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Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Legends Tour Begins

life size hot wheels car

If you’ve ever thought you had the perfect car to be made into a Hot Wheels 1/64 diecast model, now is your chance to prove it.


Hot Wheels kicked off its 50th Anniversary Legends Tour at the global Hot Wheel headquarters in El Segundo, California on Saturday. The event marked the beginning of a 15-stop tour to take place at Walmarts all across America.


Anybody who feels their car is worthy of joining the Hot Wheels roster needs to register online and attend their local show with their vehicle. From there, one vehicle will be selected at each stop, with the 15 selected cars from all stops to be shown at SEMA in Las Vegas in October.


The final 15 cars will then be joined by a car of Hot Wheel’s creation, making up a new generation of “Sweet 16” cars – the cars that launched the Hot Wheels brand 50 years ago. Out of those 16, only one will be ultimately chosen as the new Hot Wheels vehicle, and a diecast model will be released to the public.


Almost every kind of car you could imagine was in attendance at the El Segundo kickoff, from a Pagani Huayra Roadster and Red Bull F1 car, to Rat-Rods and JDM icons.


“There is a Hot Wheels car for every taste,” said General Manager and Senior Vice-President of Hot Wheels, Chris Down. “And in this parking lot, there is a reflection of that.”


Joining the eclectic mix of vehicles was an entire fleet of life-size versions of Hot Wheels cars that Mattel has produced over the years. This included the life-size Twin-Mill (a model originally launched in the company’s second year), Boneshaker, Deora II, Rip Rod, Darth Vader and X-Wing “Carships”, and plenty others.


Racer Patrick Long brought his daily driven 1958 Porsche 356 A Coupe, and Robert Downey Jr’s custom 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 prepped by Speedkore was on display. Jay Leno even celebrated his birthday at the event and brought along his 1957 Corvette.


“I think it’s a great idea, everybody has a shot”, said Leno to the crowd. “Just because you have a really expensive exotic car, it might not be as interesting as some of the hot rods. I mean I’ve seen cars out there people have built for what looks like a couple hundred bucks and they’re just as interesting as the high-end stuff. That’s what makes it great fun.”


In addition to the amazing collection of cars, there were several food trucks selling unique versions of breakfast fare, simulators and orange tracks set up for the children, and best of all, a K1 Speed booth representing our Torrance location which was immensely popular among with the attending families.


In the end, a rat-rodded 1948 Ford F5 Dually claimed the first prized spot of sixteen (we personally think our go-kart was a strong contender). Will your car be the next selected? Find out where the one-of-a-kind travelling car show is headed next by CLICKING HERE and register for your chance to win!


Do you have a car you’d like to enter in the contest? Let us know what you’ve got in our comments section below!


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