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4th of July Special: 4 Races for $44 / Patriotic Headsocks!

4th of july go karting special advertising 4 races for 44 dollars

Stop by your local United States K1 Speed* on the 4th of July, during our holiday hours (11am to 7pm) for one of our best offers all year: 4 races for just $44 (for purchase in-store only)!** This offer means each race is only $11, and that’s something certainly worth celebrating in itself. And while you’re racing with us, pick up a limited-time Patriotic Headsock for only $2.50!

4 Races for $44 this 4th of July

Our 4 races for $44 offer is only available in-store on July 4, 2019 when we’re open from 11:00am to 7:00pm. Each 4-race package can only be sold per person and is not transferrable between multiple people. But there is NO LIMIT to how many packages you can buy. And if you have races leftover, they’ll stay on your account for future visits. Now that’s freedom!

Patriotic Headsocks for the Patriotic Racer

If you love ‘Merica, you’re gonna love our limited-edition Patriotic Headsock! The headsock is only available for purchase in-store and features our flag’s beloved stars and stripes. And within the stripes, you’ll find an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.


Rumor has it that if you wear this headsock and chant “U.S.A.!” three times, a magic bald eagle genie will appear and grant you 3 fast lap times. But that’s unconfirmed…for now. Better just plop down the $2.50 and find out for yourself when you visit this 4th of July.

fourth of july headsocks depicting american flag stars and stripes

And since go-karting was born in the USA like K1 Speed, you’ll be celebrating American SPEED when you visit us! So don’t miss these explosive offers coming your way on July 4, 2019. Fly the flag and then set a flying lap this 4th of July!

*Locations within the 50 US states. Does not include Puerto Rico. 

**Does not include our Annual Membership. The Annual Membership ($7) is required to race. If you do not currently have a membership, this can be purchased in-center prior to racing. 

Membership Card

K1 Speed Annual Membership

$6 Membership benefits include the following:

  • FREE BIRTHDAY RACE during your birthday month! (ID required) – a $22 Value!
  • FREE use of our helmets
  • FREE headsock – yours to keep and bring with you on next visit
  • 15% Off Food and Beverage
  • 15% off Apparel & accessories (excludes K1 RaceGear)
  • Access to your racing score online
  • Storing of your racing history in our database
  • Monthly newsletter with special offers

* Membership is required to race

height-requirement icon

Height Requirements

Junior minimum height requirement is 48″ (121.9 cm)Adult minimum height requirement is 58″ (147.3 cm). No mixed Adult and Junior races.

IMPORTANT: Meeting the height requirement is not a guarantee you’ll be able to race our karts. Drivers will be measured at the location and must be able to safely operate all elements of the kart. Final approval will be at management’s discretion.

  • Max Sanchez

    For the 4th of July promo, can the 4 races be split up into 2 people?

    • Staff Writer

      Max, it cannot be shared between two people – all four races would have to be on one account. However, you don’t have to use all the races that day. You can purchase then, and use later!

  • Dusty Novak

    will i have to pay a racers fee for licensing on top of the $44 like P2R? they charge like $40 before you can pay any race

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, if you do not have a current annual license with K1 Speed, it will be an additional $6. Then you’ll be good for another a year.

  • Shaun Kellogg

    Is there a limit?

    • Staff Writer

      Shaun, there is no limit! Purchase as many packages of 4 for $44 as you’d like!

  • Andy Valenzuela

    Can you purchase the 4 / $44 any earlier or later, or does it specifically have to be on the 4th of July specifically?

    • Staff Writer

      Andy, this deal is only active on the Fourth of July. Be sure to stop in between 11am-7pm to take advantage of the offer!

  • Heba Mannaa

    Can I purchase tickets online or do I have to go in on the 4th of July to get the tickets?

    • Staff Writer

      Heba, you will need to visit the store to take advantage of this offer. See you at the track!

  • Ron O

    How many $44 deals can we buy on July 4th? And can we use K1 gift cards to purchase the deal?

    • Staff Writer

      Ron, you can buy as many 4-race packages for $44 as you’d like! And yes, as long as your gift card has a dollar amount on there, it can be applied to your purchase.

  • Sylvia L Poehler

    Can the offer be purchased over the phone on the 4th and used at various times since it is 4 races per player?

    • Staff Writer

      Slyvia, you will have to visit our location to take advantage of this offer. And yes, once purchased you can use the races whenever you like!

