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Irvine wraps up race series

It was a great weekend of racing as K1 Speed in Irvine, California wrapped up its 6 race series on June 6th. The reverse ran, super-track configuration has given the best in Orange County great competition for all to enjoy. Qualifying remained pretty straight forward, with all the drivers staying apart from each other for the duration of the races to try to best one another and grab the overall pole position. Taylor Hays was able to stay on top and take the overall pole position in the A Main. Toby Rodriguez would take the second starting position and Michael Arnold would qualify in third.

The A Main had most of the pack battling back and forth for positions with the exception of Taylor Hays who remained in first place for the duration of the race to take the win practically unopposed. Toby Rodriguez also remained in second but was unable to catch Taylor with his driving efforts. Michael Arnold tried as best as he could to keep Kirk Messe from passing him but was unsuccessful, and Kirk would finish out in 3rd to round out the top 3 podium finishers.

B Main racing action remained tight on the start as pole sitter David Kelmenson would bring the group around on the single-file rolling start for the green flag. Brad Roberts had qualified in second position and Troy Roberts qualified in third. The pack of drivers would keep the pace with each other with no-one allowing anyone to get around them. The top 3 qualifiers would finish the same way they qualified with David Kelmenson taking the top spot on the podium, followed by Brad Drew, and Troy Roberts would round out the top three.

Toby Rodriguez would be the overall points champion for K1 Speed in Irvine as well, finishing out the 6 race series with 278 total points. He was followed by Khalifa Alasiri with 218 points and David Kelmenson would take the 3rd position in points over all with 210 points.

This was a great race series and a great start to the 2010 race season. The next 6 race series will begin in July at the start of the month. make sure you keep watch for the new race dates on www.k1speed.com.

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