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Car nights at K1 Carlsbad

K1 Speed in Carlsbad hosted Euro Car night this past Tuesday night giving European Car enthusiasts a place to come and chat about cars for the evening, and race against each other with our indoor electric karts. It was a great mix of Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz owners all taking on our fast and technical track.

Joe Holmes ended up taking the pole over the full field of drivers with a 26.504 second lap. He was followed by AJ Halsey who qualified in second with a 26.754 second lap and Matthew O’Donnell would qualify in third with a 26.791 second lap time.

The drivers would be gridded up on the main straight away for the drop of the green flag and it was a dash to the first turn with everyone vying for the same spot on the track. Joe would hold off the tight-nit group for all 16 laps maintaining a very quick pace. The rest of the group battled back and fourth with each-other and multiple positions were traded back and fourth through-out the race. Matthew was able to make his way up to second place, but was unable to catch Joe as he had a comfortable lead over the rest of the group. AJ dropped back a few spots and TJ Galati who had qualified in 5th, worked his way up into third and would remain there for the duration of the race.

The group had a great time and is looking forward to coming out again next month on July 20th, and we are looking forward to seeing a number of European car enthusiasts the second time around.

K1 Speed in Carlsbad will be hosting different car nights for enthusiasts in the coming months, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook fan page for dates and times. Currently the schedule is as follows

JDM Car Night – 1st Tuesday of the month
Bike Night – 2nd Tuesday of the month
Euro Car Night – 3rd Tuesday of the month
Muscle Car Night – 4th Tuesday of the month

Each specific night will be geared towards enthusiasts who enjoy motorsports, racing, and talking with fellow automotive aficionado’s.

You can find our Facebook fan page by clicking the link below.


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