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Cyclone Team Steam Streamliner – Racing Nuts

“I finally had a chance to visit the shop where all the work is being done on ”The Streamliner”. What a project, visiting the shop where the Cyclone Team Steam Streamliner is being put together is like a trip to a science fair.

I decided to produce another article. This time with the addition of pictures on the progress, so you the steam enthusiast can get a view on the project.

As I was there, Nelson Hoyos showed me how the body for The Streamliner is being fabricated. First, the team has to draw up the plans for the design. Then the design has to be cast in these huge moldings.

These moldings have to be made from scratch. The center section molding was just being finished as I visited the shop.

The cover for the center section where The Greenhouse or cock pitt for the driver will be was the last piece if the outer fiberglass shell to be molded. Except for the under carriage witch is mostly flat and smooth and will be added last when the suspension and final pieces to the roll cage are installed.

Nelson and Harry Schoell were on hand to try and explain to me the inner workings of The Cyclone power plant. It was very interesting, but I must be honest with you. I grew up around race cars and worked on a pitt crew since the age of 8, my father was a mechanic.

When it comes to The Cyclone Steam engine, you can take a lifetime of knowledge and throw it out the window. The Cyclone is so simple yet so confusing to any regular mechanic.

There is almost a mile of tubing inside the Cyclone. That is very different from anything I have ever worked on.

Harry Schoell is a genius. I have added some of the first pictures of The Cyclone power plant to this article with the inventor.

Now on to the suspension. Nelson explained to me the two front wheels

will not be side by side like your conventional car is. The will be one on front of the other and will steer as one. This suspension has been designed to handle high speeds as Nelson and Harry prepare to break the world steam speed record. The rear wheels will be side by side for stability.

The Greenhouse or cock pit for The Streamliner was amazing. I had a chance to sit in the drivers seat. Now grant you, I am just a little bigger than Nelson Hoyos, but it was like being placed behind the wheel of a jet fighter and it wasn’t even finished.

Enjoy the updated pictures and stay tuned to www.racingnutsmotorsports.com for all and any updates on the progress of Cyclone Team Steam USA.” – Steve Christensen

article – http://racingnutsmotorsports.com/2012/10/01/team-steam-progress-update-09-30-2012/


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