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2014 Challenge Grand Prix // Season 1 // GP 1 Results

The 2014 season is here! We are proud to announce a new center joining the league this year – K1 Speed San Diego! San Diego is the first K1 Speed center in Southern California with the latest Storm Karts and Protex barriers. Just a few blocks away from the Convention Center and Petco Park.

Do you have the skills to compete against the best, most experienced K1 Speed racers? Participate in our Challenge GP go kart race league to find out! The Challenge GP grand prix league is a fun, unique, and competitive series that is held at our indoor karting facilities throughout Northern and Southern California, Florida, Arizona, Washington, Illinois and Texas. If you are interested in competing in our go kart race league, our K1 Speed San Diego, Carlsbad, Irvine, Anaheim, Ontario, Torrance, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Santa Clara, Austin, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, Sacramento, Buffalo Grove, Addison, San Antonio locations each holds its own season consisting of six races, at the end of which rewards and prizes are given to the Top 3 finishers for their accomplishments!

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of head-to-head racing, then our Challenge GP go kart race league is for you! Our Grand Prix league is an affordable, accessible, fun and safe way to compete in motorsport and enjoy the thrilling competition of racing; though our Arrive and Drive race package is a great way to enjoy the thrills of indoor karting, our Challenge GP go kart race league brings the experience to the next level by incorporating qualifying sessions, standing-starts from a race grid, podium finishes and trophies for the winners! Rest assured, your adrenaline and competitive juices will be flowing! If you are interested in competing in our Grand Prix league, feel free to check the schedules below or contact your local K1 Speed indoor karting center!


We’re very excited to start a new season with 10 years under our belt. K1 Speed San Diego opened just last week and looking forward to seeing the battles between both of the centers during the Challenge GP nights. The winners are as followed: P1 Tyler Hicks, P2 Parks Plant, P3 Nathan Basile, P4 Lauren Lipman. See you at next month’s GP!

We’re excited to see some new faces in Irvine for this year’s Challenge GP! The A Main featured Henry “The Force” Morse and Sergei Maffei took an early lead. Henry held his line well, keeping Sergei nipping at his heel the whole race. Sergei almost over took him on the last lap but Henry closed the gap just before Sergei could get by.
Great Race in the B Main! John Parschauer started in 3rd place but it didn’t take him long, overtaking Vance Vargas and Mark Pierce on the second lap, to hold 1st place. Leaving Vance and mark to play catch up the rest of the race. It was a good turnout on Sunday. The field will definitely start growing come next month’s GP.

Had a great showing of all the big names here at Anaheim. Right off the get go Kc Cook took off and left bus lengths from the rest of the pack. There was no battle for 1st only for 2nd and 3rd. Craig Robertson had a huge jump off the green flag launching him from 5th all the way up to 2nd place where he stayed. All while Kenny Takemoto kept Drew Zeller back to retain 3rd in the race. Another great GP to start the new season. Looking forward to seeing you all next month.

We had a great turnout in Ontario last night for the first race of the season on the reverse Supertrack. 17 racers came out to try the challenging course, which has never been run in reverse until last night. All the racers were very intrigued on how this would play out in the races that night, seeing who would conquer the new layout the quickest. Qualifying went very smooth, with last season’s champion, Robert Hernandez, taking the pole position over Evan Sumpter, with a time of 52.652.
The B Main went off without any issues, with experienced racer Sean Fite taking the field to the green flag and never looked back. There were some great battles mid pack for position and Cameron Woodbury was able to take the 2nd position away from Nathaniel Small in the closing laps. Sean Fite took the checkered flag with a 2.1 second lead over second place Cameron Woodbury, and Nathaniel Small rounding out the podium.
The A Main had three previous champions starting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, all ready to make their mark for the beginning of the 2014 season. Robert took the field very slow coming down the green flag and they were nose to tail going into the first corner. Everyone was able to get through the first few corners very clean and we’re all trying to come up with game plans on how they were going to pass the racer ahead. Evan was able to put some pressure on Robert in the first couple laps but Robert was smooth and steady and didn’t make any mistakes and stayed in the lead. Jeremy Wood was battling with David Gutierrez mid race for a few laps, with both drivers completely crossovers on one another until Jeremy was able to succeed on holding the position. Robert took the checkered flag by 3 seconds over second place Evan Sumpter, Bryce Raygor was third, Brandon Camacho fourth, and rounding out the top 5 was Connor Strait.
We look forward to seeing another great turnout next month for the Challenge GP on February 9th for another round on the challenging reverse Supertrack here in Ontario!

Smaller turn out for the first race of the 2014 season. Luis Calderon was prime to take 1st place from the way he raced during the qualifying rounds. As the race intensify leading up to the Final race it was Cody Laney that rose to the top as Luis Calderon dropped to 3rd place. Jeremy Queener, who haven’t raced since 2010, held on to second place, and Aaron ended up in 4th. Fun race to start off this season’s Challenge GP event.

We welcome the new year with a new season. Happy to see some familiar faces racing last Sunday. Newcomer Jason Provost dominated the night, taking fast lap in both qualifiers and leading every lap in the main. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with this season. Who will come out on top next month?!

The A-Main saw Charles Abbott leading the pack for most of the race, then Ryan Mader came out of nowhere to take the lead. He keeps the lead and find himself on the top of the podium right in front of Charles Abbott and David Alpert.
The B-Main was very fun race as well, but with no passing involved. They kept the race fast and aggressive but with little room for error as they were all within 5 10ths of a second from each other. Great fun and lots of energy from this group.

