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Celebrate Earth Day at K1 Speed

At K1 Speed, we are devout fans of the electric go kart! And with 30 indoor karting facilities throughout the U.S. and an International center, it would appear that our customers are as well! The electric go kart has several clear advantages over its gas-powered rivals, including a low environmental impact, absence of noxious exhaust fumes, and superior performance, which is why we decided when the company was founded in 2003 that we would use electric karts exclusively at K1 Speed.


With a 20hp DC electric motor that produces far more torque than other kart engines, our electric karts have superb acceleration out of tight corners; while a gas engine can get bogged down, our electric motors are capable of delivering maximum torque instantaneously. And unlike a gas-powered kart, an electric go kart can be programmed to a variety of pre-set speeds to accommodate guests of varying skill levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our electric karts are also programmed for automatic speed reduction while in the pits and can be turned off remotely in the event of an emergency. At K1 Speed, we not only feel that the electric go kart provides a more thrilling indoor karting experience, but a safer indoor karting experience as well.


If you are interested in planning a birthday party or special event, we feel that our electric karts are perfect for children and adults (we do ask that drivers be at least 4’10? tall to race). We invite you to visit our Nationwide indoor karting facilities today to see the electric go kart in action! We’re confident that once you experience the rush and excitement that our electric go kart has to offer, you’ll agree that electric karts are the way to go!


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