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Film Your K1 Speed Laps with the Contour HD Camera

Have you ever wanted a way to film your laps at K1 so you can show them off to your friends and family? What about that ski/snowboarding trip to the mountains? Are you doing track days with your own personal car and want to record HD video of your performance? Well, look to eMotion Cam for the latest Contour 1080HD Camera and its various mounting accessories. The Contour HD Camera offers 1080HD video recording capabilities in a small, easily mounted unit that can be worn as a helmet cam or mounted in various positions to give an all new perspective of what you’re doing – be it track days, a trip to the mountains or hot lapping at one of K1 Speeds 8 locations!

When you visit K1 Speed in Irvine, Seattle and (soon) Anaheim, ask the front counter staff about renting a Contour HD camera to mount to your helmet and film the racing action to show your friends all the fun you had at K1 Speed!

Make sure you become a fan of eMotion Cam on Facebook and enter their contest to win a FREE CONTOUR 1080HD CAMERA!


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