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How a Racing Fan Exploits Daylight Saving Time

Well, it’s nearly here. Daylight saving time is about to begin its 100th occurrence on Sunday, March 11. This is typically where we’d say, “time to roll the clocks forward,” but nobody really does that these days, with our phones and computers already doing it for us. However, the fact still remains that we will have one less hour of sleep Sunday morning, and one more hour of daylight until November when it ends once again. And with one more hour of daylight, comes one more hour of opportunity for the racing fan or all-around automotive enthusiast.


Here’s a list of ways a racing and/or car fan can take advantage of DST this Spring:


Enjoy more daylight during track days/autocross.

While racing at night has its moments, racing during the day when the sun is beating down is our favorite. With daylight saving, you’ll now have one more hour of daylight to spend attacking the tarmac with your tricked-out BRZ, Miata, or Evo/WRX.


Take the scenic, twisted route home.

Driving on the backroads at night is certainly a fun challenge, but it can be hard to see hazards such as rocks and animals before it’s too late. Now, there’s an extra hour to have light shine down on the canyons you love to carve. Plus, there’s more daylight to drive to a different K1 Speed that’s further away from you.


Give your car a little TLC.

It’s tricky keeping your car up during the winter with less daylight and plenty of rain and snow. But with spring on its way and one more of daylight next week, there’s a little more daylight in the day to work on your car, whether it’s a wash, maintenance, or installing performance parts.


More fun in the sun during race events.

Many race weekends are full-day affairs, so it’s nice knowing you’re not going to get that chilly evening air for another hour. Instead, you can soak up the rays until the show is over and save that fancy team windbreaker you got for the night races.


Warmer Indoor Tracks


More daylight time means there’s more sun shining through our large buildings that house our tracks. This will also create warmer conditions at some of our indoor tracks, and warmer track surface equals more grip and quicker lap times. So, get ready to break that track record at your local K1 Speed!


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