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It’s the Soccer Ball Challenge at FL Locations

Things are not only heating up outside this summer, they’re heating up at the World Cup this year, with so many unpredictable outcomes and amazing comebacks. To celebrate these final 10 days of World Cup action, we’re hosting our first Soccer Ball Challenge at all of our Florida centers (that means Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Miami, and Orlando) starting TODAY! Are you ready for the challenge?


What is the Soccer Ball Challenge?


The Soccer Ball Challenge is a test of patience, smooth driving, and speed – all crucial skills required of the best racing drivers. Three go-karts at each center’s Track 2 will be fitted with a pole that has a soccer ball perched on top of it. It’s your job to complete a lap without toppling the ball onto the track. It’ll require the smoothest of motions behind the wheel to keep the ball in place without costing your team valuable time.


The races will be done relay-style with groups competing to finish 8 laps in the fastest time. Teams with the best team spirit (let’s hear some noise from you guys!) and smoothest drivers will excel at this challenge.


Normally this challenge has been exclusive to our custom team building events, so take advantage of this limited time offer to try something new and exciting behind the wheel of our go-karts! Plus, the price is the same as our regular races – so no extra cost for this experience!


You Might Just Win Something, Too!


To sweeten the competition, in ten days’ time, the team that completed the 8-lap distance the fastest over the duration of the contest will receive a K1 Prize Pack full of the speediest swag in town!


So, have fun with his challenge! Recruit your buddies, get your team uniforms together, and head out to your local Floridian track to enjoy some soccer, go-kart style. Oh, and there won’t be any yellow cards, so don’t worry about practicing your fake injuries!


For more information, give your Florida center a call!


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