Jonathan in second and Luis in a close third, respectively.

FAST, FAST, FAST! Everyone seemed to love the new track layout in Austin and the lap times showed it! Both qualifiers were full of blazing fast lap times from top to bottom. The Main Event was full of action right from the start. An accident on turn #1 really mixed up the pack and then it was a battle that looked to be being won by Reese Williams. But halfway through the race their was a stop in the action because of dead kart and that proved to be fatal for the leader. Reese’s kart never regained the blistering speed it had before the stoppage and he did everything he could in his power to hold off the pack with no luck. Felipe Gonzalez took advantage of the situation and blew past the lame duck leader with about 5 laps left in the race and won his 1st GP by a nice margin. Robert Navarro and Ted Smith finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Reese Williams held on just enough for 4th place and that was enough to take over the season points lead from Sean Gossett. Next month we will be racing the new track in reverse direction!! See you all then.

Garrett Foss returned to his winning ways in round 3 by dominating qualifying with a fast time of 16.862, and then backing it up with a green to checkered run at the front in the A-main. As the field set off it looked as though RJ Napitupulu would be able to stick with Foss and potentially make a pass at some point as they stayed nose to tail for the first several laps. A short ways back, Michael Perkins, Adrian Corona and Chris Holt were battling it out for 3rd place for much of the race. As the drivers caught lapped traffic however, Peter Callender was able to quickly close back in and make it a 4 driver battle that was extremely entertaining to watch. These four were swapping positions back and forth in nearly every turn. Also, further back there was a battle all its own going on between two first time GP racers Ken Haufle and Gamaliel Gamez. They raced each other aggressively but clean, with Gamaliel eventually able to edge out Ken with a late and well thought out pass as they worked their way through lapped traffic. Napitupulu would unfortunately lose touch with Garrett with 4 laps remaining. Lapped traffic played quite the role in tonight’s race as it came down to who could work their way through the quickest. In the end, it was Foss taking the win followed by RJ Napitupulu, Michael Perkins, Adrian Corona, Chris Holt, Peter Callender, Gamaliel Gamez, Ken Haufle and Manu Yareshimi. One of the more exciting races we’ve had to date and we are certainly looking forward to the next one.

October GP brought out 9 racers, 8 adult and one surprise racer a 12 year old confident racer Nick Sargent. Although the youngster was very welcomed in his first GP challenge the competition would be stiff..Nick did post his career best time of 24 several times throughout the night running behind some of the faster guys he seen. The night boasted the veterans point leader Steve Plentl, ALan Ma Wong and Mike Chang…The first qualifier seem like October would belong to up coming star Parker Portlock setting the tone with a 23.077. As the night continued Mike Chang emerged as the guy to beat posting a 22.98 fastest time of the night and going on to to win October GP challenge.

This evenings GP was a night of amazing racing. Our season veterans showed their skills by reducing their mistakes and improving their lap times versus months past. New comers struggled a bit with our infamous hairpin but managed to take it under control in the final race. Our final race saw some great battles for points and position. Micah Erickson took the pole position and the win with his second appearance at Challenge GP this season. Laymen Reid and Dennis Winningstad battled all night for second place while Tome Flanders came in fourth. The battle for fifth was a great one with Chris Aranas and new comer Kierstin Gee swapping places multiple times throughout the final. Louie Sehgal the newest to Challenge GP gave it his all but showed he could hang with the best even after making a costly mistake at the infamous hairpin.

The A main was filled with excitement as Ryan Ramirez set consecutive lap records. His fasted recorded lap was a 22.49 which makes that San Antonio’s fastest recorded lap and still stands. The current track record was set at 22.61. This race had a few eyebrow raises as Olen Belt was pushed out on one of the hair pins. This changed the positions leaving him to finish 4th. The level of competition was staggering and many of the racers had a great experience being able to competitively race with other racers of the same caliber.
The B main was more competitive and racers really grinded it out for the first few laps. The first 3 laps were tight, but slowly and surely, Michael Zahorski started to pull away from the competition. He would win the race with about a half a lap lead.
C main was the smoothest race, as far as no contact or aggressive racing. All racers competed with proper courtesy and no spin outs prevented racers from losing their positions. The race ended almost in the same way the racers qualified. All racers gave each other hand shakes after the race, and many will return for next months GP. Smooth race.


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