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Announcing the First Annual Endurance Race at Salt Lake City/Sandy

Die-hard Sandy/Salt Lake City kart racers – are you ready for a challenge? Then round up a couple buddies and head over to K1 Speed, Salt Lake City on Monday, April 30th at 8pm for their first annual Endurance Race!


Each team will consist of three people, who will alternate as driver, lap counter, and driver-on-deck throughout the two-hour timed event.


The group will choose one member to represent the team in a 10-lap qualifying session to determine the starting grid for the race.


Once the race starts, the person counting laps will begin tracking the team’s lap count using a notebook and will need to pit their driver between laps 10 and 16 by displaying a “Pit Now” sign prior to their pit entrance. Only two karts at a time will be allowed in the pits, and if full, the pits will be closed until a spot opens up. If the driver does not pit during this window, the team will suffer a two-lap penalty to be subtracted from their tally after the race – so make sure you get your pit strategy correct!


When a driver enters the pits, they must wait for one of our K1 Speed staff members to assist them with getting out of the kart. The driver will then (quickly) walk to the driver who is on deck and will pass them a bandana that grants them access to enter the pits. Any driver caught running in the pits will be subject to a two-lap penalty.


The driver-on-deck will then receive their kart number for their driving duty and must tie the bandana on that kart prior to leaving the pits. Make sure that bandana is tied on tight to the kart, otherwise a two-lap penalty will be handed to any team who has to have their bandana retrieved from the track.


The driver who just returned will now become the lap counter, the lap counter becomes the driver-on-deck, and so the process repeats until the checkered flag waves. The team with the most laps completed will win the competition!


It only costs $50 per driver or $150 per team to participate in this thrilling, yet challenging, experience! So, create your own all-star team and sign up for our endurance race today! Drivers/teams will need to sign up at the Salt Lake City/Sandy location.


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