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Carlsbad wraps up its Challenge GP Race Series

K1 Speed Carlsbad wrapped up its Challenge GP Race Series this past weekend with the final round of racing for this six race series at the North San Diego location. Qualifying was a back and forth battle that began with Matt Merrill originally taking the over all pole position with a 25.657 second lap. The rest of the field was kept pretty tight-nit but it didn’t last long for Matt, as GP regular Khalifa Alasiri took the pole position after the second round of qualifying with a 25.465 second lap taking away Matt’s moment of glory. New-comer to the series Thomas Litton took the second over-all qualifying spot with a 25.638 second lap. Merrill’s first round qualifying performance placed him in the third qualifying spot with his 25.657 second lap time.

The B Main racers would be the first on the tracK for the trophies, and this was a bit of a bumpy race. Pole sitter Jared Buccola brought the group down the front straight-away in freight-train fashion. Unfortunately he got a little sideways collecting the wall before turn 2 along with a few other drivers allowing most of the field to move up before the first lap was done. Jared had to work quite a bit throughout the race to get back up to the podium positions but it wasn’t his night. Meanwhile the battle up front was back and forth as second qualifier William Hastings had a battle going with Carlsbad resident Jon Simms and new comer Phil Laird. William ended up getting bumped and spun around, allowing Simms to take over the lead and he would remain there for the rest of the race. Half way through the race the drivers all seem to catch up with each other, and all kept about an inch from each-other for a good 6 laps. Eventually the pack began to thin out, with a lot of rubbing back and forth between the drivers. Stephen Robertson worked his way up from qualifying 5th and avoiding a lot of the close calls to finish in second place. William was able to hold onto third after dropping back a bit to round out the top three in the B main.

A Main race action was interesting. It started with the drivers wanting to reverse the starting order, which put pole sitter Khalifa Alasiri starting in the back of the field and it put Krystal Wright up front to lead the group around for the start. Unfortunately for Khalifa he was un-able to do any better than 7th place to finish out his night. Krystal was able to hold onto the lead for a couple of laps, but it didn’t last long as she had Paul Ciralli working his way up through the pack followed by Jordan Robertson, Matt Merrill and Chris Vaughn. Paul and Jordan eventually got around Krystal, she tried to hang on but spun out and dropped back to 8th before she could get the kart collected and going again. Paul and Jordan began to come up on lap traffic with about 3 laps to go and Paul was able to use that to his advantage to keep the lead over Jordan. Unfortunately for Jordan he didn’t see Johnny Miller and Thomas Litton were having their own battle and caught Jordan by surprise, passing him coming out of the final corners and dropping Jordan down to fourth. The group would finish just like that, with Paul Ciralli taking the over all win, followed by Johny Miller and Thomas Litton to round out the top three.

Our over-all points champion would be Khalifa Alasiri followed by Jordan Robertson in second and Kirk Meese would take the third spot for the six race series.

This was a great event and it couldn’t have been done without the level of participation we have at K1 Speed in Carlsbad. Keep an eye out for the next race series starting in July of 2010, and with an all new track layout in the works, you can be sure drivers will have their work cut out for them, as everyone goes back to being even in points for that first race.

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