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If you build it, they will come

This was our first GP on the new track. We all worked very hard to get the new track ready. And once we swept the dust, the stage was set.
Earlier in the week, 11 year old Jake Preston came in to see the new track. In his very first run, he missed setting the new track record by 1/100th of a second. Now Jake is racing with the big boys. And if he was nervous, it didn’t show. Word had already spread about the new comer and everyone knew to take this guy serious. When the checkered flag signaled the end of qualifying, Javier Cantu-Lucero had scored another pole position with a fastest lap of 18.71s. Jake Preston took the spot next to him on the front row with a laptime of 19 seconds flat.

In the final, Javier took off like a bullet at the start. Leaving Jake behind to deal with cold tires on an unfamiliar track. He built quite a lead in the first half of the race. By the time Jake’s tires were up to temp, it didnt look like he had a chance of catching Javier and all the attention was given to a very intense battle for third. Peter Dimov had qualified in third with Arvid Elias in fourth. Arvid must have figured something out after qualifying or maybe Peter wasn’t comfortable with his kart. But Arvid had Peter driving defensively the entire race. Many times Arvid took a look and tried to make his move, but Peter would have none of it. Meanwhile back at the front, Javier was having problems just as Jake was finding his groove and throwing down some very fast laps to close the gap. But it was too late. Despite closing the gap from more than half a lap behind to only 2 seconds, there was no way for Jake to catch Javier. So once again Javier was able to bring home the gold in a very exciting race.


  • Fastest Qualifying Lap: Javier Cantu-Lucero 18.71
  • Fastest event lap: Jake Preston 18.61
  • 1st Javier Cantu-Lucero +10 points
  • 2nd Jake Preston +6 points
  • 3rd Peter Dimov +3 points
  • 4th Arvid Elias +2 points
  • Marty Mogk

    Here is a link to the video from the final heat:


    There are also videos from the two qualifying heats, trophy presentation, and the finishing stand photos. Enjoy!

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