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Changes For Our 2010 Challenge GP Season!

15 December 2009

Racing enthusiasts take part in the Challenge GP go kart league at K1 Speed!

Racing enthusiasts take part in the Challenge GP go kart league at K1 Speed!

With the 2009 season of our Challenge GP kart league coming to a close, we are already preparing for 2010, and we are pleased to announce that we are implementing some exciting changes! One of the most dramatic changes (and one which the participants seem to appreciate) is that our tracks will be run in the opposite direction! After six months of running “forwards” at K1 Speed Carlsbad, K1 Speed Irvine, K1 Speed Ontario, K1 Speed Torrance and K1 Speed Seattle, we will even the playing field for new competitors by running our indoor go kart tracks “backwards” this Challenge GP season between January and June, 2010.

Our indoor go kart tracks take on different rhythms and personalities when run in the opposite direction, and for all intents and purposes become brand new tracks! For novice competitors, operating our tracks in reverse allows them to compete on a level keel with veteran racers; for individuals who have raced at their local K1 Speed indoor karting center a dozen times or more, changing the track direction gives them the opportunity to experience their favorite location in a whole new light! Needless to say, it’s great fun and we always love to watch as racers dissect a new layout and unlock the track’s secrets! We also feel that this is a great reason to take part in our Challenge GP kart racing series, as our reverse layouts are not available for our regular Arrive and Drive racing options (except in Anaheim).

In addition to the track direction, we are also making some slight changes to the point system. Each racer will now receive 2 points for his or her position in a race (for example, if someone finishes 1st in a race with 10 competitors, he or she will receive 20 points) and we are excited to announce that we will be rewarding the individual who sets the fast lap and earns the pole position at our indoor raceway an additional 2 points that will be added to his or her total! We suspect that this new change may lead to some heartbreak out on track, but it should result in some fantastic drives as well!

The dates for the 2010 season of our Challenge GP go kart league will be announced soon and we hope to see you competing on track next season!

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