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Another hat trick for Javier

This was our third race of the season. But for some the season has just begun. We had a few new challengers this time. Javier Cantu Luceros swept qualifying with the best lap time of 18.75. Joshua Watts claimed the spot next to him on the front row. Kyle Gaston and Brandon Holt made up the second row respectively.
When the green flag dropped Javier showed his skill on cold tires and began to pull away from the field. Behind him however J. Watts had his hands full with Gaston looking for an opening. He found it on lap 3 when J. Watts went wide. But Watts was not out. He was able stick with Gaston till they met up with traffic with 1 lap to go. Ray Roberts was about to be lapped when he crashed heavily going into turn one with Gaston and Watts right behind him. Gaston took evasive maneuvers to avoid Roberts, but Watts kept his foot down and made the pass before the yellow flag was deployed. Javier took the win with no pressure. Joshua Watts finished 2nd and Kyle Gaston 3rd.
Despite a big dramatic finish, the real celebration came from Javier Cantu Luceros who has completely dominated the season so far. In the 3 races this season, Javier has claimed fastest lap, pole position and race winner in all 3. It looks like he’s going for a new K1 record. Congratulations Javier.

  • Fastest Lap & pole: Javier Cantu Luceros
  • 1st: Javier Cantu Luceros
  • 2nd Joshua Watts
  • 3rd Kyle Gaston
  • 4th Brandon Holt
  • 5th Cory Johnson
  • 6th Joshua Felix
  • 7th Ray Roberts

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