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Feel The Need For Speed At Any Age

MY TWO SENSE’S BLOG visits K1 Speed Anaheim.
“If you’re stumped for something fun, exciting and a little different to do, I would highly recommend heading over to K1 Speed. My daughter just turned 9 and wanted to do something new and adventurous on her birthday; wise for her age, she knew that driving at top speeds around an indoor race track was NOT just for boys or grown-ups. It sounded like it would be a blast. Guess what? It was! Just check out the video below…

My four little girlies were revved up and ready for some action as they suited up and were strapped into their electric race karts. The birthday girl’s heart was pounding and she was grinning ear-to-ear. The girls chattered away and squealed with delight as they jumped up and down ready to head to the track.

The track itself is pretty big with lots of twists and turns to help authenticate the racing experience. We lucked out and arrived early enough on a weekday that the girls had the whole track to themselves and were able to race against only each other.

The junior racers are allowed a certain number of laps for their race. Each lap is timed and shows up on flatscreen monitors around the track. Plus, there’s a huge wall display showing the place and lap times of each racer. It was all very exciting for them! As they whizzed by me as fast as their bravery would allow them to go, they couldn’t contain their smiles and even managed a wave during their drive-by.

After each race, they ran up to the desk to grab their score sheets for proof of who came in 1st place. Three races at 12 laps each seemed just enough to satisfy their demand for adventure and make for a ridiculously happy birthday celebration which will not soon be forgotten. In fact, they were already planning our next trip to K1 Speed before we even made it back in to the car for our (way less adventurous) ride home.

We live in North Orange County, so the nearest K1 Speed for us is in Anaheim at 1000 N. Edward Ct., Anaheim. You can check out their website at K1Speed.com for a list of all of their locations throughout SoCal, as well as information about costs, group discounts, parties, and any other information that you may need.”


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