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Congrats to the Nationwide K1RS Points Leaders from 2018!

trophies for the top 3 k1rs points leaders

It’s been another fantastic year of racing at K1 Speed! The competition was considerably tougher to get into the Top 50 this year, let alone the Top 5. Last year, one would’ve needed close to 3,800 points to get into the Elite 50 – this year you needed close to 5,000 points, so a big round of applause to everyone who made into the elite group of 50 racers! That’s a lot of racing and a lot of fastest laps/beaten opponents!


#5: Michael Brewington (10,342 points)

Michael Brewington, who races at Santa Clara, wasn’t even in our Top 50 last year, but this year he catapulted himself up to into the Top 5 with an impressive 10,342 points – very close to our #4 racer. Way to go, Michael!

Michael will receive:

  • $250 Gift Card
  • 5 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2018 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#4: Mike Taylor (10,412 points)

Mike Taylor, who races at Atlanta, finished two spots higher on the leaderboard this year over 2017 and broke into the Top 5 by scoring 10,412 points – up from 8,966 points last year. Congrats, Mike!


Mike will receive:

  • $400 K1 Speed Gift Card
  • 5 free races
  • Exclusive 2018 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#3: Orlando Rodrigues (11,184 points)

Another driver who finished two places higher than last year is Orlando Rodrigues, who races at Irvine, and is no stranger to the National Leaderboard. This year he earned 11,184 points up from 9,537 points last year – congrats, Orlando!


Orlando will receive:

  • 3rd Place K1RS Trophy
  • $750 K1 Speed Gift Card
  • 10 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2018 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#2: Bhanu Yedla (19,100 points)


Bhanu Yedla, who races at Atlanta, finished 16th in the National Leaderboard last year but moved up 14 places this year to finish second with a total of 19,100 points out of our Atlanta location – that’s nearly 13,000 more points than he scored last year! Bhanu was by far the closest challenger to our defending #1 racer coming up next. Congrats, Bhanu!


Bhanu will receive:

  • 2nd Place Trophy
  • $950 K1 Speed Gift Card
  • 15 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2018 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#1: Zachary Francavilla (20,202 points)


Zachary Francavilla, who races at Carlsbad, retained his position on top of the K1RS National Leaderboard points leader for 2018, after placing first in 2017. He scored a mind-blowing 20,202 points – nearly 1,000 points more than last year’s impressive tally. Congrats to Zachary, our overall K1RS points leader in 2018!


Zachary will receive:

  • 1st Place Trophy
  • $1,250 K1 Speed Gift Card
  • 20 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2018 K1RS Top 50 Hat


Congratulations to all our Top 5 once again, and if you happen to see any of these racers at their local K1 Speed take a moment and congratulate them. Then ask them for some tips.

The Complete Top 50

Now that we’ve announced the Top 5, let’s explore the rest of our Top 50 who will have their names on a plaque in every US location, and will receive an exclusive 2018 Top 50 hat. And if any of these racers are 14 years of age or older, they have also qualified for the inaugural K1 Speed World Championship, as all of them have more than 4,000 points.


6. Jim Yasueda, Dublin, 10,008 points

7. Trey Laluna, Phoenix, 9,744 points

8. Spencer Buckley, Santa Clara, 9,532 points

9. Spencer Stilwell, Concord, 9,208 points

10. Stefan Trandafirescu, Santa Clara, 8,426 points

11. Shane Lambert, Denver, 8,412 points

12. Malcolm Francisco, Sacramento, 8,076 points

13. Curtis Cantrell, Atlanta, 7,944 points

14. Jon Katayanagi, Dublin, 7,456 points

15. Clive Uston, Ft. Lauderdale, 7,204 points

16. Mikey Kelly, Anaheim, 7,052 points

17. Seth Axleson, Denver, 7,038 points

18. Joseph Ross, San Francisco, 6,928 points

19. Jim Lambert, Denver, 6,836 points

20. Drew Kweder, Phoenix, 6,780 points

21. Don Crass, Houston, 6,664 points

22. Toshi Gibson, San Diego, 6,530 points

23. Jerome Snyder, Irvine, 6,422 points

24. Sanjaya Vatuk, Addison, 6,348 points

25. Tom Richardson, Houston, 6,102 points

26. Aiden Bridge, San Diego, 6,002 points

27. Nandini Breggin, Denver, 5,978 points

28. Owen Lewis, Dublin, 5,850 points

29. Nathan Thompson, Irvine, 5,846 points

30. Glenn Dean, Denver, 5,824 points

31. Ryan Case, Concord, 5,752 points

32. Peyton Phillips, Austin, 5,678 points

33. Demetrius Hines, Kapolei, 5,586 points

34. Craig Vasquez, Irvine, 5,404 points

35. Kyle Von Bergen, Addison, 5,296 points

36. William Garcia, Atlanta, 5,282 points

37. Austin Olmstead, Austin, 5,260 points

38. Kenny McCoy, Redmond, 5,192 points

39. Will Delia, San Francisco, 5,130 points

40. Dean Sasaki, Torrance, 5,124 points

41. Drew Valderey, Addison, 5,104 points

42. Evan Talley, Irvine, 5,052 points

43. Ray Stapleton, Denver, 5,050 points

44. Matthew Velasco, Anaheim, 5,044 points

45. Craig Robertson, Torrance, 5,032 points

46. Mike Buffo, Dallas, 4,966 points

47. Vince Azua, Anaheim, 4,944 points

48. Ian Brady, San Diego, 4,918 points

49. Yasu Kawamoto, Kapolei, 4,876 points

50. Sean Siarski, Houston, 4,874 points

Start Earning Those 2019 K1RS Points!

Now it’s time to begin the 2019 K1RS season! Will Zachary claim the number one spot yet again? Will YOU  be the one to unseat him? It’s time to go racing and score those points – let’s see what you’ve all got!

  • Mike Taylor

    Will challengers be held to running in just adult or junior races this year? Marketing has already says that racer would be allowed to flip flop for one year when they can move up to adult races.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Mike! Yes, what you said pertains to our Challenge GP/Junior League races. For Arrive & Drive racing, racers can race in either Junior or Adult karts as long as they meet and our safety requirements. Hope this clears things up!

  • Chris Demaras

    Hey K1 Speed. Don’t you think it’s time for the “International Leaderboard”? With locations in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, China, and France now open (and locations in 3 more countries opening soon) that National Leaderboard just doesn’t recognize the efforts of racers in 9 of 10 countries with K1 Speed locations. There;’s Canadians who would have been in the Top 100 last year, who are already in your Top 20 this year…but not listed on your leaderboard. It’s just un-America not to recognize individual achievement!

    • Staff Writer

      Chris, not a bad idea! Hmm.. we’ll look into that! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Mario Macias

    Are K1RS Points reset every year? I noticed that on my first visit of 2019, I had lost all previous points and was re-set at 1200. I organize a monthly event at Addison with my car club and noticed that we were all re-set in January. I’m just trying to get some clarity.

    • Staff Writer

      Mario, yes everybody’s K1RS points resets back to 1200 at the start of every year. Let’s see how many you can accumulate in 2019 – see you all at the track!

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