K1 Speed | CIRKL 2009 Final at K1 Speed Irvine


CIRKL 2009 Final at K1 Speed Irvine

17 December 2009

Members of the CIRKL host the last round of the 2009 season at K1 Speed Irvine

Members of the California Indoor Racing Kart League host the 2009 season finale at K1 Speed Irvine!

The California Indoor Racing Kart League held its 2009 season finale at our K1 Speed Irvine indoor go kart track in Orange County, California recently and many of our top customers were in attendance! Some of the best indoor karters in Southern California participate in the CIRKL – including Ed Bergenholtz from the famous Bergenholtz Racing Team and Challenge GP champions John Tanaka and Toby Rodriguez – and we greatly appreciate the fact that they choose K1 Speed to host their races! We look forward to the 2010 season of the CIRKL and expect to see many of the league members at our VIP Top 50 ProScore party on January 3rd! Thank you to everyone at the CIRKL for their continued support!

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