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Earn Rewards, Challenge Friends, See Race Results

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We warn you upon entrance to our facilities: K1 Speed may become addictive. We know that after one visit, most of our customers keep coming back for more and more. That’s why our K1 Speed App is perfect for the regular K1 Speed racer – it tracks how many times you visit and how well you do, earning points along the way that can be redeemed for amazing prizes!


Already since its launch a couple of years ago, one million K1 Kash transactions have taken place – if you haven’t used it, now’s the time!


Discover Your Racing Stats and Enjoy Live Timing

Live Racing on the K1 Speed App

Check out what’s going on at your local track RIGHT NOW with live timing. See the real-time position of each driver, and what their average and fastest lap times are.


And use our app to check out your complete racing profile. See how many K1RS points you’ve accumulated so you can track how much racing you have left to do to qualify for the K1 Speed World Championship. Additionally, you can check how many races you’ve entered, how many visits you’ve made to K1 Speed, how many tracks you’ve raced at, and what your average finishing position is.


You can also see the complete breakdown your performance at each track you’ve raced, including how many times you’ve raced that track and what your best finish has been there.


You’ll also get a breakdown of your challenge stats when you’ve challenged your friends to a race.


Redefine the Racing Experience: Challenge the Community for Top Bragging Rights


Challenge your friends on the K1 Speed

Now here’s something really cool that’ll redefine your racing experience with friends: you can challenge buddies to a lap-by-lap race at K1 Speed!


When you normally race, you and your friends are competing for the fastest lap time of the entire session. But when you race with the app’s challenge system,  you’ll be shooting for a faster time than your friends EVERY LAP! For example, if you set a faster time than your friend on laps 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8 then you’ll be counted as having five laps led. The challenge is to have the best two out of these three criteria: fastest lap, fastest average lap time, and most laps led.


So even if you don’t set the fastest outright time, you can still win by having the most laps led and having the fastest average lap time. There’s plenty to fight for, so you’ll have to be on your game from lap one! Have group of five friends? Challenge each friend before your race and compete in four challenges!


Simply search for your friends by name, nickname, or racer ID and set up the time and place. Every challenge you accept or create earns you one point, and if you win the challenge, you’ll earn five points!


Once you start challenging your friends, you’ll be able to see your complete challenge history through your racing profile. So, if you ever want to boast to your friends who the best driver really is – you can prove it!


You’ll also earn Kash points just by racing with us – think of it as a really cool loyalty system.


By just participating in a race, you’ll earn 50 Kash points. You’ll then score additional Kash points if you make the top-three and is scored just like in Formula One: first place scores 25 Kash points, second place scores 18 Kash points, and third place scores 15 Kash points.


Get Rewarded for Racing, Just Like the Pros

k1 speed k1 kash rewards app

When you earn enough K1 Kash points, you can redeem them for incredible prizes, such as free races or even a chronograph watch! Check out the table above to see the breakdown of prizes and the Kash points needed to redeem.



Race at K1 Speed Anytime Anywhere with Virtual Racing

k1 speed app virtual racing

Our racing game virtually places you behind the wheel of a K1 Speed go-kart, so you can get a feel of what the K1 Speed racing experience is like, all while learning your local track and testing your speed against the clock. You can even challenge your friends to see who can post the fastest lap time!


Are you visiting a different K1 Speed than the one you usually race at? Download that new track and start practicing today to gain a competitive advantage. You’ll earn 20 Kash points for each new virtual racing track you download. If you download every track, you’ll earn an additional 50 Kash points.


Every time you complete a full virtual race, you’ll receive one Kash point. If you improve your time or beat the ghost in Time Trial mode, you’ll earn one Kash point. If you post the best time of the track, then you’ll earn five Kash points.


Enter a Grand Prix, and earn three Kash points for first place, two Kash points for second place, and one Kash point for 3rd place. Beat the Ghost in the Grand prix, and you’ll earn one Kash point.


But Wait, There’s More…!


Interactive Race Photo

k1 speed app race photo

Enjoy a souvenir of your K1 Speed experience! Simply take a picture, erase the original background, and boom! You’ve got yourself a selfie to remember! Just download the high res picture and send it to our printer, and we’ll print it out! Or share it on social media with your friends!


Karting Academy


Get a full run down of our rules and how to safely operate our karts! Looking to shave time off your laps? Then click the direct link within the app to book a course in our Karting Academy! Or download our e-book, “The Fastest Lap” for more tips!


So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today and start earning K1 Kash points that you can redeem for awesome prizes! It pays to be a loyal K1 Speed racer!

  • Andrea Elston

    will you be getting an android app?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Andrea. The app is only available for iOS devices. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Alfred Tow

    You used too have an app for Android and I have over 2500 points. I switched phones and lost the app. Can I still redeem the points? I am on the Boston gp league but no points has been listed for week 8. We are wondering why no points?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Alfred! The app is now only available on iOS devices. If you have an Apple phone, you should be able to log in to your account still. We post the results of Challenge GP as soon as we receive them from the manager. If the points are not listed at Boston, it means we have not received the results from the manager yet. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Alfred Tow

    Hello, I didn’t have an I phone and your company used to have it for Android. Can you contact the Boston mngr about month 8 results? He is saying the issue is corporate not the store.

  • Clayton Honaker

    Would be nice to have an android app

    • Staff Writer

      We’ll keep that in mind! Thank you for your suggestion, Clayton!

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