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K1 Pro West GP Series Presented by Skip Barber

K1 Speed, the largest indoor karting company in the United States, is teaming up with Skip Barber and professional racecar driver Patricio Jourdain for a challenging, rewarding, and completely unique racing series. The K1 ProWest GP series will provide amateurs and novices alike an opportunity to reach the next rung on the ladder of their racing careers. Many of the top drivers in the world began their careers in karts before stepping onto advanced driving schools and feeder racing leagues, and the ProWest GP series will provide just such an opportunity for three lucky and worthy participants.

K1 Speed hosts Challenge GP racing leagues at each of its indoor karting centers, located nationwide from California to Florida. These leagues typically consist of six local races run over the course of half a year, with prizes awarded to top drivers at the conclusion of the series. These racing leagues have proven extremely popular; so popular that K1 Speed decided to take the next step. Unlike the Challenge GP series, which is local and exclusive to each track, the ProWest GP series will take place at seven of K1 Speed’s indoor karting centers spanning a greater part of the Western United States, from Northern California to Phoenix, Arizona. Quite simply, the ProWest GP series is far grander in scale than anything ever offered by K1 Speed or any other indoor karting company in the United States!

A racing series that is larger in scale requires more skilled and experienced competitors and a truly grand, “grand” prize.

To reward the winners of the ProWest GP series, K1 Speed has teamed up with Skip Barber, the most reputable and well-respected racing school in the United States. The Top 3 finishers – first, second, and third place – in the ProWest GP series will each receive a three-day Formula racing school at Skip Barber, valued at $4,400! This school is not simply an incredible opportunity to drive open-wheel racecars on the track and enhance one’s skills with professional tutelage – it could have the potential to be a stepping stone to a permanent career in racing. For aspiring racecar drivers, the opportunity speaks for itself. The winners will also receive Nomex racing gloves and boots from K1 Race Gear, a GoPro camera and sunglasses by Gatorz. Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 finishers.

To ensure that the level of competition is befitting the quality and stature of the race series, K1 Speed is also teaming up with professional racecar driver Patricio Jourdain. At each of the eight events, Patricio Jourdain will be providing professional feedback so that the competitors can fine-tune their lines, braking points, and throttle inputs to maximize their lap times and defend their position while on track. Drivers will also be asked to pass certain basic criteria. As K1 Speed and Skip Barber are expecting the best of the best to participate – from veteran indoor karters to professional shifter kart racers – drivers are required to be 16 years of age or older, have previous racing experience, or have participated in the Challenge GP or a K1 Speed racing class. Races will be run with K1 Speed’s all-electric indoor karts.

K1 Pro West GP Series Event Details.

While the Challenge GP is run twice yearly and consists of six events, the K1 Speed ProWest GP by Patricio Jourdain will consist of eight events and be run alongside the Formula One season. The first event takes place in April, 2012 at K1 Speed Carlsbad in San Diego County, CA, and the season concludes at K1 Speed Irvine in Orange County, CA in November, 2012. At each event, a 105 percent rule will be in place, similar to that of the 107 percent rule in Formula One. If a driver fails to set a fast lap within 105 percent of the fastest lap during a race, he or she will be unable to continue at that event. However, only a participant’s top 6 events are counted, so if one (or even two) events are missed or a person performs poorly, there is still every chance of earning a season victory.

Each event will consist of four separate track sessions: a 14 lap practice session to aquaint oneself with the track, two 14 lap qualifying sessions, and a 16 lap final race with grid start based on qualifying results. As in Formula One, points will be awarded based on finishing position, and these points (excluding the worst two results) will be tallied up at the end of the season to determine the Top 3.

To register for this event, contact your local K1 Speed indoor karting center or you can secure your seat by registering on-line. Participants will receive exclusive K1 Speed ProWest GP-branded gloves, head sock, and t-shirt, as well as 16 race credits ($320 value) that can be used at any K1 Speed facility. At each of the eight race, lunch will be provided ($80 value). The events will take place at the following K1 Speed karting centers: Carlsbad, Anaheim, Torrance, Santa Clara, Irvine (twice), Ontario, and Phoenix. Racers are responsible for travel and accomodation expenses.

The K1 Speed ProWest GP Series by Patricio Jourdain is unlike any other indoor karting series in America. In association with GoPro Camera, Gatorz Sunglasses, K1 Race Gear, and Skip Barber Racing School, K1 Speed invites karters from across the country to compete to win a three-day Formula driving school and the title of ProWest GP champion!

Series Fee Includes:

  • Entry to each race event, including lunch!
  • 16 Race Credits that may be used at any K1 facility.
  • Annual Pro License.
  • K1 Pro West GP branded gloves, head sock and t-shirt.
  • Grand Prix Format: Practice, Qual 1, Qual 2, Final.
  • 14 Lap Practice, 14 Lap Qual 1, 14 Lap Qual 2, 16 Lap Race.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the Top 10 points leaders at the end of the series.

Grand Prize:

  • A 3-day Formula Racing School at Skip Barber – a $4,400 retail value!
  • K1 Race Gear Equipment
  • Go Pro Camera
  • Gatorz Sunglasses

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  • Bill Ault

    I would like to say thank you Patricio. My son joined the K1 speed junior league last year and got first one time all of last year. Then he did your junior class this year in Sacramento. And wow, what a difference. My son has gone from getting third or so in qualifying and the race to dominating both. Since your class he has got the pole on 2 out of the 3 races and won all three.! I don’t know what kind of magic dust you sprinkle on these kids but its working. Keep up the good work and Dylan will be seeing you in the adult class soon. Thank you again.

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