Standby for results

We kicked off the first season of the K1 Challenge GP of 2014 with a great competitive attitude. The first qualifier started and no one was holding back. Luis quickly took the lead and was closely followed in his times by James and Vitaly. Luis was the first racer to hit a 23 second time in the seventh lap of the race. With only a few laps left Scott hit a 23 second lap that wasn’t quite fast enough to take first from Luis. In the final lap of the race Vitaly managed to run his fastest lap, which moved him to first place, leaving Luis in second, and Scott in third.
Once again Luis was the first racer to get a 23 second time in the first lap of the race. But his fast time didn’t stand alone for long, as Roddy got a faster time in the second lap. The competitve nature of all the racers was quite evident as James proceeded to pass both Luis and Roddy in lap time. The line-up was continually changing. Vitaly quickly moved to first place trailed by James, Luis, and Roddy. In the last lap the racers were pulling out all the stops and many were getting their fastest times of the race. In the end James took first, Luis second, and Vitaly third.
For the final race you could sense the determination that each racer had to do their best. The line-up for the top four were James, Vitaly, Luis, and Roddy. Vitaly quickly passed James in the first few laps. Luis and Roddy stayed close behind. There were a couple of spin-outs in the first few laps that those racers were unfortunately unable to recover from, but that did not hinder them from doing their best, as previously stated, all the racers were quite determined. In the end the line-up did not change much for the top four racers. Vitaly came in first, James second, Luis third, and Roddy fourth. In a race that really could be anybody’s, the group that we had starting off the season showed much tenacity which we hope is a good foreshadowing for the rest of the season.

New and faster track equals same result. Reese Williams picked up right where he left off from last season by taking the pole position and then setting a new track record during the main event. He blew away the field and took home the season’s first top spot hardware. New-comer Kyle Schrock held off the wily veteran Ted Smith to take 2nd place. Ted Smith has been consistently in the top 3 over the last 2 seasons.
Timmy Palmer showed he did not belong in the B-main by winning by a big margin. Pato Canavati and Darrin Wicken battled it out for 16 laps with Pato winning the battle to take 2nd place. Darrin finished 3rd, just a kart length behind.

2014 start off the new season with 12 racers with 7 newcomers two of which are females. Alisha made a statement earning a six place finish. Alan Ma Wong proved to have to fastest time of the night finished in 3rd and Larry Bell crushes in 2nd but last seasons top grand finisher Steve Plentl start out 2014 with a statement win.

After running a qualifying lap just a few hundredths of a second away from the all time track record, it should come as no surprise that Justin Henry took the checkered flag in the main event. Runner up, and Challenge GP veteran, Shawn Brisco put up a valiant effort but came up a little short. Newcomer Mark Silveira was the surprise of the night, taking the third spot on the podium. All in all, a great night of racing to kick off the 2014 Challenge GP season here at K1 Speed Sacramento!

The New Year brought some excitement with it. What an excellent final was given. There were battles all over the track until the end. Tony Yu took the lead and never looked back followed closely behind by Layman Reid, Micah Erickson, and Jarrett Abadir. The battle for the next few spots was a tough one. Multiple position changes and aggressive driving by Dennis, Jeffery, and Chris kept everyone on their toes not knowing where either of them was going to finish. The last three spots were not an easy task either. All the rookies pushed themselves but just couldn’t pull it off. Looking forward to the next race in February!

Gerhard Maier lead the pack to start off the final with Ben Hochman and Chad Jandrositz starting off in the top three positions. Gerhard did a great job holding on to first place setting a good pace the entire race just missing the track record! Ben gave himself a chance to overtake Gerhard, but the opportunity was never there. Chad and Nicole stayed close putting the pressure on Gerhard and Ben. Robert Gash did the best he could to keep up with the rest of the crew. Even though he didn’t finish in the top 3, he took home a lot of experience from the other drivers. Between Gerhard, Ben, Chad and Nicole, they will definitely be a for to be reckoned with on the track in future league events.

Due to weather the Challenge GP will start next month in February.

Michael had a strong start. Ricky got close to catching Michael a few times; however, Michael out maneuvered Ricky in the corners. With only a 1 second gap between Michael and Josh who won third it was really anyone’s race. But Michael held them off to snag victory at the straight away.
In a strange turn of events rook John beat out favored veteran RJ for the first position. John was almost caught in lap 7, but managed to hold off RJ. It was a really fast race as both racers had their best timing the 11th and 12th laps. Causing a very close finish.
Ryan was set for victory from the start. Although Jay had the fastest lap time of this heat, Ryan was able to hold him off and had a faster pace of a 25.1 seconds lap time. The surprise came from Jennifer who hung in there with Jay and Ryan. She is our first woman competitor to podium during our league night. With a best lap of 24.6 she showed she can hang in there. Look out Danica.

K1 San Diego had a great turn out for its first ever challenge GP with 14 drivers in attendance. Some drivers are frequent visitors to our Carlsbad location, some drivers ran in our GP series years ago, and some are new. Brandon Walsh set the tone by setting the current San Diego track record of 21.43 seconds. Although the qualifying heats were small with 7 drivers each, we ended up running a 14 person intense main race, Brandon was able to quickly pull away from the pack while Josh Rolf and Joe Soler lead the rest of the group on his tail. The race ended with all three in the same positions and many competitive drivers behind them. The driving was smooth, the passing was clean and although the position changes were few everyone in attendance had a great time. We look forward to seeing all drivers and more at race 2 in February!


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