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2018 Challenge GP and Junior Leagues Start Second Half

Junior League Start

We’re over halfway through the 2018 calendar year, which means we’re also now half done with the current Challenge GP and Junior League championships! As drivers begin the second half of the season, we’re seeing several championships with some tight competition, such as Buffalo Grove, Indianapolis, Ontario, and Phoenix.


There’s still time to join in the season and score some massive points, so be sure to register for the upcoming races!


The next Challenge GP race will be held on August 5th , while juniors will be contesting their 6th round of Junior League today, July 10 (Irvine on July 11, Wilmington on July 17, and Indy on July 18).


The cost is only $40 per event for the Junior League and includes our annual license, a 12-lap qualifier and 12-lap position race.


For adults wishing to compete, the price is $50 per event and you get two 14-lap qualifiers and one 16-lap final race – a $10 savings over the retail cost!


And the best part is that there’s no extra cost beyond that! We supply the kart, helmet, and track – everything you need to go racing.


For more information on the Challenge GP series, CLICK HERE.


For more information on the Junior League series, CLICK HERE.

  • Steve Marlovitz

    When will the GP standings be updated for Buffalo Grove? The July results are not yet posted.

    • Staff Writer

      GP Standings will be updated by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience. If you would like, you can call the center and the Manager is able to share the standings with you.

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