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America’s Largest Indoor Karting Chain Expands Into Media

K1 Speed, Inc., the largest operator of indoor karting centers in the United States, has purchased the longest-running karting publication in the country, GoRacing Magazine.

Irvine, CA Friday, January 10, 2014 – With the purchase of GoRacing Magazine, K1 Speed Inc., the largest operator of indoor karting centers in the country, further expands its influence on the sport of kart racing. The company is with each passing year becoming a bigger name within the industry: it operates nearly two dozen indoor karting centers nationwide; offers a full line of karting apparel and gear through the company’s K1 Race Gear brand; and has plans for outdoor kart tracks in the near future. By purchasing GoRacing Magazine, a publication that has been serving the karting community for 18 years, K1 Speed aims to help further facilitate the sport’s growth in this country and beyond.

A Future Focused on Content
Under new direction, GoRacing Magazine will cover the sport of karting not only in America, but Europe as well. As Europe can be considered the current breeding ground of the sport’s elite, it only makes sense to include such coverage. Readers can expect to find routine updates on these subjects, thanks to a number of different partnerships that the company is currently pursuing with European press agencies. Additionally, both outdoor and indoor karting will find a home in the new GoRacing Magazine.

This new approach – covering all facets of the sport and not simply top-level competition – will provide a number of unique opportunities for advertisers while helping create engaging content for readers. Put simply, the new GoRacing Magazine will be better-rounded, more comprehensive, and more enjoyable to read, while catering to a larger audience. The new aim for the publication will be greater accessibility by covering a greater degree of topics. Ultimately, professional CIK racers and hobbyists should both be able to find something of interest.

The Ultimate Guardianship
What makes this partnership such an ideal match is that K1 Speed is uniquely equipped to help bring GoRacing Magazine back to the forefront. It has the financial resources necessary to produce a robust publication and with more than 3.5 million customers in its database, a large potential readership as well. From an economic standpoint, K1 Speed possesses both the drive and assets needed to foster growth.

In a more general sense, there is perhaps no more appropriate conservator for America’s longest-running karting publication than K1 Speed. The company has done tremendous work since its founding in 2003 to promote the sport of karting within the United States. Its centers have attracted literally millions of racers and the company hosts annual racing competitions – the Challenge GP race league – that routinely see a large and reliable turnout. By purchasing GoRacing Magazine, the company will be able to further its mission of promoting the sport in the United States.

The current digital version of the magazine can be reached at www.goracingmagazine.com, but readers can expect big changes in the very near future. Among these changes is better coverage of race events, a greater number of features on racing culture and history, and helpful information on how to become involved in the sport. Novice and veteran racers alike will find that their magazine of choice is better than ever.


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