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Fast 100 of June: You could WIN 10 FREE RACES!

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Hey Junior and Adult Racers! Want to win TEN FREE RACES?? Then enter our Fast 100 competition for the month of June! Read on to learn more about how you can score this amazing prize!



How It Works


From June 1 – 30, it’s your job to set the fastest lap you can at your local track. And here’s the best thing – we’re opening up this competition to both JUNIORS and ADULTS! 


You don’t have to be THE fastest for your chance at winning, either. When July arrives, we’re going to pick TWO winners (one adult, one junior) at each location – randomly – from the fastest 100 racers in June. Even the 100th fastest racer at your K1 Speed could win the prize – you just need to set a fast enough lap time to be on the list at the end of the month.


The lucky winner will be getting 10 FREE RACES ($220 value) added to your racing account!


It’s easy to enter this competition! Just try to set a lap you can be proud of at an American K1 Speed location anytime of the month! Of course, the more you race, the more chances you have at lowering that lap time and ensuring your spot in the Top 100. Racers will be bumped throughout the month – that’s a guarantee – so keep an eye on your ranking!


And since we’re giving away 10 free races at each location, you can increase your odds by getting in the top 100 at multiple K1 Speed locations! There’s no limit to how many locations you enter this contest at!


How Do I See Where I Rank?


To see where you stand on our Top 100 Racers list at your location, go to our lap times page. Under Adult or Junior for the location of your choice, click on “Track 1 – Best of the Month” .


NOTE: If your location has two tracks, we’re looking at the best adult times on Track 1.



That’s it! Got any questions? Leave us a comment below! Want to brag about your lap time of the month and where it is? Leave a comment below!


Let’s see what you racers have got!

  • Steve Marlovitz

    Have the winners of the $200 march motorsports mania been announced yet? Just curious if I won? I hope I did as I will just use the money on more races!

    • Michael Anderson

      I just want to go fast

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Steve! We’re just waiting on the import from our timing partner so we can gather the list of 100 racers from each location. We should have that later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned to our blog – the list of winners will be announced on here soon! Thanks for your patience.

  • Thomas McNeill

    I would like to enter the Fast 100 Event!

  • Flavio Maselli

    No one is gonna catch me 🙂

  • Rodrigo madero

    I leave in San Antonio and I think I can break the lap time

  • Drew Valderey

    Wondering the same thing. Hmmm?

  • Steven Tapia

    If your not 1st your last! K1speed!

  • Joseph Ongsiapco

    Looking forward to the drawing!

  • Ashraf Ihmoud

    My wife loves go carts . When we started dating back in high school I took racing. I think that’s what made her love me. Lol. Now married for 20 years and two older teenagers, we still have a blast with the kids.

  • Aldo Roura

    Am sure my son can set the fastest time!

  • Gerald Rutherford

    I hope I win!

  • Jason Rutherford

    Can I invite a friend?

  • Gerald Rutherford

    I will wear my lucky race shoes!

  • Zz zz

    How will the winners be announced?

    • Staff Writer

      Winners will most likely be announced on this blog as an update. Each winner will be contacted via the email stored in their membership.

  • Stephen Hunter

    I’d like to participate.

  • Joseph Ferreira

    P1 or bust 🙂 FerreiraF1

  • Robert Young

    Not the fastest but not the slowest!

  • beni chionis

    eat my dust!!

  • Roman Walker

    I just want to go Fast!!!

  • Cheryl R

    I’m winning this race!!!


    i want IN 🙂

  • Dekendria

    I just wanna speed for my Birthday 4/15
    Best bday gift

  • Lajaun colons

    I love the tracks and the need for speed


    In would like this for my sons 14th bday May 18

  • donavin a gratz

    I look forward to the challenge

  • Cesar Augusto Ballerini

    Italian-Argentinian for the Price.

  • Kristina Turley

    How do I enter my son in the April competition?

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      There is nothing you need to do! Just come in and race. If you are in the top 100 you are automatically entered into the drawing.

  • Brock boddy

    Heck yea 12 years old and top .74%

  • Tomitila S Dorsey

    Lets go

  • Sparkle

    when will the april give away be announced?

    • Staff Writer

      Nandini – as soon as we can! Taking a bit longer this time since there’s twice the amount of data we have to pull (with juniors included this time). We appreciate your patience while we pull this data for us. We’re working on a solution so that next month’s is announced a little sooner.

  • nancy coppi

    Why isnt there a boston winner?

  • sarah vega

    I feel the need, the need for speed!

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