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ATTENTION RACERS! K1 Speed is Looking For You

ATTENTION RACERS! K1 Speed is looking for you – the next driver to represent K1 Speed in 2011 at the SKUSA Supernats in Las Vega, Nevada. K1 Speed has put together the ultimate kart racing contest to determine who will be representing K1 Speed in a Rotax/CRG Kart with this awesome contest taking place at our Carlsbad and Ontario locations.

Starting in the month of January 2011 through September 2011 qualifying rounds will give drivers 8 laps to lay down the fastest average lap times to qualify in the final selection process that will take place at Grange’ Motor Circuit in a Rotax/CRG kart. The winner at Grange’ will go on to represent K1 Speed with a full ride to the SKUSA Super Nats in Las Vegas in 2011

Everyone over the age of 16 can qualify with NO other restrictions. Doesn’t matter how much karting experience you have, you don’t need a top of the line kart with factory support to compete or a high end blue printed motor. K1 Speed will have you covered! You must be a K1 Speed member to participate.

Check out www.k1kartingdriversearch.com for more details. And for the qualifying rounds schedule.

If you need gear – check out www.k1racegear.com for all your kart racing and auto racing needs.

Check out Grange’ Motor Circuit here


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