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Electric Indoor Kart Racing Opens in Rancho Cordova

“Talk about a kids’ dream come true! If you want to show your kids a good time, take them to recently opened k-1 Speed in Rancho Cordova. Dubbed “the place to race,” this electric indoor kart racing venue makes for a fabulous family activity.

My family recently gave kart racing a try for the very first time, and although my boys had no reservations, I have to admit to having some. Not for my kids, but for me. I knew that my boys would be racing with other kids in smaller and safer karts than the adults, so I wasn’t worried about their safety or whether or not they would have fun. I was however, a bit concerned about it being my first time racing, and possibly being thrown into a race with a bunch of really competitive drivers. I’m a cautious sort of person, so I knew I would probably be the slowest racer out on the floor – would I be in everyone’s way? Would I get bumped around? How fast did these things go, anyway? The bottom line was, would it hurt if someone rammed into me. Well, for the most part, my fears were unwarranted…click here to read more.” – By Alyssa Green

K1 Speed Sacramento
3130 Bradshaw Road,
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone: (916) 368-7223


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