World Champion Surfer Andy Irons Visits K1 Speed!

10 September 2009

When everyone else was at home yesterday with their new copy of The Beatles: Rock Band, three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons was at K1 Speed Carlsbad experiencing the thrill of indoor karting! Andy came in with several of his friends – including former pro surfer and co-founder of TransWorld SURF Blair Marlin, pro surfer Ian Walsh, pro surfer Dustin “Dusty” Payne, pro surfer Benji Weatherley and Robert Orr – to see if their talents in the water could translate to talent on the track, and the guys did not walk away disappointed! The guys found that not only did their talent carry over, but so did their competitive spirit!

Pro surfers Andy Irons, Blair Marlin and Dustin "Dusty" Payne on the podium at K1 Speed Carlsbad.

L-R: Pro surfers Andy Irons, Blair Marlin and Dustin "Dusty" Payne on the podium at K1 Speed Carlsbad.

Andy Irons and Dusty Payne both proved to be pretty quick on track and they were doing everything that they could to take home the victory, but in the end, neither could catch the deceptively fast Blair Marlin – the “desk jockey” of the bunch – who ended up finishing the race in 1st place. Not only did Blair finish the race on top of the podium, ahead of Andy Irons in 2nd place and Dusty Payne in 3rd, but his fastest lap of the race was more than half a second quicker than Andy’s, and only two or three-tenths off some of the fastest laps of the week! With a bit more time on track, we have no doubt that Andy Irons and the guys could be right up there with some of the fastest K1 Speed competitors, but of course traveling the world to go surfing doesn’t give the guys a lot of free time!

Three-Time World Champion Surfer Andy Irons

Three-Time World Champion Surfer Andy Irons

It was our pleasure having Andy Irons, Blair Marlin, Dusty Payne, Benji Weatherley, Ian Walsh and Robert Orr stop by K1 Speed to experience indoor go kart racing, and we wish them the best of luck with future endeavors. If you think you have what it takes to go wheel-to-wheel racing and would like to experience our high performance 20hp electric karts on our indoor go kart tracks, visit your local K1 Speed indoor karting center today!

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