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Junior League in Full Swing at Anaheim!

The 2011 Jr Challenge GP Race series is in full swing at K1 Speed in Anaheim, California as the series had its first round last the week. Young drivers of all skill levels were grouped according to height, pitting the Junior sized drivers against other juniors and the taller teen drivers, in our adult karts, with other teens. Qualifying was straightforward as the drivers remained grouped together for the qualifying rounds not giving eachother much room for error and making for tight racing all around. Gary Howard laid down the fast time of the night for the Junior drivers with a 33.069 second lap giving him the pole position for the main. Henry Morse for the teens got out in clean air early and was able to post the fast lap of 29.040 for the pole position for their corresponding main event.

The younger drivers would start off the night with the B-Main for the Jr. group with Aiden Kelly leading at the start of the race, taking advantage early of the open track and not looking back. He was followed by Michael Roy in second and Elija Ramirez who started off his night in third. Aiden would go on to take the checkered flag for the win and Michael Roy would follow in second. Elija dropped back one position to fourth, allowing fourth place qualifier Rami Elghossaini to take third to round out the top three.

Junior group A-main drivers were out on track next with pole sitter Gary Howard out in front followed by Parker Cadacio who qualified second and Tyler Thayer who qualified in third. Gary held onto his place for a short while but would be passed by Christian Timple, who started out in fourth and was able to work his way up to the front. Parker met the same fate, falling back a few positions and giving up his spot to Tyler Thayer. Christian would take the win for the night, followed by Tyler in second and Gary finished out his evening in third.

The teens rounded out the night with Henry taking the green flag for the start followed closely by second place qualifier Dan Bailey and third place qualifier Trevor Buongiorno. Henry would go on to take the win in a clean, incident-free race and assumed the points lead for the series. Dan and Trevor swapped positions about halfway through the race with Dan dropping to third and Trevor moving into second and they would both finish out their night in those positions giving them spots on the podium for the evening.

This was a great start to the season for K1 Speed in Anaheim and the next round of racing should prove to be just as exciting for all participants. If you aren’t close the the Anaheim location, be sure to check out the Junior Challenge GP Series at the K1 Speed locations in Ontario, Torrance and Carlsbad as each location is offering the same series in their respective areas so come out for some junior and teen racing fun!

Click here to check out the schedule for the Junior Challenge GP series at a location near you.


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