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Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed in Torrance

The Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed in Torrance, California got kicked off last week on July 25 with a number of talented drivers on hand to take on the technical concrete race track. With a large number of participants in house and the points even for everyone, anyone was game for who would come out on top.

Qualifying remained straight forward with little incident, and Michael Arnold would prove to be at the top of his game, posting the overall best lap time with a 26.820 lap placing him on pole for the A Main. He was followed by Alton Arnold qualifying in second place with a 27.032 second lap. KC Cook would qualify with a 27.038 second lap creating a close nit field for the top 3.

B main racing action would kick off the main events for the night, with Jon Fitzsimmons on pole leading the group around for the green flag rolling start. He was followed by Derek Esquibel who stayed right on his heels along with Christopher B. who had qualified in third. The rest of the pack would freight train around with each other till 4 laps into the race when Jon would spin out and drop back a few places finishing out the evening in 5th. Derek Esquibel would remain in second place for the duration of the race, but was unable to catch Adam Akers, who originally qualified in 8th position but had worked his way up to first. Christopher B. worked to remain in third but dropped back a spot, giving up the position to 4th place qualifier Adam Langsdale who would round out the top 3 on the podium.

The A Main would finish out the evening with Michael Arnold on pole bringing the pack of racers around for the green flag and would be upset 2 laps in, when the tight nit group got a little too tight coming into a technical section, and Michael ran out of room. He would drop back to the tail end of the field as he had to wait for the group to pass him before he could get moving again. Alton Arnold also got wrapped up in the spin out and dropped back as well, but was able to work his way back up to 5th overall for the night. KC Cook who initially qualified in 3rd was able to avoid the incident and make his way to second but was unable to catch the veteran GP driver John Tanaka who initially qualified in 4th but had worked his way up to first place to take the win for the main event. Paul Ciralli would work his way up as well, as he started in 6th position and moved up to third overall for the evening to finish out the top 3 for the night.

The Torrance Challenge GP race series kicked off the 6 race series with a great night of competition for everyone that participated. This is a great location in the heart of Los Angeles, that gives a unique style of racing on our concrete racing surface and the use of electric indoor racing karts. Don’t miss out on the next Challenge GP race coming in August 29th which is open to all participants 58″ and taller.

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