  • Mario rosas

    Can we call in and putchase the offer over the phone we dont live near a k1 speed but do go when we are in town i would like to purchase for 3 accounts

    • Staff Writer

      Mario, you would have to come into the store that day.

  • Chris Sta Ana

    Do you need to make a reservation for a party of 3 riders? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Staff Writer

      Chris, we only reserve times for parties of 8 or more during the week, 9 or more on the weekend. So for your party of 3, you’d be looking at coming in for our Arrive & Drive racing, which is first come, first served. See you at the track!


    I am new to this. But do we have to rent helmets. What other cost will there be besides the $44 plus tax

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Kim! Thanks for your interest in K1 Speed! The only other cost would be $6 for an annual membership if you don’t already have one. The annual membership includes a 15% discount towards food & beverage and apparel & accessories, a free race during your birthday month, a free headsock, and free use of our helmets. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Gregorio Valentin

    What’s the minimum age to drive?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Gregorio! There’s no age limit – just height. Our junior karts require a minimum height of 48″, while our adult karts require a height of at least 58″ (4’10”). Now, there is the chance that someone may meet the height requirement and not reach the pedals, in which case we wouldn’t be able to let them race, but that is a rare exception. Hope this helps and we get to see you on track on the 4th!

  • Tracy Malone

    How long is one race?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Tracy! Each race is around 10 minutes long. See you at the track!

  • Candice Tran

    I am interested in your 4 races for 4 promotion on 7/4. What are your requirements for junior drivers? Do they have to go through a driving course first before using the driving package. Do you provide a driving safety course for junior drivers as part of the package?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Candice! Juniors will need to be at least 4′ (48″) – but ultimately it comes down to whether or not they can safely reach the pedals and other functions of the karts. But typically drivers meeting the minimum height requirement can.

      If it’s their first time racing with us, we’ll give them a safety briefing prior to going out on track. We’ll go over the rules, the meaning of the flags, and how to safely operate the go kart. For their first race, we’ll have them on the second-to-highest speed setting to see how they handle the kart. If they appear to get the hang of it, then we’ll increase their speed in the next race or so. It’s all gradual!

      Hope this helps clear things up for you – let us know if you have any other questions. See you on the 4th!

  • Candice T

    Will adults and kids race on the same track? I am worried about safety.

    • Staff Writer

      Nice to hear from you again, Candice! No, we do not allow junior karts and adult karts on track at the same time for that very reason – safety comes first here! More questions? Let ’em rip!

  • Ewa W

    For the 4th of July promo,can I split races between two locations or need to use it all location it was bouth?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Ewa! The races you purchase will be valid at any US K1 Speed location. See you on the 4th!

  • Greg

    I would like to participate in the offer, but your Bend location is hard to find.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Greg! Thanks for your interest in our offer. Our Bend location is scheduled to open late July, however we do have a location in Hillsboro near Portland if you’re interested in a road trip!

  • Greg T

    Hmm.. Shouldn’t have to drive a 6 1/2 hour round trip to partake in the deal that I could have used in Bend. There must be another way….

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Greg! Good to hear from you again. We’re sorry the Bend location isn’t open yet for you to enjoy the 4 for $44 but there’ll be plenty of other offers available after it’s up and running. We appreciate your patience.

  • ivy ouyang

    hi! do i have to buy these in store? or can i prepay and have them ready for the day of?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Ivy! Sorry, this offer is only available in store. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Moni

    Can all 4 of the races purchased on July 4th be used on a later date? Thank you

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Moni – yes, any of those races purchased on July 4th can be used on a later date. Thanks for your interest!

  • Greg T

    I didn’t think you would reply to the last message. Thank you

    • Staff Writer

      You’re welcome, Greg!

  • Ditto Bolinger

    I always wanted to take my two boys to K1 to see if they would enjoy Carr racing. Too bad you won’t allow 2 kids to split the 4 races for $44. That would be a good trial offer to get more kids to try the sport.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Ditto! We’re sorry if the conditions of this offer are an inconvenience in any way. We do have other offers throughout the year that involve fewer races for less money – but we’ll also consider your suggestion for a future promotion. Thank you!

  • Maria Thomas

    Is your 4th of July deal, 4 for $44, available to be purchased as a gift to be used at a later date?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Maria! Yes, these races can be used at a later date!

  • Travis

    Are pants required? Or are shorts allowed?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Travis! Shorts are allowed at K1 Speed – see you at the track!

