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Show Your Ford v Ferrari Ticket for a Race Discount!

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We know you’re going to feel the need for speed after watching the new Twentieth Century Fox movie, Ford v Ferrari, so hold on to those tickets! Once you’re done watching the film, show your ticket to a K1 Speed cashier for an amazing race discount! Read on for more details.

Ford v Ferrari

We are EXTREMELY excited to see the legendary battle of Ford v Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans on the big screen. Not only does Ford v Ferrari look action-packed and entertaining, but it’s got the great reviews to back it up! Check out the exciting trailer below!

The Making of Ford v Ferrari: The Movie Cars

If you don’t know the real story, we’re not going to give you any spoilers (be careful with some of the links, though). Instead, let’s talk about the cars in the film.


One of the first things we wanted to know was whether the cars we were seeing in the movie were the same cars thrown around by legendary drivers such as Ken Miles, Bruce McLaren, Chris Amon, Dan Gurney, the list goes on.


Since the filmmakers needed to push the movie vehicles to their limits for extended periods of time, there was no way they could use the actual racecars from that era. Instead, they used the next best thing.



The Ford GT40s and Cobras used in the production of the movie are authentic recreations made by Superformance near K1 Speed’s headquarters in Irvine, California. Let’s be clear: these are not ordinary replicas or kit cars.


Carroll Shelby himself authorized these continuation Cobras. In fact, if you go to Shelby American or an authorized dealer to buy a new Cobra with the CSX serial, you’ll find it’s from Superformance. Everything down to the nuts, bolts and welds are period-correct. This writer had the enormous privilege of visiting their showroom and driving one of their Bob Bondurant-edition FIA Cobra Roadsters and let me tell you – it’s terrifyingly fantastic.


As far as the GT40 is concerned? Superformance says a whopping 70% of its rolling chassis parts are interchangeable with the originals, including the steel-roofed monocoque. Plus, it’s licensed by the owners of the GT40 trademark so you can say it’s as authentic as it gets.


Interesting note: You’d be surprised to know that Ford doesn’t even own the trademark to the GT40 name. In fact, they never registered it. Instead, a South African company registered the GT40 trademark in 1985 for their replicas and spare parts. Hence why Ford’s latest generations are simply called “GT”. 


Other Cars

As far as the other racecars? Those are built by Race Car Replicas in Michigan. Though RCR isn’t quite at the level of Superformance, they were generous enough to also supply genuine vintage Ferraris and Porsches for other film use.


A total of 50 racecars were used. Beyond the obvious, there are Porsches, Mustangs, Corvettes, Triumphs, and a trusty Volvo. In all, 423 vehicles were leased, bought, or borrowed for the making of the film. Movie challenge: can you name them all?

Further Watching

If you can want to learn more about the battle without the Hollywood spin, then we encourage you to watch The 24 Hour War made by Adam Carolla’s production company, Chassy Media. This fantastic documentary tells the real story of Ford v Ferrari with archival footage and interviews with Carroll Shelby, Piero Ferrari, Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, Henry Ford III and Edsel Ford II and members of the Shelby and Ferrari team. Plus, they speak with the author of the best-selling book Go Like Hell, which Ford v Ferrari is based on.

Show Your Ford v Ferrari Tickets, Receive a Race Discount!

people in go karts go wheel to wheel on the track

From release day, November 15 to the end of the month (Nov. 30), you can enjoy a single-race package for only $15* when you show your Ford v Ferrari ticket. That’s OVER 30% OFF at most locations, and the savings are potentially equal to the cost of your movie ticket (depending on where/when you see it)! You can show either your physical ticket stub or your digital tickets on your mobile device.

The Perfect Date Idea / Outing with Friends & Family

So, join us in the racing festivities this November! Get your Ford v Ferrari tickets, enjoy a blockbuster racing movie, and channel your inner Ken Miles on our track afterwards! Sounds like the perfect date idea or family/friend outing to us.

*At participating locations. Limit one discount per ticket/customer. Offer expires 11/30/2019. Must show proof of ticket: physical ticket stub, digital tickets accepted. Does not include annual membership (required to race, $7). 

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