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Drift Night Coming to ALL CENTERS!

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By far, the most commonly asked question when we post something about Drift Night is “When is coming to my local center?”


Well, that time has now arrived! Drift Night is coming to EVERY U.S. CENTER by the end of the month!


Atlanta? You got it!


San Antonio? You betcha!




Say What? Drift Night??


In case you haven’t heard, Drift Night is a special event where we transform a portion of our go-karts into drift go-karts by swapping out the usual rear tires for drift slicks. The result is a tail-happy, drift-seeking missile that’s waiting for you to slide it around the corners of our track!


We’ve held this event only three times before in Irvine and Torrance, and our racers have been absolutely LOVING IT. The driving experience is completely different from what you’re used to, and racers really enjoy the new challenge it presents. It’ll likely take you a race or two to start getting the hang of it, but when you do, you won’t ever want to stop.


Since we’ll only be using our adult karts for Drift Night, the minimum height requirement is 58” to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.


How Much Does It Cost?


Here’s the great thing – the price is just the cost of our regular Arrive & Drive races! However, you CANNOT use your stored race credits for this event, as this is a unique experience all on its own. If you want to get a jump on your ticket, simply visit your local center early the day of the event and purchase a race for that evening. Online drift races will be available next week to purchase. The landing page will have all details regarding race spots available at your center.


Since we know one race won’t be enough for most of you, we’re offering a special two-race package for only $40. You will be booked for two races immediately following your purchase, so be sure to stay for both races as they will not transfer over to a future date. These will only be sold as long as there are spots available, so you do not have to worry about having a race left over at the end of the evening.


Sounds INCREDIBLE! When is it?!

Click the button below for the current Drift Night schedule and to get tickets!

  • Lance Spellman

    I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this…no yes, actually I can, 20 years. We used to have a lunch drift track racing league at Malibu Speed Zone from 1996-98. But everything that sucked about that…outdoors in Texas in the heat, gas, slower carts…is so improved by this.

    I’m getting the band back together!

    • Staff Writer

      Happy to hear your excitement, Lance! We’ll expect you and the league at our center. See you all at the track!

  • Stephen Jenkins

    Myself and several others have proposed this to several of the different managers at the San Antonio K1 since it opened, and of course they were limited by the rules from above so nothing happened. It’s nice to hear that someone on high finally heard our prayers. I’ll be there on the 5th when SA has its’ first.

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for your interest in our Drift Night, Stephen! Sometimes these kind of things just take time – we’re always trying to find ways to give our racers unique racing experiences. Appreciate your patience and have a great time at the track!

  • John tiller

    Drift night last night in Carlsbad was amazing, the staff was really friendly, carts were running good. As someone who drives a drift car, this is definitely the full drifting experience

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for the great feedback, John. We’re so glad you made it out and enjoyed the experience!

  • Ivan David Hernandez

    K1 Drift is the best K1 Speed event ever is like your drifting in a drift car,rallycar and more.

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