  • derrick humprey

    is the 4 races only 1 person. if i book a race onlien is only for that day

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Derrick! Yes, the 4 races are only good for one person’s account and are not transferrable. Races purchased online are good for up to 30 days. Hope this clears everything up for you – let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  • Tonya Mitchell

    When I come in on the 4th, can I also purchase the package for others who are not with me at the time?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Tonya! Great question! As long as the others have an existing account with us, you can buy those races and have our staff add them to their accounts. If they do not already have account with us we won’t be able to, as they will need to personally agree to the terms and conditions during the account registration. Thanks for asking!

  • Susan Gautier

    I’m confused. I saw an ad earlier and I thought it said 4 people for 44.00 on July 4?
    In the future I want rides for 8 people. Can we buy them on sale July 4th?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Susan! Sorry for any confusion. This is 4 races for $44 per person. So if you wanted to get this special for the 8 people in your party, you’re looking at 8 x $44, and everyone would each have 4 races. This special is only on sale July 4th inside our US locations. Hope this clears things up for you. Let us know if there’s any other questions!

  • Israel

    I would just like to be 100% clear as some of the comments make mention of an additional $40 fee if I do not have an annual membership.

    So in total:

    1. $44 for 4 races
    2. $6 annual fee

    Is there an additional $40 for licensing? What is that?

    Aside from that, are there any other costs? Am I locked into the membership for more than a year? Where is the fine print?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Israel! The only additional cost would be $6 for an annual membership if you do not currently have one with us. This is mandatory to race at K1 Speed. The membership is good for 365 days and includes a free headsock, free race during your birthday month, 15% off food & beverage, 15% off apparel & accessories, and more.

      So if two people who have never raced at K1 Speed before (or have an expired membership) want to take advantage of this offer, EACH person will need to spend $44 for the 4 race special and $6 for the membership, for a total of $50 (plus tax, where applicable).

      Hope this clears up your concerns! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Nick Harp

    If I buy them on the 4th and it’s super busy can I just use the races another day?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Nick! Yep, you can buy them on the 4th and use them at a later time!

  • Zo L

    I’d like to purchase the 4 for $44 as well as the membership for myself and another person as a birthday surprise. Does the other person have to be present, or can I sign him up if he’s not there?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Zo! That’s a great idea! You can buy the membership/races for the other person ONLY if they have an existing account with us. If they do not, we’ll need them to be there as they’ll need to personally sign the waiver and agree to the terms and conditions. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience!

  • Travon Bodrick

    I’ve been reading through the comments and see that once you buy the promo in-store on the 4th you don’t have to race all 4 races that day and can be used at a later date at any US location, however is there an expiration date for when all 4 races need to be redeemed? Are the races still good if my membership expires before I’m able to renew it? I only ask because I’m from Columbus, Ohio, but my brother lives in Chicago and we try to visit him 2-3 times a year and usually go to K1 at least once a year.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Travon! There’s no expiration on the races. So even if your membership does expire before you use them all, they’ll still be good. You’d just need to renew your membership before you use those race credits if that were the case.

      Happy to hear you love to visit us with your brother – can’t wait to see you again at one of our Chicago tracks!

  • Luis

    So if i do 5 races it will still be 55 right?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Luis! The offer is a 4-race package, so if you wanted more than 4 at the same rate, you could purchase 8 races for $88, 12 races for $132, etc. See you at the track!

  • Shuntrel

    I think your prices should be considerate for all economic levels.. There are many families that would like to patronize your establishment,But at these prices, very unaffordable…; ??

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Shuntrel! We’re sorry if our prices appear to be too high. That’s why we do try to have special promotions like this that discount our races by 50% so that it’s easier on the wallet
      ($11 per race, believe it or not, is a steal for this kind of racing experience). We do have other promotions that don’t require as much spend, but offer around the same discount, so be sure to keep an eye out for those! We certainly hope to see you at the track soon!

  • Duke Ito

    Can we bring our own helmets?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, as long as they’re full-face and DOT approved!

  • Marie

    Is there weight restriction for adults

    • Staff Writer

      Marie, the weight limit for our adult karts is 300lbs. See you at the track!

  • Nick Ohlweiler

    Hello, I live near seattle and it says my location is currently closed. Can I still take advantage of this deal? I would love to get back in the Karts.

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      Unfortunately the Redmond location is still temporarily closed. Once the local restrictions improve we will be sure to let you know once we are up and racing again!

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